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  1. Lee, Great news! Keep on rockin' that sleeve!
  2. I noticed tonight that the ad for Dr Aceves says "JC Accreditation in Progress". I am really glad to see that coming...a sign of continued quality improvement. I wonder how many hospitals in Mexico are JCAHO approved.
  3. cajun

    I'm losing my hair!!!!!

    qd is "nursespeak" for "once a day".
  4. cwalck: Your link does not provide info on foreign JCAHO approved hospitals. Here is a link to JCAHO website that provides the information on countries around the world: JCI Accredited Organizations - Joint Commission International
  5. Yep, still waiting on that good poo...it usually works for me. Thanks for all the great support, everyone!!!
  6. cajun

    Favorite protein?

    I switched from sun crystals when I found the pure stivia packets...no need to be eating sugar at all! It stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, so you feel hungry. It can sabotage your weight loss, so Erase those 5 calories! My doc recommends under 60 grams of carbs per day. It adds up, so every little bit you can avoid is a good idea.
  7. The scale is teasing me....just not budging. I can wait it out though...grrrrr....yep, kick that little jogger's butt...
  8. The acid in your throat could be making it sore...it's not good for your esophagus either. A PPI like nexium or prilosec will protect you from that...ask your doctor about a prescription.
  9. cajun

    Favorite protein?

    How many carbs are you getting in the vanilla yogurt? If you switch to the plain yogurt, and add a little stevia if you need it sweeter, you can eliminate the carbs.
  10. Lee, If you have fever and are coughing up stuff, you need to see your doctor immediately or go to the ER. You could have aspiration pneumonia which is VERY SERIOUS. Please don't hesitate for a minute. Get this checked out.A simple chest xray will diagnose it or rule it out.
  11. cajun

    heavy, increased, and extended activity

    I am guessing, but you might have a hard time avoiding dehydration with the kind of intense work you describe, especially in the first 3-4 months post op. I am 5 months post op and I have a hard time getting down 60 ounces of fluids daily, and just getting that much in an inactive job is barely what I need optimally. Doing heavy manual labor like you describe, you surely need 5 times that much or more. I can't imagine how you can do it, unless you stop every 5 minutes and drink ...which will limit your work. So yes, get some help. It is critical that you avoid dehydration, or you'll end up in the hospital at worst, or not lose the weight at best (which is not good). The fluids are necessary to help the body process and dump the excess fat.
  12. I think you may be right...may be swallowing a bit too fast...take a break, about 2 minutes between bites or swallows. It feels like an eternity and is really very hard to do...but it gives the valve at the bottom of the esophagus time to open and let the soup pass through into the stomach, before you take another sip. Also, I do think you will find the prilosec helps. Acid may be irritating your lower esophagus and making the valve spasm a bit. Let us know how things are doing in the days ahead.
  13. twobluecats: AWESOME! You are rockin your sleeve! Keep up the good work...remember these feelings when you have some stalls and you will never give up until you reach your goal!
  14. jeepChick, I'm with you...obsessed. I weigh every day. Sometimes more than once. I don't get upset when it goes up a notch or two...usually means I am just needing a good poop. :tongue_smilie: As long as I keep losing 10 lbs a month I am happy...it is remarkably like clockwork each month...I love my sleeve:001_tt1:
  15. Tiff, thanks for the great resources. You are a virtual library!
  16. cajun

    Portion Size

    I'm at 6 months and 2 oz is the max I can hold. Today I had pecan crusted fresh wild alaskan salmon and I could not quite do 2 oz, but I think that was because I ate some of the skin too...it was very chewy and dense. Yummy. 3 hours later and I am still "full" but trying to sip on some sobe lifewater. It's hard to get in all the Water needed when I stay full so long after some meals. Barely get to 60 oz most days, 50 on some days. Still standing on the edge of onederland. 201.2 this morning. Maybe tomorrow. So near and yet so far!!!
  17. Nagaraj You are rockin that sleeve! Great job!
  18. cajun

    I'm sleaved!

    Scarey,,,doesn't he keep a chart? How many sleeves has he done?
  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are kinda in tandem, mountainlover...I'm at 201 and hope to hit onederland by Monday. Goal is also 145. I started at 288 though. Losing 10 lbs per month now. I went from size 28 to 20...cleaned out my closet again today...not much left. Bought new scrubs today because the girls at work are complaining about my baggy clothes!
  20. Salmon in a ziploc bag from Walmart. If you take an ice chest, take some okios plain yogurt, and mix a little in the salmon for a nice spread on wasa cracker!
  21. cajun

    I'm sleaved!

    WELCOME to the loser's bench Shauna. We are glad to have you alongside us on this journey. Let us know if we can help you.
  22. Lee, Glad you are home. The first few days are hardest. Most important thing right now is drinking enough fluid, and walking to prevent blood clots and get the gas moved out of your abdomen. Everyone is different, but I found Sobe Lifewater (various flavors) best tolerated, warmed up gently in the microwave. Warm fluids go down easier, especially after you've had a hiatal hernia repair like you and I did. The esophagus gets a bit spastic after being messed with and many sleevers find warm fluids feel best. Burp between each sip and the next one goes down easier. Rest, walk, sip, burp, and repeat!!!
  23. Jay Robb whey Protein Powder, chocolate. I like Jay Robb because it is high quality and has no aspartame or artificial sweeteners. It contains stevia which is a plant based sweetener. Read the website for information. It also does not leave a nasty aftertaste.
  24. Lee, Welcome to the loser's bench today! We are so happy to have you with us. Am sending some healing thoughts your way!

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