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  1. jamelyn1979

    August Rush in bandland!

    Hi everyone! My weight loss has slowed down dramatically, when I went in for my fill on Friday I lost 2.5lbs in just over a month. I need to kick up the exercise for sure, I'm only going 2x a week - but work has been horrible and I go during lunch time. I need to get back on that routine and I know the weight will start coming off more. I'm 30lbs away from my goal weight so I know this is going to be super hard to get off...... I'm still pushing, coming on 30lbs!! Everyone is doing so great, let's keep it up!
  2. jamelyn1979

    August Rush in bandland!

    Hi Everyone! Looks like everyone is doing great. I've hit a plateau and I'm trying hard to stay positive and optimistic. After the port replacement & gallbladder surgery, I am slowly still working in my fills. I am up to 4cc's in my 10cc band and still do not feel much restriction at all. I go in on April 29th for my next fill and I'm hoping she gives me 1cc so I can be to the 1/2 way mark. Having those two surgeries really pushed my goals down big time. I want to lose another 30lbs and I am really trying to stay positive that I can do that before our 1 year bandanniversary! How is everyone else feeling overall?
  3. I received 3 different post op diets, very, very similiar from my 1st appointment, then when I saw my nutritionist and then again right before surgery. One of them lists Carnation Instant breakfast no sugar added as an option for Stage 2 (Full-Liquids) which I'm on. Did anyone else have this during this stage? I would love to be able to branch out a little bit and would be interested in having this if it's OK.
  4. Italian is our family's favorite food! I typically get a chicken dish like a chicken piccata or another dish w/ a light sauce that is not fried. Good luck.
  5. jamelyn1979

    Band Leaking ?????

    Sounds exactly what I'm going through. My port replacement was scheduled for this past thursday, however, I discovered that I have a malfunctioning gall bladder so they are doing the port replacement & gall bladder removal at the same time. I am looking forward to getting the real restriction / assistance that the band is suppose to do. Best of luck!
  6. jamelyn1979

    Port Revision?

    I did not have a flipped port, but mine is leaking. My replacement is scheduled for the 18th. Right now, I am being told that they will do a local to the area and I will not need to go fully under anesthesia. However, there is always a possibility for when they go in for the surgery. Good luck!
  7. jamelyn1979

    August Rush in bandland!

    I feel like I'm a slower loser than others that had their surgery in August. I just hit my 31lb mark yesterday when I went in. I had my 5th fill and am now at 4.5cc's. I had 1/2 cup of tomato soup yesterday at 12:30 and wasn't hungry again until almost 4:00, so that was a huge jump for me. I'm hoping 1 more fill to put me at 5cc's I will feel good restriction. Kept up the good work everyone!
  8. jamelyn1979

    IMG 2905

    From the album: 2 month mark

  9. jamelyn1979

    Belly Comparison

    From the album: 2 month mark

  10. jamelyn1979

    Couch to 5K ?

    I am finishing my Week 2 Day 3 tomorrow and moving onto Week 3. I can not believe how well I am doing in this program! I do feel like I could run more than the alloted time, but I am trying to stay strict with the program. I can not wait until I complete my 1st 5K! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
  11. jamelyn1979

    My 1st fill tomorrow!!

    I just got back. When well, it did feel weird I have to say, and she did not numb the area at all. Took a minute for her to find the middle of the port. She pulled out some air and then put in 2cc's. Water went down fine and was told to do full-liquid for 2 days, 1 day of mushys and then good to go.
  12. I'm in it right now! I go for my 1st fill today and I'm exactly 1 month post op. The past week has been very challenging for me to get through the days because I still have that hungry feeling shortly after eating. I am hoping to get relief today, however, I know most people don't really feel anything until the 2nd or 3rd fill.
  13. jamelyn1979

    First Fill under my belt FINALLY...

    Hi Amber, My 1st fill is the 1st and he told me they typically put in 3cc's, I have no idea how big my band is, do you? I am starting to get really hungry as well, but really make the right food choices and my running has really made me feel good. How are you doing?
  14. jamelyn1979

    yogurt w/protein!

    I've never tried those. I eat Chobani plain non-fat with 1 packet of splenda. It has 18g protein in a 6oz container
  15. 1). I am 16 days post op and started the "pureed" stage yesterday. I tried chicken, carrots and mashed potatoes, I gotta say, the chicken, I did not even touch, I couldn't do it. I did have a few spoons of mashed potatoes and also the carrots. I am not liking the pureed stage. I start soft foods on Tuesday and honestly, don't think I will be doing a lot of pureed foods this week. I am fine with Soups, my chobani yogurt, Protein shakes and etc. Did anyone else not do well with pureed foods? 2.) I dropped 18.5lbs since my pre-op diet and feel like the last week or so, my scale hasn't moved. I'm not sure why. I have been tracking my calories, and they are around 500-600 a day. I ran yesterday and burned about 280 calories, do you think I need to increase my calories at this point? 3). I do not feel any restriction.... Is that normal not to feel that way? I am really not that hungry, so when I eat, I'm ok after a few bites.... I wonder if it's more mental than anything else? I'm wondering if I will feel different after my 1st fill. It is scheduled for 8/3. Thanks for listening, I don't know why, but I feel like I'm missing something!
  16. I am going to start weight watchers in 2 weeks when I am able to start eating "normal" foods again. I want to get this weight off and I am very anxious to get started as well. We can do a support group if you want to do WW as well and we can keep each other determined and encouraged!
  17. jamelyn1979

    Couch to 5K ?

    I started yesterday, it was a good workout my thighs are killing me this morning! My next day is Thurs. morning. Good luck to everyone, let me know if we want to start a thread to discuss our runs.
  18. Sorry, I'm confused. I start pureed foods in a few days and I want to go shopping for what I need this weekend. I'm super confused. Its seems that the lines are blurred for pureed and mushy foods. I am starting just the pureed stage. What do I age? Do make a regular dinner for my family and puree the food for myself? Sorry, I find that the foods that we can / can not eat seem to the be the most confusing thing.
  19. jamelyn1979

    August 23 Surgery -- Pre-op diet questions

    You have no protein shakes included in your diet?
  20. jamelyn1979

    7 Month Progress Pix

    Great job!
  21. jamelyn1979

    August Rush in bandland!

    Bunny, I'm not eating tums at all. My Multivitamin tastes like a tum
  22. jamelyn1979

    Another soup question...

    I haven't had any other soup yet besides Tomato, Butternut Squash and Red Pepper and Tomato soup. I haven't even thought of doing Soups other than creamy soups. LOL, I'm so afraid to go off of my provided list from my dr.
  23. I know I was told not to life anything heavy after surgery, how long does that last? Can I pick up my 3 yr old who weighs about 35lbs?
  24. jamelyn1979

    liquid diet bathroom issues

    I had to do 10 days pre-op and then 2 days prior to surgery clear liquid diet, now I'm finishing up my 7 day clear post-op diet and moving onto full-liquids on Tuesday.
  25. jamelyn1979

    liquid diet bathroom issues

    I also have had horrible issues in the bathroom, it's completely liquid and will be the color of the Isopure that I'm drinking that day. Hopefully it becomes more solid and things will get back to normal!

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