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  1. carmen74

    Weight-loss funnies

    🤔 ummm... 💩🤣💩🤣😳🥺
  2. carmen74

    date nights

    I was sleeved on 4/22 😎 I told my fiancée that once I’m back on “real” food, when we have date night out I’d like if we ordered an app & meal for us to share, seems like that would work well for us!
  3. carmen74

    1 Week Post-Op

    I’m in the same boat! The sweet protein shakes ALL THE TIME were too much. I’ve discovered the absolute JOY of creamy soup with unflavored protein powder added 👍🏼👍🏼
  4. carmen74

    Weight-loss funnies

  5. carmen74

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    My date was April 22nd Revised from band to sleeve 🤓
  6. carmen74


    I hear ya!! I "splurged" and got the Flintstones chewables, they aren't THAT bad! And yes there is Iron supplements but be careful with them, they can really ummmm....affect your bm's LOL. Check with your doc, but you might be able to get your iron up just by adding things to your diet :smile:
  7. carmen74

    Beer & Basketball

    on st pats i had guinness...my rationale was that it's less carbonated & lower in calories that other beer LOL but reading that other post about someone having serious complications from drinking beer scared me!! what kinds of complications?!?!??!
  8. carmen74

    TROUBLE eating SLOW

    I still struggling with this one. One thing I make sure I do, is to put down my fork/spoon after every bite. Also, when I take a bite, I only take half of what is on the fork/spoon. I have scrambled eggs nearly everyday and (knock on wood) haven't had any problems. My problem is figuring out how long BETWEEN bites to take!
  9. carmen74


    I bruised easily to begin with, in fact I'm still bruised at one of the incisions. I'm anemic though, my PCP said that is why I bruise easily. Are you taking your vitamins? Low iron might be the reason why!
  10. OK so tomorrow is a month since I was banded, my 1st fill is on April 2nd. My problem is that I am realizing that I really don't know how to band eat. I take a bite, and chew chew chew the hell out of it. I just don't know how long to wait before taking my next bite. I haven't gotten stuck, just SUPER full. Any advice??? How long do you wait between bites??
  11. "weight loss surgery for dummies" and "the complete idiots guide to eating well after weight loss surgery" :biggrin:
  12. I was on Optifast for 2 weeks and the only smell I noticed was I could ALWAYS smell the shakes! Maybe you starting them just coincided with your body changing and now your deodorant doesn't work anymore?
  13. carmen74

    Is this normal?!

    Yes, liquid in liquid out. I am 2 weeks post-op and everytime I have a shake it equals a liquid BM. But I would check with your doctor, along with the shower question. My incisions were closed with internal disolveable stiches along with steri-strips on top. My doctor told me to shower 48 hours after surgery and to pat the steri-strips, not scrub or rub them.
  14. The itching could be a sign of the incisions healing. I have taken showers everyday and the only one that shows signs of loosening is the top one but I think that is because my bra hits it! I won't touch them with a washcloth because I'm a worrrier. The PA told me that it is OK if they don't come off by the time of my post-op appt, the surgeon will just take them off.
  15. I quit 2.5 weeks before surgery and since then I haven't had any heartburn indigestion etc. Aside from the usual suspects of why we shouldn't smoke, it definitely has an effect on the healing process, which MIGHT explain your pain but I really don't know. Also, smoking breaks down the collagen and elasticity of your skin, thus increasing the possibility of the dreaded "loose skin" (which I don't want but would rather have than skin full of fat lol All that aside....I'm dying for a cig LOL
  16. carmen74

    I'm banded and don't feel any different

    Glad to hear everything went good and easy. It is kind of surreal, it's hard to believe that something is actually in there huh? I gained 5 lbs too, but lost it all within a day & a half after being home. I'm sure it was because of the 5 bags of fluids I had while in the hospital.
  17. carmen74

    Hey February 2010 Bandsters!

    I hope everything went well!! I'll be on the look out for your surgery day story! :thumbup:
  18. carmen74

    Anti-inflammatory Meds a No No?

    The reason that I was told Alleve, Ibuprophen Motrin etc were not "allowed" is because when you swallow them they will tend to land in the same spot of your "pouch" everytime and that they can cause ulcers. I have heard of other people taking the Liqui-gel caps because they will go right through the band, but check with your surgeon first! Before banding I took Alleve nearly daily for knee & back pain, but hopefully as the weight comes off there will be less knee & back pain! :thumbup:
  19. Congrats!!! I'm 6 days post op. My doctor didn't give me amounts either, but I have been (trying to at least!) doing the 1 ounce of liquid (Water Isopure or Powerade Zero) every 15 minutes. In the morning I have about a cup of SF Jello, for lunch a cup of broth and for dinner either more broth or more Jello. Tomorrow I start my full liquids, my plan is to have a yogurt for Breakfast a Protein shake for lunch and probably a cup of broth for dinner :-) I hope that helps!! :w00t:
  20. my hunger returned with a vengeance yesterday!!!! the rumbling in my stomach woke me up last night!! my abdomen between my belly button & bra line is still swollen. I believe mine is not bloating or gas but swelling from the surgery itself, so if that's the case then it will get less & less as I heal. This too shall pass :biggrin:
  21. carmen74

    Green Tea

    I love it too! But my doctor did say to try and avoid it because of the caffeine (it can be dehydrating) but I'm drinking it anyway LOL :biggrin:
  22. lol :-) I'm glad that you are better today, by the time I got to your blog you had already taken it down :-)

    I'm feeling good, still a little port site pain and gas now & then but nothing too bad. I've had a few down moments the past few days, but they too have passed! I can't wait to actually EAT something you know?? I'm really looking forward to mashed potatoes!

  23. carmen74


    i hear ya heather!! i wore jeans for about 4 hours the other day & couldn't wait to get home & back in jammies! lol it's not that they bother my incisions, just the pressure on my belly is uncomfortable! i'm heading to the store in a bit....i think i'll leave the yoga pants on today!! :biggrin:
  24. carmen74

    Optifast Weight Loss

    4 days post op #2? eh i wouldn't wish this one anyone lmao :wink2:
  25. geez i missed it too!! oh well...:wink2: