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  1. I had a band-out sleeve on April 12. I work in an office but drive a lot between locations. Was out of work for 8 days. Have been very pleased. No more stuck episodes. My stomach feels better and I am losing weight again. I have lost 26 pounds between pre-op liquids and now (about six weeks).

    I did have trouble with swelling and Fluid retention with the band-out portion of the surgery. It took about four weeks for the fluid to start being absorbed. I recommend massage and periodic heat to relieve discomfort.

    Overall, I highly recommend the conversion. I still get tired a bit sooner that the past, but I feel so much better!

  2. Writing to give you all an update. I had my band to sleeve revision on April 12. Today is April 17 and I am starting to feel real again. It helps that I am able to add Protein back today. My tummy is still sore and swollen, but seems the major soreness is limited to the area where the band and scar tissue were removed. I go back to the doctor on Friday for check up. My intent is to return to work on April 24 which will be 12 days out. I need to get some energy before then. While I do have a desk job, I do have a fair amount of driving between locations. I want to make sure that I am alert enough to handle.

    Life is good. :)

  3. I would support your decision to have the band removed and be sleeved.

    I am in a similar situation. I did well with the band for a while (originally banded in 2008), but have slowly been regaining and have the pouch and stuck issues. I finished jumping through hoops for my PCP to write a letter of approval which included a cardiologist exam, echo and stress test to validate that my heart would handle sedation. I am age 60 and know that it is better to have additional surgery now rather than to wait until later years. I am scheduled for April 12 and looking forward to it.

  4. The answer will vary depending on several factors, but mainly on weight at surgery and the physician's protocol. The bigger you are, the quicker you lose. My physician prescribes two weeks of liquids post surgery, then to mushies.

    That being said, I have had two bands. First in 2008, second in 2012. (The band sprung a leak and needed replacing.) in 2008, I weighed 270# and lost 11.2 pounds 2-wks post surgery. In 2012, at 210 pounds, I lost 6#.

    I am interested in hearing others responses.

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