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  1. Texarkolina

    5-6 months out sleevers.... ?

    I am 5 1/2 months out. I am down 69 pounds. I can eat anything except--believe it or not--salads. I can eat more than what I think I should be able to at this point--probably an entire cup. I have no problems getting all my fluids in now. I have slowed way down on my weight loss. I am now at about a pound a week. I don't exercise like I should, so I am gearing that up.
  2. Texarkolina

    Severe Hair Loss

    I am 4 months out and have been losing hair for about a month now. This article explained it well and really helped me accept what was happening--and assured me that it will stop. http://www.slhn.org/...ss.designed.pdf
  3. Texarkolina

    Saying Goodbye To My Old Life

    Yeah--did the food funerals a little myself. Like there were a few baconators involved. Before surgery, I though I was saying "good bye" to my old friend food and giving up my ability to enjoy eating. Now, at 3 months out, I realize that is not how I feel at all. I finally feel free from my huge appetite that has been controlling me my whole life. It is like I have a secret super power--I can be satisfied with a tiny amount of food. Plus...I enjoy eating now every bit as much, if not more, than I did before. It is like I can eat slowly and savor my food rather than gulping it down as my appetite pushed me to do before the surgery. What you are going through is normal--don't be too hard on yourself. Good luck on your sleeve!
  4. That is outstanding! Can you share your daily goals in regards to fluids, grams of Protein, grams of carbs, total calories and exercise? I would really appreciate it.
  5. Texarkolina

    "normal Life" Down The Road?

    I so understand what you are saying. I had the sleeve so that I WOULDN'T T have to obsess forever. I know some people do, and they probably are losing faster than I am. I am living my life now. I am careful, but if the group at work wants to go out to eat, I go. I order something soft enough to eat comfortably and eat what I want of it. I don't get all upset and paranoid about the carbs, protein, etc. I am not eating ice cream for dinner or anything, but I think with the sleeve you can find a good balance between being the food police and living a life.
  6. Texarkolina

    So Regretful......

    I am 2 1/2 months out so the memories of the post-op weeks are really fresh. I had a pretty rough time, too. I thought I had made a huge mistake, but now I am happy with my choice. It is hard. The hunger-like feeling for me was too much acid--an acid reducer made it stop. I couldn't get fluids in, either. I know they say to do sugar free everything, but a normal Popsicle really helped me. When you get to where it is allowed by your diet, you may want to try egg drop soup. Those two things went down well and gave me some energy. I didn't feel human again after the surgery for 6 weeks. I know most of us don't realize it going in, but it was a major surgery followed by a period of malnutrition. If you get through that without feeling run down and borderline depressed you are the exception, not the rule. I am 10 weeks out now, and I feel good again. I can eat--feel satisfied--and I am losing. You will get here.
  7. So what does everyone's surgeon say about how much you will lose. I am losing slowly and I am trying to figure out if my expectations are unrealistic or my weight loss is less than expected? Oh--and my scale is a fickle little witch.....
  8. That is a combination of pre and post op. I was at 300 pounds when I started the pre-op diet. I was 286 on surgery day, and I am now 256. The majority of my weight loss was during the pre-op and 3 weeks following surgery. Since then....I am losing around a pound a week.
  9. Texarkolina

    Had Anyone Had To Use Lovenox?

    I used it for 3 weeks after surgery. I also used it for 7 months twice a day during pregnancy. Some tips that I learned the hard way.....wait until the alcohol is completely dry.....insert needle quickly (less pain)......push plunger in very very very very slowly (decreases bruising), and do not rub the site at all. It was really no big deal for me, but if takes a little bit to get used to injecting yourself. Good luck!
  10. Texarkolina

    Left Shoulder Pain

    You should call your doctor---there is no way you can tell if it is gas or a leak. Most of the time the gas is gone by 9 days out. Question---has your drain been removed? I know most have by this point, but mine was still in at 9 days out and was the source of a ton of left shoulder pain for me.
  11. I was sleeved on the 30th and I have severe stabbing left shoulder pain. I have had a leak test and CT--all are fine. There was a tremendous amount of drama with my surgery--scheduled on the 23 first time--heart stopped on table--chest compressions for a minute--surgery rescheduled after cardiologist oked me--difficulty keeping heart rate up during second surgery so they gave me extremely high doses of meds to speed up my heart rate---caused nausea--lots of post-op pain, etc. Anyone else have severe pain a week out and, if so, what did you do. I am worn out with this.
  12. I know how you feel---I could tell a change in my daughter the first day I started to feel better--so did she. I would advise family/friends help--perhaps taking the kids for the afternoon a little. You need rest. If that is not possible--just hang in there--it gets better.
  13. Texarkolina

    I Cheated In Pre Op Diet, Help

    Pre-op diet sucks and is hard for everyone. Do not get down on yourself about it. You will be absolutely fine. I was never asked about the diet after I started it and most people are not. I worried myself to death and cheated way more than that and it was ok. I still lost weight, which was the goal. Stay strong--help (your sleeve) is on the way! If it helps you any, it is so much easier after the sleeve.
  14. Texarkolina

    Work, Haters And Motivators

    I have a super-skinny friend who smokes. She is confused as to how people get really big--but not judgmental. As a former smoker, I was able to draw a comparison--the craving she felt when she needed a cigarette is very similar to the craving I felt for food. However, one cigarette would cure her craving, it took a large meal--like a restaurant meal plus--to make my craving go away. The light came on for her then......she said, "I guess the brain of a big person is wired differently because I never want to eat unless my stomach is growling." Of course, this lady WANTED to understand. She feels compassion for people who struggle with obesity and sees it as something she is very glad she doesn't have to deal with. So, realize that there are people out there that have a good attitude and will be supportive. Your coworker, sounds like a mean, judgmental person who basically needs to F&$@ off. You were nice. I would have said something very rude like, "funny, I don't recall giving a crap what you think" or something equally childish. It amazes me that some people feel free to vomit their opinions about your personal life all over you like that. Stay strong!
  15. Texarkolina

    1 Week Pre-Op

  16. I am one of those who had a horrible time with the surgery--lots of pain and complications--you don't want to hear it. I am on day 16 now, and I am on the upswing. I guess my advice would be if you could just wake up tomorrow and be sleeved--without having to go through it--would you want that? If so, go for it. Even though I have had a rough time I can say that my appetite is gone--I definitely feel restriction, and I am excited about what the future holds. I was miserable for 2 weeks--but then again, it was just 2 weeks.......
  17. How many days of liquid diet did you have to do? 14 to start with, then surgery was delayed so I had 7 more How much weight did you lose during it? 15 pounds--but the last week I cheated--bad--like there was a baconator involved How many days (if any) did you have to stay at the hospital? Surgery on Monday afternoon--released Wednesday evening Did you have any complications? Yes--first surgery was canceled because my heart stopped on the table...second surgery was made more difficult by the constant struggle to keep my heart rate up where it needed to be (this was a reaction to the pressure of the gas in my abdomen--rare but happens) and I had a problem with my drain irritating a nerve and causing a lot of pain How long after surgery did you try to eat normal food? (non-puréed, etc) Not yet--just 2 weeks out How soon after surgery did you feel mostly or fully back to normal? I feel about 80% now. Please share any extra comments about things you weren't expecting or tips: Remember this is a MAJOR surgery. You will need help with your child your first week home. Also--the most useful thing I took to the hospital with me was Biotin spray--mouth moisturizer......get some....it helps so much
  18. Texarkolina


    I have 6.....
  19. Texarkolina

    Bras ?

    I am large in the chest too (42J)--my incision was not irritated by my industrial strength metal reinforced bra.
  20. Texarkolina

    When Will I Feel Myself Again?

    I am day 10 and still feel tired, dizzy, and thirsty all the time. It is getting better, however.
  21. Texarkolina

    Went Back To The Hospital

    I am going through the exact same thing. My pain is in my shoulder and abdomen. Only thing that helps is a heating pad on my shoulder--and the help is minimal.
  22. Texarkolina

    Feel Horrible

    Second surgery date was successful in that I am sleeved. It was pretty rough because they had to give me so much medication to keep my heart rate up during the surgery and didn't give me pain meds for a while after. I have never experienced pain and nausea (from the meds) anything like the few hours after surgery. I came home on Wednesday, but was readmitted Sunday night for dehydration and shoulder pain. They were afraid that I could have a leak because I have so much pain in my left shoulder still. Tests were all negative. If I am still having pain on Wednesday he is going to send me to an orthopedic guy. They are wondering if they didn't damage my shoulder during chest compressions in the first surgery. This has been a horribly rough road, and I am a little glad I didn't know how bad it was going to be going in. Thus far today I have managed to get down a popsicle--that's it. The surgeon said it may take time but he has never seen it not get better. I am trying to have a positive attitude, but I am pretty miserable right now.
  23. Texarkolina


    I was sleeved on the 30th and I am right there with you. I am still glad I had it done, but I am struggling to get in liquids. I am on pureed (per doctors orders) and made my plate with a tiny amount of pureed potatoes, ham, and asparagus. Sat down to eat with my friends, and got less than a tablespoon in before my body said NO MORE. Calculating how much protein I am getting in hasn't even crossed my mind because it is such a tiny amount. Liquids actually seem harder than "solids". I was emotionally spent this morning, but I feel better now. I know I will be happy with my decision later, but this is the hard part. I am confused about what I should/should not be eating and seem to live in a town that does not believe in sugar-free Popsicles. Wonder what happens if I eat a regular one? I am glad for one thing--I am still tired enough from the surgery that I need a nap or 2 a day--nice little escape.
  24. Texarkolina

    Feel Horrible

    I started asking questions and was able to get the bariatric coordinator to discuss the episode with the head of anesthesiology. He said that if he had been in the room that the procedure would have continued. He said that my surgeon made a judgement call and chose to stop the surgery, but that it wasn't necessary. I am fine with the surgery being stopped. If the surgeon felt like he and/or the anesthesiologist was too shook up and/or not prepared to continue, then he made the right call. He said that everyone does anesthesia differently and while the person doing mine didn't do anything, wrong, that most anesthesiologists would have pre-treated a person my age with a medication that would prevent my heart rate from dropping. Begs the question of why this isn't done for everyone?? My best friend had surgery Thursday, and everyone recognized me and came to me to talk about it. They acted like it was this huge thing and it seemed like everyone in the hospital knew about it. The reaction of various people in the hospital being so dramatic was more nerve racking than what actually happened. I am a little disappointed in the lack of professionalism, and irritated at the overall insensitivity of the hospital staff. No one should have approached me with "Oh my god--I can't believe what happened to you." I feel better after asking some questions, and they have assured me that the anesthesiology person assigned to my case on Monday will come up to the pre-op area and talk with me and my family before I go back. I think I am going to refuse to go down until this happens.
  25. I work in human resources and know way more about FMLA than I ever wanted to. If you have been there a year INCLUDING your time as a temp, then you qualify. A lot of HR people are confused about this. If your total time with this company--even though you were a temp--is 12 months or more let me know and I will find the information that you need to take to HR to help them understand that you do qualify.

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