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  1. HHmm... it has been a bit past 2 years for me and the most i have lost is 52lb. right now i believe i have gained back 12lbs. Why?? because i have been sabotaging myself for the last 6 months or so. The band lets me eat "snacks" and funny enought if i get stuck it is with chicken, meat,... the stuff i should be eating. I do not regreat getting the band...it is not her fault that i have been lazy with going to the gym and have been using the stress of having 3 small kids and finacial struggles as excuses. I KNOW i need to buckle down and get down to the bussiness of taking care of myself. Since the band i have given up all Soda and all caffeine. Also bread...but i have not been able to gove up rice and Pasta. my biggest down fall is that i graise...and calories add up that way. I have not seen my Dr in over 1 years. I just dont want to hear what i know he will say. Supposebly my band is at 8.5 CC and that is Alot. Even though i can eat alot more that 1cup pf food at a time. Best of luck with your journey...just remeber that the band is just a Tool and there is always a way to go around it.
  2. My 2 year anniv came and went. I am very dissapointed in myself, i have managed to GAIN weight since last OCt i have gone up almost 15 lbs!! It is not the BANDS fault. It is mine all mine! I am grassing all day and not notice all the calories i take in. Also, during the summer i pretty much stopped going to the gym. WHat did i expect!??? OK so now that i have said it. I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK. I have given myself till 2015 ( i turn 40) to losse 65lbs to reach my goal. It doesnt sound like to much to most of you but it seems i am hardheaded and i finally came to realize that my habits have been keeping back. I have not had a fill since Dec of 2010 AND I DONT PLAN TO HAVE ONE TILL I LOOSE THAT 15-20LBS ON MY OWN. The Dr told me that i have 8.5 CC and that i am almost at my limit. That is scary since i dont have much restriction. Any advice, suggestions, motivation would be great!! Hope everyone is reaching the goals in life!
  3. Gorda123

    100 lbs down

    great pic.. u are doing so well. I am still struggling 2 years after. But i awill not give up
  4. Gorda123

    Up one pound today and about to give up.

    DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Gorda123

    Brused, But Not Broken

    great attitude!!! His has missed out, and he will truely figure that out when "he grows up" keep up the good work
  6. Gorda123


    you look amazing!! my goal is to ge to 200lbs.. great job!
  7. Gorda123


    ADORABLE.. you daughter has the same hair as mine i am so jelouse of those curls.
  8. Gorda123


    look how skinny you look!
  9. 100 lbs that is great!!! that is my goal. Im stuck at 50lbs and i know why. I just can get myself to stop grazing during the afternoons. I will not give up. YOu look wonderful and its an inspiration for me . Enjoy the new you!

  10. Gorda123

    need some positive encouragement..:-(

    i have lost 50lbs in 21 months or so....i dont think of it as failing. I just havent kept my part of the deal with my Band. I am eating more that i should ( grazing) and i am not consistent with my Workouts. Think of 50 lbs gone fore ever..it is HUGE!!! Dont give up. I give myself small goals. Right now i am aiming for 10lbs by Sept ( 2 year anniv) Chin UP!
  11. OK last fill i had was dec 23 2010, the Dr told me i had a total of 8.5 CC and i pretty much have reached my limit.... really? I do have restriction but 90% of the time it happens at stressfull moments . I have given up breat and soda since i got the band. bUt i can practically eat everything else. I am LAtina so i make a lot of rice, as long as i have a sauce it will go down. I workout 2 times a week and dont get off the elliptical till it tells me i have burned 500+ calories. I am always on the move at home, running behind two 5 year old boys and doing housework. In no way am i blamming the BAND for not loosing any weight in the last 6 months or so. I have realized that i am grazing all the time. I spend so much time in the kitchen that i dont realize how much food i put in my mouth...so i dont count those calories. My big goal is to loose 100lbs or fit comfortably in a size 14 jeans. right now i fit in a size 20 What bothers me the most is my stomach. I dont expect to ever have a flat belly after having twins. bUt i look at myself and i see a woman that seems 5 months prego. I have even had people ask me how far along I am. Anyways i just needed to vent.... I know i am not the only one with Issues. But it help to vent and read other blogs. My next step is to get myself in the gym and especially get a hold of the grazing. Anyone have any suggestions??? thanks
  12. wow i am so glad to hear that you have not given up. Sept will be my 2 yeays anniv. I have lost 50 lbs and it has been a struggle...mostly because of my habbits and my grazing.

    I hope you had a good visit with your Dr. I have littel restriction but i am determined not go back for a fill till i reach the 220's.

    Anyway good luck!!!

  13. Gorda123

    6 months and no weight loss...band practically full

    THank you everyone... I like honesty and if i cant be truthfull and blunt in the website that i am doomed!! This week i plan on writting down every food i put in my mouth,...even if iti is 5 tiny gold fish...so that i week from know i can look back and see where my empty calories are coming from and then do something about it. I went to the gym today and burned 400 cals in the elliptical..love that machine. I will go again on wed and friday. The summer is tough sometimes since i have all 3 kids home. Thanks again.. keep up the good work. Size 14 here i come
  14. you have a great shape!!! what is your workout secret???
  15. Gorda123

    It's almsot been a year since my surgery!

    i need to get my ASS moving!!! 50 lbs to go and i want to be a size 14 by the time i turn 40!!! right now im a size 20. I need to stop grazing...i have little restrction but Dr tell me that my band is almost full...so any suggestions?? you look WONDERFUL!!!
  16. Gorda123

    Fat day...really?

    i have also lost 50lbs...and still have another 50lbs. I sometimes forget that ihave lost weight and think about not being able to do things.... i have been big for so long that it is tattooed in my brain "i cant". We must start thinking a new way. Last year i had to get off a carnival ride with my daughter because the belt was about 2 inch to short.... that was a bummer! thanfully my husband was there so he could take my daughter on the ride .I think this year i could go on that ride. Have a great time!!!!
  17. Gorda123


    you look great!!! how long did it take you to loose the weight? you must be so proud
  18. Gorda123

    Feb and March 2011

  19. Gorda123

    Broken Scale!

    wow half of my weight in water... that would be 120 oz = 15 glasses of water a day YIkes!!! right now i drink maybe 6-8 glasses. i also have a scale problem.. i only weigh myself once a week (mondays) i ususally dont like the # i see since i have been stuck on the same 3-5 lbs for 6 months. Maybe i should od planning to. but i stay home during the week and go to work on the weekends. Good luck !!!!
  20. Gorda123

    Marriage Advice

    So, i just read all of it..i know its been 2 months since...but how is it going? I have lost 50lbs and i am half way, I already see my husband making comments and doing little things that sabotage my efforts ( bringging home chocolate cupcakes) unfortunally i dont have alot of restriction and that crap can go down just fine. He is talk dark and hansome..maybe 20lbs overweight but he carries it like a football player and we have been married for almost 10 years with 3 small kids. Anyways, I hope you and your Hot Hubby have talked and he is feeling more secure that you are not going anywhere. YOur pics are great! you must be so proud Vic
  21. Gorda123

    May10 to May11

    HHmm you deserve to get a focused pics of you NOW...Looking great!

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