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    I am a mother of 3 I have a 8 yr old son and a set of 5 yr old twins (boy and girl)
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  1. ms. chaval

    Skechers Vs Reebok

  2. ms. chaval

    Skechers Vs Reebok

    Hello Fellow banders, I have been wanting a pair of toneing shoes now for awhile, but I need some feed back first from people that have them. Which do you perfer Skechers (Shape- Ups) or Reebook (Easy Tones)?
  3. ms. chaval

    One Year Later

    71 pounds down 40 more to go to reach my goal.
  4. ms. chaval


  5. ms. chaval

    post op pics

  6. I have been having a lot of trouble taking my Vitamin b1 post surgery now that it has to be crushed. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work the taste is awful :thumbup: so I asked my pharmacist for some suggestions she told me to try using hersheys chocolate syrup (sugar free of course) I was unsure but decided to try it and it definitely did the trick now I can take my vitamin with no problems. I hope this helps someone else.
  7. ms. chaval

    Getting Banned today !!!!!!!

    Hello to everyone I would like to thank everyone who wished me good luck. I am doing great healing really fast :thumbup:.
  8. ms. chaval

    Just me (Before)

  9. Good morning everyone I am getting banned today and I am feeling a little nervous but I am very excited for this process to begin. I am very lucky to have lots of support from my family and friends. I want to also wish good luck to anyone getting banned today :thumbup:
  10. ms. chaval

    5 days and counting...

    @Michelejoy87 I understand how you feel. sometimes I get a little nervous when I think about the whole procedure my surgery is on March 2nd too. I really think everything will be okay for both of us stay positive and keep in touch :eek:
  11. ms. chaval

    1st day of pre-op diet

    I am going through the same thing right now. I started my liquid diet yesterday and my family did the same thing to me it was so hard but today was a little easier hoefully it will get better for you too. My surgery is on tuesday and It helps me to think about the surgery and the end result :smile2:
  12. ms. chaval

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Hello everyone my name is Chaval I am 31 years old and I live in Aurora Colorado. Surgery Date: March 2nd, 2010 Where: North Suburban Medical Center in Thornton, Colorado. Doctor/Center: Dr. Doru I.E. Georgescu / Center Of Surgical Specialist Introduction to Weight loss Surgery Seminar : September 14th 2009. Surgery Orientation Class: October 19th 2009. Pre- Op Tests Completed: Labs, EKG, X-Ray) October 19th 2009. Additional Required Tests: EDG December 3rd 2009 Nutrition Consult: November 24th, 2009 Pulmonary Consult: December 15th, 2009 Psych Consult: January 14th, 2010 Pre-Op Class: February 2nd, 2010 How is Surgery funded: Colorado Medicaid. Concerns: Being able to sip water all day instead of drinking alot at one time and getting used to not drinking 30 mins before/ after eating. Reason for banding : I am a mother of 3 kids ( 1) ( 6yr boy and (2) 3yr old twins boy/Girl) and I want to be around for them. Wishing everyone luck :thumbup:
  13. My bad date is March 2nd and I am so excited I start my liquid diet on Tuesday Feb 23rd I can't wait :thumbdown:
  14. Hello everyone I have been doig a little thinking and I was wondering if I switch insurance due to changing jobs, will my future insurance disallow fills because it was a pre-existing condition? Hopefully someone can help me out with the answer to this question.
  15. Hello everyone my name is Chaval and I'm pretty new to this site. I am in the waiting process and it's killing me, after all the pre-op testing this is the hardest part. I try not to think about it so much but I can't help it. My surgeons office called on Tuesday and told me all of my paper work was faxed to my insurance company and that it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks hopefully it wont take that long. I pray I get approved because I reallly want this to happen,:biggrin:

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