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  1. Mine was outpatient. Since I am 1 1/2 hour away from the hospital, I stayed in a hotel near the hospital and went to the doc office 1st thing the next morning to be checked before going home.
  2. I had a band-out sleeve on April 12. I work in an office but drive a lot between locations. Was out of work for 8 days. Have been very pleased. No more stuck episodes. My stomach feels better and I am losing weight again. I have lost 26 pounds between pre-op liquids and now (about six weeks). I did have trouble with swelling and fluid retention with the band-out portion of the surgery. It took about four weeks for the fluid to start being absorbed. I recommend massage and periodic heat to relieve discomfort. Overall, I highly recommend the conversion. I still get tired a bit sooner that the past, but I feel so much better!
  3. I am scheduled for a band to sleeve revision on April 12. It is a long to coming and i am excited. If you have had this conversion, how long were you out of work? I have an office job and am planning on 7 - 10 days. Is this realistic?
  4. Writing to give you all an update. I had my band to sleeve revision on April 12. Today is April 17 and I am starting to feel real again. It helps that I am able to add protein back today. My tummy is still sore and swollen, but seems the major soreness is limited to the area where the band and scar tissue were removed. I go back to the doctor on Friday for check up. My intent is to return to work on April 24 which will be 12 days out. I need to get some energy before then. While I do have a desk job, I do have a fair amount of driving between locations. I want to make sure that I am alert enough to handle. Life is good.
  5. Thanks for your feedback Newbie.
  6. Thanks for the feedback Christina.Rose!
  7. Bariatric Hero, it sounds like you are doing great! Thanks for the feedback.
  8. That you all for the replies. So far I see 2, 8, and 9 days out of work after band to sleeve conversion. This does confirm 7 - 10 days is realistic. Any one else what to share their experience?
  9. I would support your decision to have the band removed and be sleeved. I am in a similar situation. I did well with the band for a while (originally banded in 2008), but have slowly been regaining and have the pouch and stuck issues. I finished jumping through hoops for my PCP to write a letter of approval which included a cardiologist exam, echo and stress test to validate that my heart would handle sedation. I am age 60 and know that it is better to have additional surgery now rather than to wait until later years. I am scheduled for April 12 and looking forward to it.
  10. My first band developed a leak and wouldn't hold fluid. Had to be replaced. Has your doc tried to aspirate the fluid and measure it to see if the prior fluid was retained?
  11. Gigi_Girl

    Food getting stuck?

    That's a que to eat slower and chew more. I have had a band for five years and it still happens when I get in a hurry. Bread is the primary culprit, so I try to stay away from it.
  12. Gigi_Girl

    Is It Okay? I Am So Paranoid

    To be safe, call the doc. As you lose weight, you will be able to feel your port, but it should not be uncomfortable. I have done Zumba for years, before and after lap band without any problem. As I said, call the doc. You will feel better.
  13. Gigi_Girl

    How Much Did You Lose?

    The answer will vary depending on several factors, but mainly on weight at surgery and the physician's protocol. The bigger you are, the quicker you lose. My physician prescribes two weeks of liquids post surgery, then to mushies. That being said, I have had two bands. First in 2008, second in 2012. (The band sprung a leak and needed replacing.) in 2008, I weighed 270# and lost 11.2 pounds 2-wks post surgery. In 2012, at 210 pounds, I lost 6#. I am interested in hearing others responses.
  14. It sounds like you are in great shape and can probably delay getting another fill.
  15. Gigi_Girl

    $8500 surgery assistant??!!!

    It will prob be a charge off for the doc's office. Just call to confirm. BC requires docs to accept their fee schedule.
  16. My doctor told me to do what I wanted, but if it hurt, to not do it. I think I waited a couple of weeks.
  17. If you have excessive weight loss with complications like repeated rashes and irritation for tummy skin hanging below your pubic area may be covered but I would say the majority do not. I have had an extended tummy tuck with front and back lipo and i paid for it all. Check with your insurance company for their criteria. Merry Christmas to all!
  18. Gigi_Girl

    Viva Las Vegas

    Minna, great to meet you. I was in your great city a few weeks ago for a mini vacation with my husband. Had a great time!
  19. Gigi_Girl

    Confirmed! Leak Not My Imagination

    The surgeon/NP can test the band for leaks. One easy way is to remove and measure the fluid in the band. If they don't get out as much as they put in last time, then there is need for further testing. They may have you do a barium swallow to see the band placement and pouch. Trust your surgeon.
  20. Gigi_Girl

    Plateau Over?! Maybe!!

    Good for you! I am right there with you. I was stalled and went back to basics this past week and lost 6#! Let's keep that momentum going!!!
  21. I finally got my butt back in gear after a flat month! I went back to basics and lost 6# in a week!

  22. Gigi_Girl

    Liquid Tylenol

    Tylenol brand is off the market, but many of the pharmacies sell generic.
  23. Gigi_Girl

    Questions For Plastic Surgeon

    Floridays, that would be great if you could get the surgery scheduled before the end of the year. Sounds like you have it under control. I had a tummy tuck two years after my initial band surgery. Two weeks should do you good as long as you don't have a physical job to return to. Best wishes in whatever you decide.
  24. Gigi_Girl

    Questions For Plastic Surgeon

    Sounds like you want a "mommy makeover" with the boob and tummy. Let us know what the doc say. Good luck to you!
  25. Gigi_Girl

    Questions For Plastic Surgeon

    Ask him for an overall assessment, and then to prioritize the areas where he could make the most impact? Ask to see pictures of similar work his has performed on similar cases (age, size, etc.)

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