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  1. Pants on fire. ~ Hit Girl

  2. LuuLuu

    Best Protein Shakes

    I like Bariatric Fusion, Carnation Instant Breakfast (no sugar added), and the CLEAR Isopure drinks. I also, surprisingly, like the Target Market brand vanilla whey protein powder.
  3. Yep - it has a name: "Last Supper Syndrome". I had a daily McGriddle, all you can eat crab legs, buffet after buffet....etc. You are not alone.
  4. Let them eat static. ~ Khan

  5. So - I love Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts do not love my band. Or my thighs. Or my gut. But Kellogg's has these new Pastry Crisps - in 100 calorie packs - that are more of a cracker-consistency but taste just like Pop Tarts! They come in chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, and blueberry streusel. Highly recommend!
  6. Almost 3 years - no complications other than it did NOT cure my cookie obsession, LOL. Those little buggers still go down easy as anything!
  7. LuuLuu


    I don't think anything is messed up but if you are scared, call your doc. I get the hiccups and I burp now more than my entire life combined! Just try to relax...mine have gone on that long before.
  8. Can they do a barium swallow or monitor the amount of Fluid you have in your band? The reflux after a fill makes sense for being too tight but the gaining weight back suggests something else is wrong. I believe the barium swallow would show if your pouch was stretched and the saline monitoring would detect a leak. Other things like these can be wrong even if the band is still firmly in place.
  9. LuuLuu

    Weight loss question :)

    Yes, yes, yes....it will slow down. I lost 60lbs in about 6 months with very little effort - now I have to work for it - which is fine. Just enjoy it while it lasts, LOL.
  10. LuuLuu

    To the Survivors!

    Mine thinned - and still does if I am not getting enough protein. Seems like gobs come out in the shower. But I'm lucky and have a lot of it so there was some to spare.
  11. Happy Valentine's Day Lovies!

  12. I am a fat girl on the inside, LOL. But sometimes I also feel skinnier than I really am. I am feeling like I'm "all that" then catch a profile reflection and am like, "noooooo" So, I just take them both as they come, knowing the other feeling is around the corner.
  13. LuuLuu

    What do you like?

    Riding roller coasters and not worrying about squishing into the seats. Washing my toes - not just letting the Water run over them. Crossing my legs without having to hold the one in place. Simple pleasures!
  14. LuuLuu

    Yeah! I'm in!

    I had the time under my belt, but not the posts....I mad posted this evening so I could join you!
  15. LuuLuu

    Exercise for Haters?

    I hate it. And I don't mean "hehehe - I don't wanna go to the gym" I mean: I.Hate.It. The only way I like it is when I "fool" myself by going bowling or skating....but I am 41 years old have no business going to open-skate with the 10 year olds. Any ideas? Magic wands?
  16. LuuLuu

    Exercise for Haters?

    Thanks everyone! And the post calling my style "unvarnished" made me laugh! Lots of words have been used (complimentary and not) ....but this is the first I've gotten "unvarnished". That's a keeper!
  17. WHAT am I doing wrong? I can't get the powders like unjury to dissolve - warm, cold, blender, by hand....I end up with powdered bubbles that make me gag. Did I miss Protein powder 101??
  18. LuuLuu

    I burp now.

    I am 41 years old and my entire adult life has yielded approximately 1 small burp per year. It is a family joke - when I irk one out I hear "whoa - was that the yearly burp?!" I recently had a fill that was too tight. I had it corrected, but since then I am a burping machine!! Sometimes more than once a day! Did anyone else notice a change like this?
  19. LuuLuu

    I burp now.

    Hey Dfav - long time! I've been banded 3 years...just had an upper GI a couple of months ago. Everything was a-ok. That doesn't mean something couldn't have happened with this last fill / unfill but I am not in any pain or having any different food happenings. I did mention it to the surgeon and he did not seem phased at all. Just the attractive belching. They are still little "urps" but for someone that NEVER did it before - it is quite the change.
  20. LuuLuu

    I burp now.

    Well, I have always been a strong "contender" in that area - you know, like big burly truck driver as my husband compares it. But this burping thing is way new. I guess gas is gas and if yours has increased one way, mine could increase another. I am just surprised it took 3 years and a too-tight fill. It is like something got rattled, LOL.
  21. LuuLuu


    I do not keep track. But my craving for Long John Silver's tells me it is time. I swear - I eat it and then I start the next day. Without fail. Every.Single.Month. When I hit 40 - it all became about the salt! LOL
  22. LuuLuu

    pancakes yummy

    I miss pancakes so much. I took a bite, chewed it, and spit it out once...just to have the taste. How's that for crazy?
  23. LuuLuu

    people judgmental on what i eat

    Ditto to both the above posters. However, being the tackless hot headed person I am I probably would have lashed out "Ohhh - didn't anyone tell you about what I'm supposed to eat?" and when she said no...."then it must be NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" Honestly - some people are missing a filter. I am actually related to a lot of them and that would be exactly the reason that, 3 years out, my family still has no idea I had surgery, LOL.
  24. LuuLuu

    I am no longer Super Morbidly Obese!

    Wait until you go to just "obese" and then the jackpot of "fat"!!! Your thread made me laugh - thanks! Reminds me of when my sister called me after a DR. appt all upset because he called her "a beast". Took me a minute to figure out she misheard "obese". We both laughed at that!!
  25. I swear my port aches when it rains.

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