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  1. Right now I do not have a band. I was banded in Korea, had band erosion and had my band removed. In 3 months I will be getting a new band. In one month I will be traveling to Canada and I plan at that time to try to find a doctor in Canada who will accept me as a patient for fills for future references. I was wondering if any Canadians or close to the border Americans can give me their doctors phone numbers so I can call and see if they would accept me as a patient. I am not sure what band I am getting next maybe ap-s or the midband so finding a doctor who will only accept me if I have one or the other band might affect my decision in what band to get. Any help would be great.
  2. I was banded outside of Canada (please spare me the why did you do that, that was stupid etc comments I simply couldnt afford the surgery in Canada ) and now I am searching for a fill doctor in Ontario. However it appears that Slimband (how is that place even still operating with all the bad reviews seriously?!) and other big companies seem to have complete control over Ontario when it comes to post op fill stuff. I do not have $5,000 for a post op care plan nor do I want to pay that and no one seems to do just fills on a pay per visit system. Ontario is where I am from but not where I will be living for the rest of my life, so it would be a waste of money to spend the $5,000 on a post op plan and then in a year or 2 move again ( most likely to the States) where I will need yet another doctor ( or post op plan) or travel back to Ontario. Totally not worth it. I have been searching and searching with no luck. I have a doctor in Montreal who will take me as a patient, but I am just hoping to find someone closer. I have read past posts about doctors in Ottawa, Toronto and Sudbury but everyone I have tried said they only offer the post op care plans. I found a place in Orilla but wouldnt give me any info about costs told me I must come before they can discuss that (wtf). Anybody have a doc that charges per fill in Ontario? Thanks! and happy weight loss
  3. Interested to know where you had surgery and how you got it covered by OHIP Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  4. Hey gang, Well i have been on here forever but now I really need your help. I have been without a fill doctor for over 2 years. When i left Korea I had no money and am just now getting myself organized. I finally have a job with benefits but alas nothing covers my band. I have been trying to stay at my lowest weight of 150lbs but have gone up to about 170 and really need to get on a north american band wagon. Anyone got room? If anyone has a doctor (or knows a doctor) that does fills for people banded outside of Canada, please let me know
  5. AlienBandit

    Toronto Support Group

    I lived and was banded abroad and now in Toronto so I'd love to join in
  6. Does anyone know of or have a doc in Spain that accepts patients not banded by him? I was banded in Korea but will be in La Rioja for a while and want to make sure I have a what if kind of doc. Anything up north or towards Madrid would be ok. Or anyone have any idea where I can search for a doc?
  7. AlienBandit

    Fills in Toronto, Ontario

    There is a doctor in Missisauga that does fills and not the outragous thousands post op plans. Heres the info info@creditvalleyclinic.ca Tel: (905) 820-0282 $500 first visit and $250 per fill after
  8. I was banded in Korea a few months ago. I had the band taken out because of erosin and will get another one in 3 months. I have started to do some research in trying to find a fill doctor for when I do go back to Canada to live but I haven't had much luck. I will be living in Ontario but traveling anywhere in Canada will be a heck of a lot closer then Korea. Can anyone give me their fill doc contact info so I can contact them to see if they would accept me as a patient? I am starting to freak out. I am self pay and so far I can only find places that want me to pay $5,000 for me to go to their clinic for fills. I can't afford that! I am hoping to find something cheaper. Thanks for the help in advance :eek:
  9. AlienBandit

    Can Anyone Give Me Their Fill Doctor Info

    There is a doctor in Missisauga that does fills and not the outragous thousands post op plans. Heres the info info@creditvalleyclinic.ca Tel: (905) 820-0282 $500 first visit and $250 per fill after
  10. My BMI was 33 when I was banded. I am now at 26 and hoping to someday get to 22-23 BMI. It was def worth it as my BMI and weight was only climbing so I bit the bullet before it got bigger.
  11. Congrats! Speaking to a group can be nerve racking but so much fun. I was a guest speaker at all medical conferences held by my hospital for 3 years. Most of the people I spoke in front of were doctors and nurses (and the majority barely spoke English) so if you would like you can send me your email addy and I can forward you my speeches if you would like to see what sorts of things I talked bout
  12. I def would NOT get a reduction before losing the weight. I started a DD at 220lbs years ago and lost some weight and went down to a b (150lbs) then i gained weight, was at 200 lbs and was a D. Then I lost weight again and at 150lbs I was a b again and my boobs looked terrible. I went in for a lift and implants and I am now a d again. You will lose a lot in your boobs during weight loss so I would wait to see how you end up. You dont want to get a reduction and then lose weight and lose more boobs and then be saggy and super small.
  13. AlienBandit

    What Does This Sound Like To You?

    I had strange pains once. It was above my belly button in the middle of my body. I started feeling around the area when it hurt ( on and off) and realized I could feel my tubing from my band to my port. I went to the doctor who said I needed a port revision to move the tubing because it had migrated towards the surface of my skin. We did a full check up just to be safe and accidently found that my band had eroded into my stomach a bit. It wasnt causing pain but I had the band removed to let my stomach heal and then got a new band 5 months later. That was over 2 years ago. THings are fine now.
  14. hey, added you... good luck thurs!

  15. AlienBandit

    Air Travel?

    Ive flown a ton and never really had a problem. The first time I felt a little sore the morning after flying like I did some sit ups the night before but during the flight I was ok eating. I generally take really long flights so I do sometimes find that through the flight I get tighter but never tight enough that I cant drink. Also if you are worried about food on the flight, order a special meal instead of the regular one. I find that the low calorie meal is like our soft diet, fruit meal is good for foods that wont get stuck, low carb ones dont include bread etc.
  16. AlienBandit

    Lidocaine/prilocaine Cream?

    I used to get a shot of freezing because I was so afraid of the pain but I am also afraid of needles. Just getting that shot would take 10 minutes of me freaking out. After a few fills my doc got tired of it and tried to convince me to try just once with no freezing. It took about 20 minutes to convince me but I tried it ( his nurses had to hold me down a bit so I would move) but it didnt hurt at all. I skipped the freezing from there on in to avoid the extra needle poking
  17. I had plastics done but I could have survived without it. The extra sin and such I had wasnt hanging or causing infections but I did not find my body attractive and I didnt like the skin waving and such.M My plastics was a now or never thing because I won't be able to be in this country again where the price is lower so I just went for it.
  18. OMG!! You ate!!!!!! Bread?!?!?!?!? ....... I am jealous! hahahahhaha Honestly like said before the pre op diet is for your liver. In all honesty I would just tell your doctor for a better peace of mind but food food is not a deal breaker here. He will prob say he hears that all the commonas pre op diets can be hard. I didnt have to do one but I spent enough time on the liquid diet post op I know how can that can be. I am up front with my doctor all the time (hey doc I swallow gum, should I worry, hey doc I ate a bagel this morning think its time for a fill etc) and that is better then lying or not telling him because he is there to help his patients post op. Take this time to learn and move on from it.
  19. AlienBandit

    Moving To Africa 1 Yr, Complete Unfill?

    I have traveled a lot even in remote places like Lesotho and Laos with my band. I never got an unfill but I was never in those places for one year. Many countries do have doctors who knows what they are doing with the band, so South Africa isnt exactly close but you could see a doctor there is there was a problem. I would suggest talking to your doctor but if it were me I would go with a special needle, and have Fluid in my band but not be at a really good restriction. A complete unfill might not be a good idea because that could give your band TOO much room to move. I was banded in Asia and have lived in Korea the entire time ( and traveled around) and have met others banded in Japan, Thailand, India etc. So even though you might feel out of your comfort zone seeing a doc in a different country, there are ones that exist and have experience. Have you searched to see if there are any docs in Africa? It isnt all 3rd world.
  20. I am interested to hear everyones results. My doc was doing something similar to this ( stitching horizontally and not vertically) so that bands couldnt slip but after a year of doing some patients who requested this and most of them having complications ( band removal, erosion, infection) etc he has stopped doing plication, he hates it really. the iband is similar to something he does sometimes ( he does the sleeve with the band) so I would love to give him insight on plication vertically and the band working together.
  21. AlienBandit

    Plastic Surgery/babies

    First of all congrats for no drains. They are a pain in the ass or err hip'? depends where they are. Second yes drains can be painful coming out I screamed the first time but I have also accidentally cut off my drain different surgery a year later( well cut the tubing was trying to cut tape + big scissors = oohhh ****) Since I didnt think duct tape was a good idea I text my doc who told me to pull out my drain ( he was in a meeting it was 9pm I live 2 hours from him) so I did thankfully no pain!
  22. AlienBandit

    How Long Were You Out?

    Surgery saturday, work on Monday. my boss never knew I had surgery lol
  23. AlienBandit

    Time Off Work

    Im a teacher and didnt take any time off. My co teacher (controller of students in my class at the time) knew of my surgery and I went back to work on Monday (surg was sat left hos on sunday) and "took it easy". I taught at the front of the class so on my feet all day but she got the students to help ie handing out papers so I wasnt running around. I spent 4 hours on my feet 4 hours at my desk so it wasnt that bad. Post op my biggest challenge was stairs and the 10 walk up and down the hill to my house to and from work. My doc said I should take a few days off ( actually I had so much gas in my lungs he wanted to keep me a few days but I went home against his wishes, since im still here 3 years later things worked out ok) but turned out ok. Now most of his patients follow my lead and go back to work asap helping with recovery because moving = gas going faster I would suggest 1-2 days off work and then when back at work walk 5 mintues every hour and 10 deep breathes every hour
  24. There are different kind of band surgeries. There is the TUBA where all the instruments go through your belly button or your doc might not have that tool and need the make small incisions around your belly button. For me my first band surgery I came out with 4 incisions. The port went thru my bb, then there was the incision to move my liver (under my rib cage) then 2 more incisions right side left side for the camera and tool to band me etc. My second surgery I only had 3 incisions ( my liver was good that day). I have heard of people coming out with 3-7 incisions. Sometimes that liver isnt nice to the doc and they need some extra "hands" in there to move it etc.
  25. This is def good for me to know! I have a tummy tuck scar that is one ugly b***h so I want to cover it but my surgery a few weeks ago ( to answer ur question Lellow) was a scar revision feb 4 and then a port revision feb 18( my doc moved my port to an easier to hit location for Canadian doctors) Now my port is right at my left hip. I wanted a tat to cover it so it wasnt so obvious, scrap that idea. Guess I am telling the world I got the band cuz there is no explanation for that bump (yes its low profile and still sticks out) Anyways so I am walking behind the band wagon but not yet on it. My scar revision surgery from Feb4 th seems to be a waste because the incision has a hole that won't heal in it. Not only that but it has now ripped horizontal and vertically making it bigger. I will never get a scar revision again ( 99% of the scar revision was perfect this little bugger of a spot is the only problem so ok scar revision was ok for the most part). Hopefully by April I can hop on the wagon. For now I am just trying to eat better but no gyming *tear* what a waste of 4 month membership when I only went 3 times before surgery and i leave the country in a month grrrr Hope everything is healing good Lellow

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