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  1. Chapau01

    Day after surgery

    No not that many once the yhear, I have 1 visable scar left, and it's still getting smaller as time goes on
  2. Chapau01

    I am so freaking happy!!

    So I haven't posted in a while so I have alot to share!! I am not longer in the 300!! Thank you JESUS, and I am now down to a size 18!! From a 24 to an 18 is AWESOME!! This journey is slower than I thought it would be but it is so worth it. People who have not seen me for a while are always like WOW you look awsome what is your secret and I just smile and tell them I have been watching what I eat and workng out...wich is the truth! My husband has been so super suppportive and has encouraged me to work out with him whcih I HATE WORKING OUT but I love the results so I am still working on it!! :w00t: The biggest thing for me was being able to fly on an airpaline withough having to ask for a seat belt exstintion!! I would always be soooo embarrased to have to admit that my behind was too fat to buckle a regular airplaine seat belt. But not only could I buckle it this time I had about 6 inches to spare and was able to move around and sit comfortably!! We did ALOT of walking on our trip, and it was a breeze for me I know that before the surgery I would not have been able to enjoy myself to the extent that I did and I would not have been able to walk around as much as I did and I was jsut so full of energy and life. My husband was even soooo impressed he told me that he has always loved me and that he really is excited about this new person that is emegrging!! I AM SO FREKAING HAPPY!!! :thumbup:
  3. Chapau01

    I'm on a mission

    So it's been a while since my last post...I have lost a total of 21 pounds and I had my first fill on Tuesday....still havent lost as much as I thought I would at this point but I think my progress is pretty good. I have fallen off the whole work out train becuase I am just so darn tired when I get home from work, but tonigh I mad a consious effort to gt back into the swing of things. MY husband and I are going to the MArine Corps ball on the 4th so I am really trying to get down another 15 lbs before then wich should be easy if I do the full liquids and work out like I am supposed to soooooo wish me luck friends!!! lol
  4. Chapau01

    Catching Up......

    LMAO you are too FUNNY!!
  5. Chapau01

    Help! I am 13 days post-op & having problems.

    I am having the same problems.....it is soooo painful, walking and Gas X strips seem to be the only things that work for me!!! Believe me I feel your pain!!!
  6. Chapau01


    So today is a better day for me...I woke up a lot les gassy THANK GOD, and a little less sore, I am actually healing alot faster than I thought possible. This morning was my first day of solid food. I ate about 1/4 cup of oatmeal and I am still sipping on my morning cup of joe. In about an hour I will make a protein shake and sip on that until it is all gone. I have to say that I have not really been hungry it's just the mental thinkg of wanting to chew and taste something. I have to keep reminding myself...okay your not hungry.... and it's a lot harder to get allthe water you need that you think it is....just continously sip on water or you will get dehydrated, I think I was a little close yesterday, but I have it under control now. Oh and by the way the liquid pain killer they gave me is disgusting OMG, it's so hard to get it down because you want to chug it but you can't and the slower you drink it the more disgusting it taste....so I have kinda decided I will deal with the pain instead of the nasty taste...the pain is not that bad anyhow. I had already lost 14 pounds the day of surgery which was amazing I was so happy I have no idea how much I weigh now because I have to get a new scale. I promised myself I would only weigh my self on the 17th of each month so I don't over do it and get discouraged. I have been taking advantage of these past few days off I actually took a nap yesterday and I am seriously contemplating taking another today :thumbup:. Hey my body needs rest to heal properly...:ohmy: I still think that this is the best descision that I have made and I am looking forward to see all the progress that I make.
  7. Chapau01

    Day after surgery

    From the album: Before and After Surgery

  8. Chapau01

    Iv'e been Banded!!!

    I just got back from the hospital about an hour ago!...Ok lets just start from the top. I woke up yesterday morning stressed and a little overwhelemed I was a big ball of nervous energy not knowing what to expect. I was fine as I said goodby to the kids, and then me and my husband were on our way to take our youngest to preschool, and he looked over at me and asked if Iwas ok and I just fell apart, crying....I guess it was all that nervous energy finally letting it's self out, and me a person who tries to be strong foeveryone else, jsut had to let it go. So after he calmed me down and reassured me as only he can we were on our way. Let me just say Plano Presbetyrian Hospital is awesome, I was all checked and IV's in less that an hour, and I was given some medicine to make me a little drowsy, they wheeled me into the operating room, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room! It was so hard to try and wake up I thought something was wrong, that is the worst feeling ever wanting to be awake but not able to wake up I was so FRUSTRATED, for the whole rest of the day I kept trying to wake up and couldn't my husband came to my room and I was talking to him and just nodded off in mid sentence, on about the 3rd time of doing it I just told him to go home because there was no use to him being there to watch me sleep. ... it was awful. I finally sorta got it together around 7pm to where I could stay awake for longer than 15 min with out nodding off so I called home and checked on the kids, and went for a walk around the bariatric unit. I made myslef walk around there once every hour this helps prevent blood clots from happenig along with the very stylish stockings they make you wear. Once I got back into my room, that is when the recovery regret set in I was groggy, my stomache was sore and I couldn't get comfortable, oh and did I mention I was full of gas...I was just so miserable I started asking my self what the hell was I thinking why did I do this...I made a mistake...Then reality set in and I just realized that less than 10 hours ago I had surgery, and I needed to give it a while. Now sitting here a day later still full of gas but really happy I had it done. :thumbup:! I guess on a scale of 1-10 10 being the worse my pain level is about a 4 right now, but it is totally manageable. I am on my way to the new me and I can't wait to finally get to the end of the road!
  9. Chapau01

    Iv'e been Banded!!!

  10. Chapau01

    Anxiously...Nervously.... Patiently......waiting!!

    Thanks for the support you guys, it's awesome that we have this website to share this journey with eachother. So Neueby you have had surgery already .....so how was it I am so anxious for Monday!!! I am on that preop diet and it is very restrictive my husband and I went out last night for dinner, and there ws really nothing for me to eat on the menu, but when I did get my food I was so proud of my self because all the things that were on my plate that I was not able to eat I pushed over to him and he gladly at it all (pig) (:sad:) I was still hungry after dinner, but I kept telling myself that it was gonna be ok, then we went to the movies and as soon as the smell of popcorn hit my nose I thought I was gonna die....I wanted that popcorn sooo baddd, but we walked by the consession stand and didn't even look back....my hubby was being very supportive. The next few days should be alot of fun!!! Kamehar, yes I do have much more faith that a mustard seed God has really blessed me alot in my life, and I look at this surgery as another way that he is gonna bless me! Neumeby you have to let me know how things are going for you, give me some tips not that you are a pro!! (:biggrin:) God Bless you both!
  11. Chapau01

    Preop-Test DONE!!!

    Well I went for my testing yesterday, and got a little bad news, but I dont think it is anyhting that will stand in the way of my goal! So I had to be there @ 7:30 am which meant I had to get up @ 6am ughhhh! :confused:Anyhow I made it to the hospital and did all my registration, they actually went ahead and did everthing so when I go in on the 17th for the actual surgery all I have to do is check in on the 2nd floor. Anyhow I had to do the Chest X-ray first which was no biggie, then I had to do the Upper GI, OMG:eek:...first of all your stomach is empty then they give you this little fizzy cup of liquid which makes you want to burp, but they tell you DONT BURP, then you stand in front of this table with this big flat camera infront of you, and you have to drink this liquid which taste like chalk and slighly watered down 7-up and it has the consistancy of yougart only a little thicker, they tell you to drink....keep drinking....keep drinking, and then all of a sudden they tell you stop and hold your breath! It took all I had in me not to vomit all over that man and that table, but I made it through then they lay the table down flat and tell you to roll around the object of the game is to let the white liquid coat your stmach so they can make sure that everything is working the way it's suppose to in there. Then they take more pics and your done with that part....I personally went in the bathroom and exscuse my language but puked it all up:sleep: it was soooo disgusting...good thing I carry a toothbrush abd toothpaste around with me where ever I go!!! Next I had to get a EKG, and 3 viles of blood taken which is were the kinda bad news comes in the nurse who was very funny and friendly told me that my heart beats weired, she said that the electrodes that tell my heart to beat do not do so in a rythym like most people's do my electrodes go fast at times and then slow at others.....but I am not claiming any sickness! By his stripes I am healed!! After my EKG I headed over to Dr. Hamns office for another little 10min test were they put a clip on my nose and asked me to breathe through this tube, the nurse said it was testing to see what my resting metabolism was which I told her was zero.....Over all the testing was not as nearly bad as I though it would be and to God be the Golry there is nothing that is going to stop me get this done, now all I have to do is go for my preop-meeting with Dr. Hamn and start my preop diet on the 13th!! I Am so excited!!:cursing:
  12. Chapau01

    Pre Band (excited but nervous)

    Good luck with your surgery! I am scheduled foe sureger in 8/17/09 I am so ecxited!!!
  13. I am due for surgery on the 17th of Aug. by Dr. S. Hamn. I glad to see a mix of reviews, I totally understand that not everyones surgery is going to be perfect, but overall I have heard more positive about him than negative. I am just ready to get it doine and start my new life!! Good Luck to all of you and I hope we all reach our goals!!!

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