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  1. This a simple poll. I am not trying to start any kind of philosophical debate here. There is no need to qualify you answer with a comment. I don't expect anyone to be converted here. I have tried to keep this short and inoffensive. If you are offended, get therapy immediately.
  2. The initial pain when they first woke me was an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. That lasted less than a half hour. It's been 30 hours or so and I haven't felt an ounce of pain since. I was estimating they'd remove 10 - 20 pounds and it only turned out to be a little less than 7 pounds. I feel great now but I have to walk hunched over like a 90 year old man. The surgeon says they have lots of pictures during surgery. I will post them when I get my hands on them.
  3. Well, I hope my surgery days are finally over. I had my panniculectomy on Friday morning and everything went well. I had an umbilical hernia corrected simultaneously. The surgery(ies) took just under 3 hours and they removed almost 7 pounds of excess skin and my belly button. When I first woke from surgery, the pain was about an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 but that lasted less than a half hour when the pain meds kicked in. It's been about 2 and a half days since and I haven't felt the slightest tinge of pain since. I have a couple of drains that are collecting the excess blood and body fluids that have to be emptied every couple of hours. They are a little gross but really simple to empty and I have to bend 15% degrees while walking and sleeping until healed. I can't wait to get the bandages and stuff removed in a couple of weeks to get a look at the new me. It's been 15 months and few surgeries since I began this journey but I feel like a new man with a brand new lease on life. Who knew that losing 166 pounds (75.3 Kilos) and a belly button could feel so damn good? The pride I have for my accomplishments is somewhat clouded by the shame I am feeling for not being able to kick the butts for good but in due time, they too will be history. Initial Consult: September 18, 2009 - 365 pounds (165.5 Kilos), BMI 54 Lapband Surgery: March 2, 2010 - 270 pounds (122.5 Kilos), BMI 40 Panniculectomy: December 3, 2010 - 199 pounds (90.2 Kilos), BMI 29 The rest of my life: priceless! The pictures will follow soon!
  4. Hi, I'm scheduled for my panniculectomy on December 3rd and a little anxious about the pain. How much does it actually hurt and for how long?
  5. I had the panniculectomy 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I wanted to die the pain was so bad when they first woke me following surgery but that only lasted until the pain meds kicked in 15 - 20 minutes later. After that there was absolutely no pain! I spent a day in the hospital following surgery and was on a pain pump all day. So, there may have been some but I didn't notice it. They removed just less than 7 pounds of fat, skin and my belly button. With the swelling and lack of exercise I weighed the same for 2 weeks as I did the morning before surgery. I look and feel better than I have in 25 years.
  6. Leigha, Get in your car right now and head to Colleyville!! The xmas party starts at 7 and I was hoping to meet you there.
  7. btrieger

    Do you make yourself eat something

    If you are not hungry. Do NOT eat! It's really that simple. And when you do eat, eat only until you are no longer hungry.
  8. btrieger

    2 years since being banded

    Some weeks I gain a couple of pounds but I have put no "real" weight on since banding. Down 170 pounds with only a couple to go. It has only been 15 months since I made this lifestyle change. So, time will only tell if it is permanent.
  9. btrieger

    Supply check list for TT?

    Also, you won't be able to lie flat on your back. If you don't have a recliner or lots of pillows on your bed, buy some kind of pillow to prop behind while sleeping.
  10. btrieger

    19 pounds in 5 days!!!

    It was most likely all Water weight. Congrats!! It's a great start and morale booster but don't expect to see numbers like that ever again. I lost 4 pounds yesterday but I know it was just the IV fluids leaving my body following surgery on Friday.
  11. btrieger

    2 years since being banded

    I am hoping the band helps and so far so good. I physically cannot over eat like I did in the past. I have been diagnosed bi-polar but haven't touched my medication in a long time. I have too many health related prescriptions that are hard enough to keep track of. Depression makes it that much worse. It's like I have an excuse to say screw it. I refuse to let even the smallest weight gain get me depressed because that may trigger reverting back to emotional eating.
  12. btrieger

    2 years since being banded

    John, Congrats on your progress!! You have to fight the selfish tendency of of wanting more and be happy with what you have. I have the same issues but have overcome it with the weight thing. Take pictures of yourself often. Nobody ever has to see them but you. Then put the fattest one you have next to your current picture and the difference will give you such a high. At least that works for me. It is better than any drug I've ever taken for a quick high. It sounds like you have a great support network in your friends. That is a huge help as well. Also, why aren't you seeing a therapist? Have you tried? It may help. If not, you're only out $85 - $100.
  13. btrieger

    2 years since being banded

    Cheri, That is the million dollar question that each and everyone of us is going to have to deal with in our own ways. I am more successful this time out than I have been in the past with losing weight. This is however the third time that I have lost more than 100 pounds. On both of the previous occasions I lost exactly 108 pounds and swore to myself that I would never let myself gain a pound of it back. I gained back 120 pounds the first time and 138 the second because I got bored with the changes I had made and fell into a rut. By the time I realized what was happening, I figured it was too late and said, "screw it." It's also why I am forever preaching about the power of a positive attitude. Once you lose focus it is very hard to get back on track and getting back on track immediately is the only way to stop the downward spiral.
  14. btrieger

    Change in stools.

    Mine are yellow when I eat a very low fat diet. Protein shakes make mine as hard as a rock.
  15. I felt great the next day. By day 4, I had to look at the scars to even remember I had surgery.
  16. btrieger

    Undecided and Nervous

    I should also have added, congrats of being wise enough to do the research first. Take your time, life is not a race and the Lapband will always be available if and when you decide to go through with it. Good luck!!
  17. btrieger

    Undecided and Nervous

    I gave up ABSOLUTELY nothing I enjoy! Life is more normal after surgery if anything. I still eat EVERYTHING I love. Just a lot less of it. That being said, I am a meat and potatoes guy that never really ate a lot of Cookies and candy. Living alone, I eat out 5 to 7 days a week. I either order and appetizer or kids portion when available. If I do order an "adult entree", I ask for a to go box before I even start eating. I store what I don't plan on eating in the box and take it home for later. I don't do fast food (any place with a drive thru). If you enjoy McDonalds,Jack-in-the-box or Taco Bell, you'll have to cut you portions and trips down. NOTHING is bad in moderation!
  18. btrieger

    Hi all

    I did just what I said and lost 95 pounds in the 5 months leading up to surgery. The surgery came and went as if it were just another day. If I can do it anybody can. I am not superhuman and my will is as weak as the next person's. Most of all, keep a positive can-do attitude about your ability and try and leave all shame and guilt behind. If you faulter, don't quit! Just try a little harder.
  19. I did until it became habit. I count calories and watch saturated fat and sodium but not religiously. A lot of estimation. Once in a while I will do the research and see how close I am in my estimation. As for weighing, I have gotten pretty good at eyeballing things and knowing. I also weigh once in a while to make sure my estimates on weight are close.
  20. btrieger

    Supply check list for TT?

    Had mine 3 days ago and just got home from follow-up with surgeon. First thing is to make sure you fill all prescriptions prior to surgery. I have had no pain since I got home because I have been popping the pills like candy every 4 hours. I am not allowed to shower for at least a week. So, no special seat needed there. Stock up on baby wipes. that will probably be your showering for a week. You shouldn't need anything special for the toilet either. I was provided with a velcro conversion wrap by the hospital. I don't know what the the gel one is. They also gave me compression knee socks to keep the fluids from pooling in my legs. I have been wearing pajamas to hospital and doctor visit. If you have a sporting goods store close by, they will have cheap sweats. Make sure they are really baggy. You'll have drains and a pain pump under them and you don't want the clothes rubbing you too hard where they may irritate the incision. Have plenty of Water handy as well. The more you drink, the faster you'll heal. Good luck and keep us informed on how it goes!!
  21. No way!! That would take the shock factor out of it and that's the best part.
  22. btrieger

    Holiday Finger Food Suggestions?

    You'll find a lot of recipes that will say to use yogurt instead of the yolks but it isn't thick enough for me. I used fat free cream cheese, dijon mustard and smoked paprika to fill them. Only done it once that way but they were delicious.
  23. btrieger

    180 pounds lost, 20 to go!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I'm there too. Isn't this sense of pride overwhelming?
  24. btrieger

    Hi all

    Welcome to the madhouse. You have a full 2 months to prepare. If you start now, there will be little or no mental anguish following surgery. Start by slowly cutting your portion sizes. Fill your plate as you normal would but before you sit down to eat, remove a small bit like 10% or so. Cut everything smaller and chew it longer. You'll find that you won't miss that little bit you got rid of. Over the weeks start removing a little more. Drink plenty of calorie free fluids but drink nothing with meals.

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