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  1. Happy 52nd Birthday howdybooth!

  2. howdybooth

    Now done, do I reduce the fill?

    Shoshanna - I'm with you - I'm 187 - AGAIN! But, I was so restricted while losing, that it's taking lots of effort and energy to not GRAZE and go back to 3 meals a day. I was so afraid at the beginning that this wouldn't work for me - it did, but I guess just like when I learned to live on LESS food, I need to learn on living on MORE food, without gaining! Yikes! Always something!!!
  3. Thank you - I have far more trouble trying to maintain!! I either lose or gain. I have been grazing lately, so I'm going back to a little more control. I actually got down 21 lbs below the weight I was in that pic - not healthy. But now I'm up 8 lbs from that weight. Ugh

  4. howdybooth

    Now done, do I reduce the fill?

    I've actually got down to 160 lbs - 20 below my goal weight. But, no energy, sick, generally, not very healthy. I had 2 cc removed in early June & gained 25 lbs!!!! I needed to gain 10, but not 25. I went & had 1.5 cc put back - still no weight loss. But, I have been grazing - so I've started back to protein drinks & Greek yogurt for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch - whatever for dinner & no grazing!!! I really don't want to get another fill - I'm going on my first cruise, to Alaska, in September - I think I'll wait until after that before getting a fill. Oh & I'd convinced myself that frozen yogurt was ok - like I said - bad habits.
  5. Great work! You look aweome!

  6. Happy 51st Birthday howdybooth!

  7. howdybooth

    Smart Lipo

    Everyones pain tolerance is different. I didn't find mine to be too bad. I went grocery shopping the next day & cooked thanksgiving dinner. It did hurt when I first stood up or sat down, but other than that - I was good to go.
  8. 2 years has passed since you registered at SleevePlicationTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary howdybooth!

  9. howdybooth


  10. howdybooth

    Smart Lipo

    In my case the arm surgery will not help. You are still young and it might help. My doc daid he could remove the fat pocket, but that would leave the skin & only surgery will fix that AND leave a scar. You should really read up on it & than have a consultation with a good PS that does the laser lipo.
  11. howdybooth

    Smart Lipo

    I has mine done 11/18 & I'm pleased with the results. He took 31/2 lbs total, but I've had to lose why more weight than you! I'm 5'8" & was 290. I'm now 175 & slowly working my way to 160. Also at age 51 (yikes!) my skin will not bounce back. My outer thighs look great in clothes, but I'm saving for a thigh lift (maybe!). That is neither an easy surgery or a quick recover & does leave big scars! So, I'm still thinking the whole thing over.
  12. howdybooth

    Excessive acid reflux

    I did have 1/2 a cc removed in Jan 2011 and another 1/2 in March and no more problems. But I had gotten carless and last week i went back and had 1/2 a cc put back in and bang - acid reflux and today - pneunomia! I always have to learn the hard way! LOL So, maybe removing some of youe Fluid will help stop the cycle. My GP today told me he could give a an acid reducer, but that it wouldn't really stop the reflux, just the amount of buring acid. The problem with that is you need the acid to control the bacteria - catch 22! Less acid, but still a great chance of reflux and a bigger chance of bacterial pneunomia! I'll work through this some how. My friend lost 186 lbs with the band and her band is 5 years old (she had the surgery in Mexico). It recently developed a leak at the port and she went back to Mexico to have it fixed, but in the mean time, she has gained 50 pounds in about 4-5 months! So this band is never coming out of my body! Please let me know how you progress through this!
  13. howdybooth

    Smart Lipo

    I've been reading and learning about smart lipo - it's where they make a small incision and very much like your typical lipo, they remove the fat. Here's the difference - it's done in the office (of course you are numbed up and pretty loopy! ) But instead of just sucking out the fat, they use a pulsating laser to burn up the fat and than suck it out. I know that there is all kinds of stuff I could have done on my body, but I look pretty great in clothes, wiht the exception of my saddle bags (doc calls them cones). So, for $2600 I can have them sculpted and shaped! If you know anything about the procedure, I'd like your input. If you don't, google it and look at the before and after pics.....just amazing!
  14. howdybooth

    Excessive acid reflux

    I think many of us have had this problem. I was warned by a former bander that the band caused fungus to grow in her lungs. Here's what I've learrned through trail and error.......don't eat a heavy meal after 7 pm. This may be really hard for most folks, but after my 3rd bout of pneunomia in 1 year I learned, again, how to change my life style to fit my band. I don't want to remove my band or decrease the amount of Fluid in my band. I don't have any problems with acid reflux or heartburn during the day - only if I eat and lay down within 1-3 hours after eating a big meal - and by big, I mean half of a jr. burger with the top bun removed and 10 french fries. So, I have my biggest or heavest meal at lunch and just a light salad and yogurt for dinner. Anyone else find something that works for them? I'd love to hear any suggestions!
  15. howdybooth

    Port Pain

    I'm 22 months out and have lost 110 pounds - I've been on maintenance since 2/11. My current problem is pain in the port area. You know how sometimes you get a "catch" in your side......well that's kind of what it feels like. Not horrible pain, just uncomfortable. My port does stick out now - you can even somewhat see it when I wear my yoga clothes. I haven't been doing any different or new excerise.....so, anyone else ever have this kind of discomfort?

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