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  1. Anyone else get back pain after eating mushies or solids? I get it after eating even very mushy salmon diluted into a mush...it is right between my shoulder blades. I am not a person to take pain medicine but I have to stop working and take tylenol to get some relief, after I eat, the pain is so bad. Anyone else getting this?
  2. cajun

    is chat broken?

    It's been a long time since I've been on the site and the chat room is not working like it used to. I can't figure out how to use it. I log into it, it looks like I am listed with two other folks but I can't type anything. Anyone got advice? Thanks. Cathryn
  3. Dr Aceves is highly qualified, with over 700 sleeves and NO leaks. He's board certified, teaches other surgeons how to perform the procedure, is highly respected by his peers, and on top of that is just a very kind and caring human being. He will give you the best advice about which surgery is most appropriate for your personal condition, and he is not "in it for the money", so you can be sure it will be a recommendation based on what's best for YOU. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with him, and I am VERY picky, did months of research before selecting him, and am very happy with the outcome. His staff still keeps in touch, and I get prompt answers to any questions via email. The downside to going to Mexico in my opinion is that some physicians here in the US can be biased, and when you mention that you went to Mexico their eyebrows go up. My internist seems to be fine with the idea, but my gastroenterologist who does my follow-up visits seems to have a negative view about it. His notes always say "...had VSG surgery in Mexico". Like that's a problem? If I had it done in California, I doubt that he'd write "had VSG surgery in California". It irks me. But there's nothing I can do about it. There's a popular travel show on TV where the host ends each program with the quote "travel is lethal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness". Maybe US physicians need to travel more...:001_rolleyes:
  4. Research that has been done on the sleeve shows that once the surgeon has performed over 300 sleeves, their complication rate goes way down. I looked for a surgeon who met that criteria, and was self-pay so I did not have to go where insurance required me to go. I went to Mexico and Dr Aceves was my surgeon. He's done over 700 with no leaks to date. I was very pleased with his care. I work in health care myself, and did a lot of research before choosing a surgeon, so I'd have the very best chance of a good outcome. The information I found on this forum helped me make my decision and I am forever grateful.
  5. cajun

    40 Pounds DOWN!

    Awesome, you go girl!
  6. Is your dietician part of the surgeon's team? My internist, who is not part of my surgeon's team, recommended I see her dietician and she was agast that I was only eating 600-800 calories per day (Dr Aceves' recommendation). She wanted me to increase to at least 1200 calories, but it was clear that she did not "get it". We are not supposed to be on a "normal" diet plan here, this is a WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. So I am not following her plan. I am following what my bariatric surgeon recommended. My wt loss is as it should be, my lab tests are good, and I feel great. Once I reach target, I will bump it up to 1200-1500 calories to maintain. I agree that it will allow me to eat more veggies and fruits once I can do that, but for now, I am working on my wt loss goal. If your bariatric surgeon did not recommend a diet to you, I'd say contact him/her and find out what they recommend.
  7. cajun

    My Journey to 100 lbs

    Kathy: 100lbs. AWESOME! You are doing so great...keep up the great work and you will be at your target in no time flat! I feel like a new person too...it is so great to feel the ease of moving around like a normal person. Have you tried lifting a large bottle of clorox at the grocery store? Multiply that weight times how much you've lost and you will be amazed...how did we carry around all those pounds? It's like being born again, isn't it? It is hard to explain the feeling...but I am enjoying every minute of it. Congratulations on your new life!
  8. Try this yogurt, add a little Stevia as sweetener: Oikos Plain Yogurt Serving Size 1 container (5.3 oz) Amount Per Serving 150g Calories80 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 0g Sodium 60mgPotassium 230mg Total Carbohydrate 6gDietary Fiber 0gSugars 6g Protein 15g It's been one of my primary protein sources throughout my journey. I love it with a few blueberries added!
  9. cajun

    100 lb mark hurray

  10. cajun

    And so we got married..... :)

    Congratulations! I am so glad you had such a wonderful wedding celebration! Got pictures of the beautiful place where the wedding was held?
  11. Today I left the obese category for good. I am just overweight. My two pairs of borrowed size 18 jeans are getting loose. Whoopee! It sure feels good. I still do a double take when I see myself in the mirror...it's like I am seeing some other person... It seems like just yesterday I was heading off to Mexicali for the surgery... By the summer I'll be able to shop for a "permanent" wardrobe...that will be FUN. Thanks for all the support, y'all.
  12. Friends, I'm with ya! At 62 years of age and 288 lbs I was huffin and puffin all the time, could no longer work in my garden because I'd get exhausted after one minute, could not paint my own toenails...the belly was in my way...I could see 300lbs on the horizon, and expected to have diabetes soon. I had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, early signs of fatty liver, arthritis in my knees and feet hurt all the time. I was MISERABLE and DESPERATE. My doctor suggested bariatric surgery, and I started doing research on it, having tried everything else unsuccessfully. I satisfied my VERY PICKY self when I found Dr Aceves and this forum...he met my standards and the VSG seemed the safest of the surgeries. Although my insurance would not cover it, I was actually OK with being self-pay, because I did not like the thought of going through a 6 month period of jumping through the hoops that they require anyway. Once I decided to "go for it", I had an appointment very quickly, and a month later was sleeved by Dr Aceves on 9/23/09. 6 months later, I've lost 99lbs, no longer have sleep apnea, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, fatigue, or pain in my legs/feet. I can work out in my garden ALL DAY LONG without a hint of a problem...and still have lots of energy left. I'm down to a size 14 top and 18 pants. I feel like a kid again. Words can't describe how exciting it is to feel "normal". I expect to be at goal (145) by September. The discipline of following the eating plan is so worth the effort once you see results...just set your goals and if you fall off the wagon, just get right back on! The sleeve works if you do what you are advised to do. The weight just seems to fall right off...it is nothing short of a miracle. Congratulations on making a decision that will change your life as you never imagined!
  13. I use both sites too, and have found lots of good info on both of them. There are some negatives on both sites too, such is life! I just try to focus on the good stuff.
  14. MiniMe, 10 lbs a month is average, so you are ahead of the pack! Just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, and you will be at goal in no time!
  15. cajun

    Anyone getting grumpy?

    Just remember...this too shall pass! Sounds like normal post-op grumpies. You are doing well to walk away instead of burning bridges...things will get better. I promise!
  16. I read on their ad that they are in the process of applying for JCAHO certification, by the way!
  17. Brenda, I will keep you in my prayers as you set out on this awesome journey. Yes, Dr Aceves is very down to earth, and honest...he tells it like it is, no sugarcoating. My impression is that he is a very spiritual man, who just loves his life's work. I'd like to think that all of us who are his patients will also pray for him that he is blessed for his compassion and dedication. There is a large painting in the hallway at the hospital that shows him in surgery, and I think it reveals a clue about his inspiration.
  18. I'd love to know where to order that bison meat...can you PM me? thanks.
  19. cajun

    Just got sleeved

    Katldy, welcome to the loser's bench! Be sure to tell the nurses or Dr Aceves if you are nauseated...ask for what you need, they don't want you to be uncomfortable. You'll heal faster if your pain and nausea are medicated! Walk and burp and sip and burp and walk some more...and rest! You are in the best of hands! Isn't it a beautiful hospital? Try to buy all the nexium you will need before you leave there because it costs a fortune in the USA...$300.00 for a 90 day supply! It's much cheaper in the pharmacies near Almater hospital.
  20. I think the best tasting shake is the Jay Robb Chocolate. Everyone's taste is different though. Why not post your idea directly so we don't have to PM you? Are you selling it?
  21. cajun

    My first NSV

    FANTASTIC JOB!! WHAT A GREAT NSV! I tried the elliptical once. Failed miserably. You are a trooper, both of you!
  22. cajun


    I tended to have mid back pain between my shoulder blades when eating solids...but mushies went down fine. It wasn't until recently, after 5 months, that the back pain has resolved. Eating slower did seem to help, and chewing more. Slightly moist foods were more comfortable...I could not tolerate chicken breast...too dry. Dark meat was easier. 1/2 of a yogurt may be too much...that is about 4 ounces. 2 ounces is all I could hold...and that is still true most days. Try cutting back portion size.
  23. Stacy, I would think, like Tiff said, drinking water, or anything, could keep the leak open. I would think that NOTHING should be going down the esophagus into the stomach. Why not put your water directly into the tube, that goes to your intestine? I would ask the doctor about that. See my PM to you. I am praying for your quick recovery.
  24. I think that if you calculate the projected medical expenses that you will save from avoiding diabetes, hypertension, etc etc, you will save OODLES more than you spend. Best of luck to you! Keep us informed on your progress! Congratulations on making your decision for WLS.
  25. cajun

    I want to stop loosing now

    You certainly have options. You can stop now. Or you can lose a little more to give yourself some leeway for future small gains, and see how you feel a little smaller. If you don't like how you feel or what you see, you can put some pounds back on until you hit the size you like most. I expect it will be easy to gain it back if you want to go back up to a 14. My goal is 145, at 5 feet 7 inches. I am 62. But I suspect that I will feel too skinny at 145 and may stop a bit before that too...am going to wait and see how I feel and look. I weighed 145 as a 7th grader, and in my pictures I looked good. But alas, I am no longer a youthful 13 year old! I might look like a "bag of bones" at 145. It's so awesome to have the opportunity to try it out though! Are you using a good moisturizer all over, daily? I started doing that right after surgery, and It seems to me that my turkey neck is getting a bit better as time goes on..I am 5 months out. I also use a little aloe vera gel on my face and neck after the moisturizer...it seems to have a tightening effect, and really feels good. I don't use anything expensive, just some vaseline intensive care lotion and the aloe. Hands and arms are getting wrinkly too so they get "greased" as well. I have read elsewhere that it takes about a year after the wt loss for all the skin to sort of smooth out and stabilize as much as it is going to. That's why they recommend no cosmetic surgery until at least a year after reaching goal. Even if my wrinkles don't get much better, I'd rather be wrinkly than morbidly obese. :scared0::biggrin0::confused: Good luck in making the decision that is right for YOU.

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