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    I am 23, a mother of a beautiful boy Jayson. A wife to an amazing husband Dan.
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    Right now is playing with my son, exercising, CARDIOKE
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    in school for Criminal Justice. I would eventually like to become the next Grissom.
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  1. Happy 26th Birthday StevieVieth!

  2. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Ive lost 40 since surgery only 40 more to go. I have an appt with my surgeon this week at some point, only for him to tell me that I do not need a fill. He stopped filling me at 7cc's in a 10cc bandand I have continuously lost weight since surgery on the 2nd. Ive been so busy this summer and Im finally joining a gym next month (october)I have lost some motivation with working out at home, but thats because I have been unable to get a job since my son was born. But now I have one so I am excited and motivated to continue on my lap band journey!
  3. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    I am still here March Bandsters. i do not log in because its summer at the Jersey shore. My husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary July 25th. He works 6 days a week all closing shifts so I barely see him at night. By the time he gets home I am ready for bed because I spend the day with a 2 year old. I was banded at 209 lbs. I lost 16 right there that first week post op. I have then since steadily lost weight. I currently have 7cc's in a 10 cc band. My surgeon did not fill that last appointment and that was july 1st. I am about 173 now. I have alot of NSV's even as of last week. I still no longer eat carbs and such no bread, pasta or rice.Im usually out and about the whole day which leaves little room for exercise. I am guilty that I have been in a rut but I am constantly losing still.
  4. I really wouild re-think this decision. A friend of mine actually went in to my surgeons office before I had and she didnt weigh enough for her height to get accepted for surgery with the insurance she has. Her plan was to then gain weight and stop trying to lose weight to be eligible to have surgery.. Something wrong with that??? Yes I think so, why would someone go through all of the trouble to gain the weight only to have to try and lose it all in the long run... Its hard to lose Im not kidding. I have been banded for almost 4 months now and I am struggling. my friend has this philosophy that once she gets the band she can eat all she wants and she will lose weight.. It doesnt work like that. She just needs to stop being lazy and it will eventually work with or without the band.
  5. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Sounds great, I sent you a FB asking you about your progress but I never got a response.!
  6. StevieVieth

    Rice substitute

    I am not allowed to have rice pasta or bread ... But my doc said cous cous is fine in moderation. I have limited my carb intake and have been losing great. i have lost 30 since surgery day... not counting what I lost before. I have my next appt on thursday... I get the whole grain cous cous, little less calories and whatnot:huh2:
  7. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    just wait till those 12 lbs are away.. Youre gonna feel sooo good. Atleast I did when I hit the 199 mark. I was banded the Day before you I have lost 30 lbs and I go for my 4th fill on the first!
  8. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    At our support group last month they talked about body contortion and all of the actual possibilities of body contortioning surgery i.e. tummy tuck, lifts, or body tuck. and you have to watch out they want you to usually reach your goal and maintain that weight for 6 to 12 more months before they usually will approve the surgery. Most insurances they stated make u wait. But on the up and up glad you are doing great. Im right up there with the weight loss since surgery.. I dont have a scale at home.. But my surgeon did my last fill and he was soooo proud of me and everything. I go for fill #4 on july 1st and my next weigh in.:thumbup:
  9. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Thats awesome for everybody. I am having a few non scale victories when putting on clothes that I havent worn in 2 years... Yay!!! I think you would say I have restriction, I can eat but when it comes to meats and such I have to really REALLY chew or it gets stuck.. Fish and stuff goes down fine but ugh CHICKEN my FAVORITE is my newest enemy. I havent really been exercising.. I know bad me. But I just finished my evil friend of the month and during this time I dont like working out cause I just feel UGH. So tomorrow I will start up again and hit it hard core. Trying to be under 180 in 2 weeks for my next fill/weighin appointment! Love feeling decent in a bathing suit:thumbup:
  10. StevieVieth

    Birth Control

    I swear by the Nuva ring, I have been on it since my son was born and hes 2. My huband and I dont take precautions (condoms) and I have not been pregnant. I love that it gives you a scheduled period, you always know when it is going to come. There are two options when using Nuva ring you can use it every three weeks and change it to get 4 periods a year or you can take it out for one week and put in a new one for three more weeks. Its unlike a tampon and you can not feel it when it is in and you put it in like a tampon. My husband cannot feel it during intercourse, although some say they can and I have never had it fall out on me. No sticky mess from the patch, ( my friend is on it and gained 20 lbs in a few months) You dont have to take a pill everyday ... The shot is TERRIBLEEEEEEEEE I gained 30 lbs with diet and exercise in the only 3 months I was on it. Plus it tricks your body into thinking you are pregnant. I enjoy having a steady period because it reassures me that I am not pregnant. I am only 23 being a young mother is interesting, and I just was stressed and not wanting to get pregnant again.
  11. Thans for the friend request. How is your journey going?

  12. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Thats great, my three month bandaversary was the 2nd of June and I had a fill one the 3rd. I am up to 7cc's in a 10 cc band. I have been semi slacking but my surgeon praised my weightloss and said my port trouble is due to my fat loss in the port area. Which is good. I have reached a good amount of restriction, I really have to chew chew chew or else some stuff gets stuck. Down 30 lbs only 57 till goal or something.
  13. StevieVieth

    Hiatal Hernia

    I was told after surgery that I had one and the surgeon repaired it. I did not have any symptoms but I apparently had one. I didnt know until in the recovery room that the surgeon repaired it. I aften thought it was a dream for awhile because it was when I first woke up so I didnt know if it was real or not .. but at my follow up appoint me 1 week post op I saw in the computer when they did my weigh in that a hiatal hernia was repaired. So I guess it was true.. Ask you doc about it.
  14. Well I havent had that big of a problem as you have, But I have had some slight issues with my port. My first fill n April was terrible the nurse couldnt located it right away it was about 20 minutes before she even got it. Then The next fill she knew what she was doing and got it only after 5 minutes. It was still difficult. THen she left the office so the last fill I had the surgeon actually did and I warned him that it is hard to locate and such and he was like oh thats not me its just the nurse watch this.. and to his surprise ... he couldnt get it.. it took him a while he said due to my fat loss around my port that it flips around and moves .. He said it was a good issue.

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