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  1. Please join me as I welcome Michelle Rojo- successful post-op. Michelle is going to share with us the mind set she had when she embarked on this journey and how she successfully lost 114 pounds in her first year. Michelle is 33, certified in nutrition and weight loss management. Michelle is the on site store manager of Bariatric Eating a nutrition store that specializes in products for WLS patients. Michelle enjoys coaching her daughters softball team and working out at the gym (something she dreaded for 20+ years) Her goals are to continue to be successful with her band, educate and inspire those that are looking into lap band, and to become a healthy fit person. Don't miss this inspirational story of courage, hope, and success! Date: 02/16/09 Time: 6:00 pm CST Where: "The Band Banter" Talk Show The show is interactive so be sure to join us in the chatroom to ask our guest questions or to hear from other bandsters. I hope to "Hear" you there!!
  2. CoachCher

    "The Band Banter" Talk Show

    The show is every Monday at 6:00 pm CST. We look forward to having you join us :thumbdown:)
  3. Lap-band Personal Trainer Christopher McClintock will be on the show this evening. You don't want to miss this show, Christopher is going to share with us how to get the most out of our fitness program. Remember fitness is very important to our success so come learn from the best. Date: 04/13/09 Time: 6:00 pm CST Where: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thebandbantertalkshow.com We hope to hear you there!!
  4. Please join me Monday 03/23/09 as I welcome Mary Jo Rapini from TLC's Big Medicine. Mary Jo is a psychotherapist specializing in intimacy and relationships. She works in Houston, Texas at Methodist Hospital, maintains a private practice, and is a renowned lecturer and author. Mary Jo's philosophy: The Essence Triangle- Self, Relationships and Wellness. Mary Jo's Goal is to empower women to gain the freedom to be all they can be before worrying about intimate relationships. Women must understand their bodies, their sexuality, and their own passions and gifts. Tonight we will be discussing Online Dating. Date: 03/23/2009 Time: 6:00 pm CT Where: "The Band Banter" Talk Show Call in number: 347-237-4004 **Big Announcement**- For all you single folks, you will not want to miss tonight's show. I hope to "HEAR" you there tonight!! Thanks, ~CoachCher~
  5. Join me as I welcome Sheri Morris and Jennifer Sands Bariatric RN's as they share with us secret's and tips on how to be a successful post-op with the lap-band and realize band. We know the RN's are truly the one's who keep us in check. Show them some love, call and ask questions. When: 02/23/2009 Time: 6:00 pm CST Where: Health internet radio shows and Success internet radio by "The Band Banter" Talk Show | BlogTalkRadio Call-in Number: (347) 237-4004 The show is interactive, join us in the chatroom or call in live to ask questions. I hope to "Hear" you there.
  6. CoachCher

    Self Sabotage- Are you guilty?

    Hi DannyLu, I was completely guilty of wearing my fat suit as a suit of armor. I have embraced my suit and love it. It takes time to shed the "Old" us but trust me it can be done. Please let me know how I can support you.
  7. CoachCher

    Self Sabotage- Are you guilty?

    Hi Eficka, I can relate to what you are saying, I too was abused as a small child however mine was sexual. I would relate sex to love, not a good thing I promise. We are not a product of our upbringing, we have to accept what happened to us as children, 1. it was not our fault and 2. it will not define who we are as adults. I'm not going to bash you, but I do disagree with the nutritionist. I would say 100% of us have eating disorders that's why we choose to have the surgery. We all had/have a unhealthy relationship with food, we use food to Celebrate, comfort, cure boredom the list goes on and on. It has nothing to do with us losing weight we all know how to do that, what we don't know how to do is keep it off. With the band I have been able to keep off 80 pounds, without the band I would of gained it all back without a doubt. Do some people require counseling after surgery? Of course they do, as the weight is falling off they have to face this new person and really feel what they feel as opposed to stuffing their feelings. This could/would happen if they lost weight on their own without surgery. I don't believe placing a band on someone who has a eating disorder is unethical. As with diet and exercise the band is only a "Tool" it's not the be all end all. All of my coaching is done via telephone or email, so skype would be easy to use for coaching as well. I wish you nothing but the best of luck, you can do this I promise.
  8. CoachCher

    Self Sabotage- Are you guilty?

    Hey Trubleu, The first step is to admit your short comings, you have done that. Now you know what is happening it's up to you to get on the bandwagon. Keep telling yourself all the reasons you had this surgery and go back to the basics. That's the great thing about the band it's there when you are ready and it sounds like you ready to commit to your journey. I wish you the best of luck, let me know how I can help you.
  9. CoachCher

    Self Sabotage- Are you guilty?

    Hi Twirl, You have taken the first step by recognizing what you are doing. It's a learned skill to not drink with your meals, you can do it. Take it one meal at a time and tell yourself you are not going to drink with this meal. You can do this, it's not difficult I promise.
  10. CoachCher

    Self Sabotage- Are you guilty?

    Hi Anna, Ok take a deep breath in and out, okay much better. You have not stretched your pouch; you just have not reached your proper restriction level. With the band it's a process it doesn't happen overnight. This is the part of the journey everyone hates. Until you actually reach your sweet spot you should be watching what you eat and how much you eat. Once you reach proper restriction the band will stop you. However if you eat processed foods, or soft foods the band will "NOT" stop you. The more processed the food is, the easier it is to eat with the band. Your band has not moved and I'm sure it is properly placed. The first 6-8 weeks is not about weight loss as much as it is learning how to eat with your new tool. I hope this helps. Email me anytime if you have questions.
  11. CoachCher

    Self Sabotage- Are you guilty?

    Hi Cannis, Excuses is what got us to where we are. You are so worthy and deserving of success. Dust yourself off and get back on that bandwagon. I believe in you, You can do it!!
  12. CoachCher

    Self Sabotage- Are you guilty?

    Hey Nobody's Girl! We all love food and eating that's what led us to the OR. Ask yourself is food and eating more important than being healthy. I still eat my favorite foods, I just had to adjust my diet to allow for this. I follow the 6/1 rule. For six days I eat well then on the the 7th day I eat what I want with no guilt or regrets. Your right drinking with your meals will sabotage your efforts in a heart beat. Remind yourself of all the reasons you had the surgery to begin with and then make a plan to get back on the band wagon. You can do this, you are worthy of success!! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  13. CoachCher

    Free Teleseminar The WLS Blueprint

    The next call will be Tuesday February 10th. I hope you can make it.
  14. For those of you who can't make NYC we are planning two more Conferences later in the year. Houston TX in July Las Vegas NV in October More details coming soon for these conferences.
  15. For those of you who missed the update on the date, location and venue here it is.... 2009 – New York City<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P> Banded Together-Lapband Talk National Event <O:P></O:P> When:<O:P></O:P> March 20-21, 2009 Friday Meet & Greet 6pm-9pm EST<O:P></O:P> Saturday Conference 8am-5pm EST <O:P> </O:P> Where:<O:P></O:P> The Marriott LaGuardia Airport<O:P></O:P> 102-05 Ditmars Boulevard <O:P></O:P> East Elmhurst, NY 11369 <O:P> www.marriott.com/lgaap </O:P> Lodging:<O:P></O:P> The Marriott LaGuardia Airport<O:P></O:P> 102-05 Ditmars Boulevard <O:P></O:P> East Elmhurst, NY 11369 <O:P>www.marriott.com/lgaap We have a special rate of $139 for guest rooms at this lovely hotel. Be sure to book early,as the room block will sell out. <O:P></O:P> There is a Friday reception, so come stay with us for the weekend! For more information go to... https://www.bandedtogether.net/Events.php </O:P>
  16. Hi Barb, Yes your friends can purchase at the door.
  17. CoachCher

    We need the Men's input

    Thanks for the suggestion, I think that is a great idea. I am a huge "COWBOY" I will always give a shout out to them :thumbup:)
  18. Hi Lori, We are coming to the West Coast in Oct, 09. Nothing has been finalized so keep checking the board for updates.
  19. Hi Ginnee, This is a two day conference. Friday night is a meet & greet and the conference on Saturday is all day from 8-5. I hope this helps.
  20. The dates for the conference are 03/27/09-3/28/09 NJ is looking like it is going to be the best spot. The hotel we are looking at is in Livingston NJ. Friday night will be the meet and greet with appetizers, and a cash bar. Saturday is the day of the conference. Our speakers will be LAP-BAND Surgeons, Dr. Schulman (Plastic Surgeon), Nutritionist, psychotherapist, successful post ops, personal trainer and of course myself. lunch will be provided on Saturday as well. The conference will be all day Saturday from 8-5. By having the conference in NJ brings down the cost. We are looking into the cost of a charter bus right now so we can get an idea of our options. We will have door prizes and plenty of vendors for you to visit as well. By this time next week we will be able to provide all of you with much more information. Keep checking back often to keep in the loop.
  21. Hi MominLV, Don't worry we have not forgotton about LV. I believe we are coming to LV in October. Once I know more I'll let everyone know.
  22. Hi Donna, The NYC is the first conference of the year. My hope is to have 4 conferences in 2009. I will be in Houston the first weekend in December and will be discussing doing a conference in Houston in June 2009. So keep your eye on the board for future venues.
  23. Obesity had you suppress so many feelings, now that you are coming into your best body, mind, and soul these feelings are starting to churn. How do you tap into inner roar? Join me as I welcome Casey Kerr from “Find your Roar” as she guides us to discover our roar. Isn’t it time to stop being crushed by obstacles and start creating opportunities? Isn't it time to make a commitment? If you’ve had enough of “I can’t” and “It’s not realistic” you are ready to start thinking about all the possibilities. This is the show for you. Date: 11/10/2008 Time: 7:00 pm ET 6:00pm CT and 4:00 pm PT Where: The Band Banter Talk Show Call in number 347-237-4004 This show is interactive, so be sure to sign in so you can join in on the live chat or feel free to call in to ask our special guest questions. I hope to "Hear" you there!! P.S. Next weeks guest will be Dr. Ariel Ortiz: Author of "LAP-BAND For Life" and Board Certified Mexican medical doctor, he is a world renowned expert on LAP-BAND surgery.
  24. CoachCher

    Too Tight or Just Right

    Hi Donna, If you are just right you should be able to eat a "Normal" meal without complications. If you are throwing up everytime you eat you might be too tight. You also need to make sure you are taking small bites and chewing your food to liquid before you swallow. If you are doing these two things and still throwing up you very well could be too tight. I hope this helps.
  25. CoachCher

    2008 National Lap-Band Conference

    I have posted the pictures I took on my website. Go check them out Pam and let me know if you want me to forward any of them to you. I am so glad you and your sister came, you girls are a hoot!!

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