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  1. Well it doesn't seem like many of us are still here even though we are at the 5 year mark. It's so hard to believe we have come this far. Well it hurts me to say that at almost 5 years in...my band has slipped. Despite everything, I have truly enjoyed this journey. I would not be where I am now if it were not for my band which is why I am so afraid of losing it. I go for a second upper GI in two days to take a look at the band again. I am hoping and praying for the best. Even though our forum has wittled away I still remember so many of you and the triumphs and disappointments we have shared. I hope all of you are doing well!!!
  2. 4 1/2 years later, I finally had my tummy tuck done on Oct 12th. I knew that eventually I would have a tummy tuck but I did not want to have it done until I was closer to my goal weight. The last 25lbs were the hardest to lose, but I made it! I am so happy with my tummy tuck results! I hope the pics post okay. Happy and Healing! :success1:
  3. tammyj

    TT complete! (Pics)

    The first 3 days were the hardest. It was more muscle soreness than pain. After the first few days tylenol was all I needed to ease the discomfort.
  4. tammyj

    TT complete! (Pics)

    I did have a little back fat. I think the lipo in the flank area helped it some, but I still have an annoying crease back there that I am working on.
  5. tammyj

    TT complete! (Pics)

    Thanks everybody!!! :-D
  6. Hi jcash, Congrats on your decision to get banded and take control of your weight and other issues. I have been banded over 5 years and I will be honest I had some issues over the years. I even experienced the dreadful slipped band and revision surgery a few months ago, but I will say I still love my band. I would not have lost 115lbs and surpassed my goal weight if it were not for my band. I fear losing it sometimes, but now I just take it one day at a time. You are making a good decision. The band is a tool and food will always be tempting, but with proper restriciton and good food choices you will succeed. Good Luck to you!
  7. tammyj

    Changes Over Time?

    Why is the sudden acid reflux a problem for so many of us? I had revision surgery 6 weeks ago and will be going in on Thursday for my first fill after a hernia repair and repositioning of the band. I am so nervous and really hoping that I am able to feel the restriction like I did in the beginning without any other problems. I can eat a whole plate of food and then some if I wanted to. I have gained 10lbs since the revision surgery and I don't like it! I am ready for some restriction!!!
  8. I am doing really good. I am convinced that the hernia was the culprit of all my problems. The acid reflux was cured awhile back after my first unfill, but I still experienced the heartburn. Since the revision I haven't had any heartburn at all. My post-op diet consisited of clear fluids the 1st cpl of days then Protein shakes, sugar free Jello, popsicles, etc. At my follow-up appt 12 days post-op I was told that I could gradually progress to solids. Today I am eating any and everything so I am looking forward to my first fill on June 7th. I am still under my goal weight but I really want to feel the restiction again because I am eating way too much for my liking. Hopefully my fill in a cpl of weeks will give me good restriction like I had before all the problems started. Good luck next week. I hope they are able to fix everything for you!
  9. My slip was detected on Feb 6th. I knew that something was wrong the day before that. I felt uncomfortable, could barely eat or drink anything, and felt what I thought was gas pains. When this happens I usually walk around for a little awhile until it passes, but this time it did not pass. After 24 hours I still felt horrible. What really alarmed me was a sharp pain on the left side near my port that would not go away. After being banded for 5 years I have become very familiar with my band and my reactions to it. I know what it feels like if I am too tight, if I overeat, if I am bloated, or if my stomach is just irritated. This was totally different so I waisted no time and high-tailed it to the doctor's office the next day. All the Fluid was taken out and the pain immediately went away...thank goodness, but something still didn't feel right. I was sent for X-ray and was not surprised when I was told that my band was not in the right position. I was also told that it was a significant slip that would most likely require surgery, but they would wait 6 weeks to do another upper GI. Luckily, I felt fine after the fluid was removed. Fast forward to the next 6 weeks...the first couple of weeks I felt like I still had restriction and experienced that unusual sharp pain again on my left side when eating solids, but after a couple of weeks all that went away. My appetite began to increase considerably and I could eat way too much for my liking. I feel like I am constantly thinking about food again and craving foods I haven't wanted in years. I do not want to live the life of a chronic dieter obsessing about my weight, but that's what it feels like now. This is why I know that I NEED my band!!!! My second upper GI is in two days. I am hoping that the unfill and 6 week rest has fixed the problem. At the same time I do believe that if my band has re-positioned itself and is filled again I will more than likely experience another slip. So In a way, I am ok with having a surgical revision as well. If anyone is curious, I have the small 4 cc band that is not made anymore. I had so may problems with fills and unfills that I just gave up having my band adjusted. I have not had a fill since Oct 2010 and I was filled to 2cc when my band slipped.
  10. Thanks Whitepants! I have already reached my goal weight and then some. I don't really want to lose anymore weight, but I know that without my band it will be very hard to resist eating. The nurses and staff at the hospital kept saying how good I look and some even questioned why I was having another surgery. I was also asked how much more weight did I want to lose. I was getting a little annoyed with the questions because they didn't seem to get it. I told those who asked that I didn't want to lose anymore weight but I also don't want to gain it back either. I found it strange that many of the hospital staff didn't seem very knowledgeable about the lapband.
  11. Hi Josiebies! That is great that your are still hanging in there even with no fill. I had my slip fixed last week along with a hernia that I believe was the culprit for the problems I've been having the last few years. I am feeling much better and hoping this will be a long term fix. I agree with you that it feels great to be 100lbs lighter and I'm doing whatever I can to keep it that way!
  12. tammyj

    Changes Over Time?

    Sounds exactly what I went through after my first year. Everything was going great then all of a sudden I started having acid reflux at night which could not have been the result of being too tight (no fill in the previous six months when the problem started). However I did have a slight unfill and the acid reflux stopped but the unfill naturally resulted in weight gain. I also started having occasional heartburn which I took a weekly Prevacid for. Fast forward to year 5, my band slipped. I just had it fixed last week along with a hiatal hernia that I did not know I had. I am convinced that the hiatal hernia caused the acid reflux, heartburn, and eventually the slip. Do not ignore acid reflux and heartburn it is a sign that something else is wrong other than simply being too tight.
  13. tammyj

    IMAG0906 1

    From the album: Tummy Tuck

    6 months - scar
  14. tammyj

    How Many Slips?

    I agree with you and Elcee. I love my band. I have been banded 5 years, had a slip and just got it fixed 3 days ago. The band has done me justice...and I don't regret it all even with the problems I have had. There are complications with every kind of weight loss surgery. After my band slipped I looked into revising to the gastric sleeve but after researching I decided that it was not for me. Many patients have great success with the gastric sleeve but more information is becoming available about the long-term results. The gastric sleeve procedure is the first part of the gastric bypass and over time some patients stretch the stomach from over eating and of course gain some of the weight back. When this happens there is really not much else you can do other than have another procedure done to feel some restriction again. The lapband after gastric bypass and gastric sleeve...go figure!
  15. Well after speaking to my surgeon I found out that my band was not replaced he just "fixed" the slip by repositioning the band in the right place. He said my band was fine. He also repaired a hiatal hernia which was likely the cause of the acid reflux, heartburn, and possibly the slip.
  16. tammyj

    TT 4months

    Thanks everyone! :-D
  17. tammyj

    IMAG0906 1

    Thank you! I've lost 111lbs...my current weight is 168.
  18. Don't worry your body will adjust and the weight will come off. Just make sure you are choosing the right full liquids that are high in protein and low in sugar and fat.
  19. tammyj

    Long Term Lap Band

    My insurance covered it no questions asked. Revision or removal I'm assuming most insurances will cover it if they approved the intitial band placement.
  20. tammyj

    Long Term Lap Band

    I was banded 5 years ago and just had revision surgery 2 day ago for slippage. Obviously there are risks and complications associated with this surgery. I am at my goal weight and although I have had problems I am still so very happy to be banded! Experiences vary...some succeed some don't. Do your research then you will be able to make the right decision for you. Good Luck!
  21. These doctors and their vague answers. I seriously believe my hernia had something to with the slip, but the hernia was developed or worsened by the band. In other words one problem lead to another.
  22. Just wanted to give another update: After talking to my surgeon yesterday I found out that my band was not replaced therefore I still have the same band (small 4cc)...YIKES!!! I wasn't expecting that since the possibility of "fixing" the slip was never discussed. I'm also not sure how I feel about keeping the same band because I am so afraid it will slip again. On the positive side, I really loved my band because it did not take much to feel restricted. I admit that I made some poor food choices that may have contributed to the slip (i.e. bread) so I will be very sure not to get too comfortable with my eating this time, eat slowly, and chew well because I do not want to go through this again. After doing some research I found out that the hatial hernia was likely the cause of the acid reflux I experienced after my first year with the band as well as the heartburn that I took a weekly prevacid for. I asked my surgeon if the band caused the hernia, but of course he would not admit that, but I can't help but think that it did. He said the extra weight I was carrying at the time likely caused the hernia, but by the time I developed symptoms from the hernia I had already lost 60 lbs. He also said the hernia may have already been present. So why was it not seen when my band was placed the first time? None of it makes sense, but I am happy that the hernia has been fixed. I am hoping the hernia does not return because looking back I believe that is when all my problems started with the band. Anyways, I am starting all over and following band rules to the T. I am still very swollen from the surgery so I am sipping on clear fluids today and feel very full. I will move to Protein shakes tomorrow if I am able to tolerate them.
  23. LOL he didn't say, but I have very small incisions so I am assuming my liver was not very hard to manuever.
  24. Thank you Andi. There are many reasons a band may slip. In my case, I had one or the original bands that are more prone to slippage. It was the small 4cc band that is not used in the U.S. anymore. Along with that, I have to take some responsibility for my band slipping. I got real sloppy with my eating...eating on the go, not chewing well, eating too fast. Overtime all of this takes a toll on the band.

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