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  1. Hello!! Where in CA are you from?
  2. Yes! It’s very physically mentally and emotionally challenging. Because this is my second weight loss surgery I have had some negativity from my family, but I am choosing to meet it with positivity.
  3. tamra.

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    Sleeve, August 15th
  4. I love that you have kept it between you two. I have shared with a few close people but today my coworker said "doing anything fun for your week off?" I said oh, just having a small medical procedure, nothing too fancy" - I am not close with my admin team personal life wise, so I felt on the spot, but spit that out.
  5. Hi everyone, Since this am when I woke up I have had a tight, burning sensation between my breast (sorry!). It hurts to take a deep breath, even drink even water! I have never had acid reflux nor heart burn so I am trying to decide if that's what it is? I have taken some Maalox which took the edge off, but I still feel the pressure. Any help? Side note last night before bed I took some antibiotics for my tooth ache, and some tylenol w/ codine. I also had some rice yesterday for lunch. Trying to narrow issues here.... =(
  6. Evening everyone! OMG Banded people - I am thinking I don't need any more fills, maybe even .5 out? I PB'ed again today. I am finding I can no longer handle breads/croissant which is okay, but ouch! I don't like the feeling of being stuck. Am I FULL and not realizing and thats why its getting stuck? am I eating TOO FAST? It seems like I get stuck on meats as well, even when I chew 30 times. Thoughts?
  7. I am kinda debating on postponing my appointment with Baggs but I do want to see him to discuss other stuff; am I allowed to deny another fill?
  8. Oh Riley you and your butter LOL! I am going to make frozen butter pops for you :ohmy: The first pork I had was with Verde sauce and it came right back up, and the 2nd was shredded pork at the baseball game I went to Friday night but it was in sauce...I guess my body just doesn't want it anymore. Lee glad you have an amazing trip, please post some pictures? Nicollie I miss you!!!! Down to 220.2 this am, my new way of eating is rocking, I had sugar free blueberry muffins for breakfast...left over pasta for lunch. Of to school I have a lecture this am, and X-rays this afternoon, have a great day friends!
  9. Oh I agree Tina, I am fine with the slow results, my surgery was well worth it. And speaking of, I am sooo loving my new found way of eating, just now my scale said 220.8....almost 2 lbs lost since this AM! man when the book said expect to loose 4-9 lbs the first week I was skeptical for sure! It's so hot out here, going to sit by the ac and watch a movie!!
  10. Meaning if I was standing at kaiser now and they asked me I'd do the band all over again. Glad your happy with your choice.
  11. ouch Mo, I dunno cause Ive never had really good restriction, I have a feeling my next fill July 23 will do it, but for now who knows - I hope someone can give you some advice so you dont have to get an unfill!
  12. Morning all, Congrats on your fill Mo!! awesome!! We both have 6 cc's now :thumbup: Can't wait to eat today (ending my 48 hr liquids) but I am scared to see myself gain lol. Tina ~ I always think of what ifs LOL so In my mind he didn't hit the port lol, but I am bruised, I am gonna have to tease him next time for sure!! Well, as of today I am official OUT OF THE 220'S!!!!!!!!!!!! My scale said 219.5 this am (and Kaisers is usually 1 lb less but I will go with mine). I honestly cannot remember when I weighed 219. I don't even wanna eat food I wanna just stay on liquids LOL but I need something to see if I am tight or not! For Baggs wanting me at 216 by July 23 I apparently will have no issue there....I hope! :smilielol5:
  13. Congrads on the loss Pam!!!!!
  14. Hello everyoneeeee!!! :thumbup: Real quick, I was down to 221.9 on Kaisers scale YAY!!!!! ANDDDDDD Dr. Baggs added 1 cc to my band! hehehe! I now have 6 ccs. He wants me to be down 5 more lbs by my next appt (July 23) and he will give me another fill!! I am soooo happy!! and of course I walk in chewing gum. As he goes to grab the assistant to do my fill he says btw you know you shouldnt be chewing that? with a huge smile. LOL I said OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT!!!! =) Side note, he kept "slipping" at my port whatever that means, but I am kinda bruised and I felt him hit it this time!! it was a weirddddd feeling, but I am so happy I dont care!! Broth here I come!!!
  15. 10 days till my appt. Goal is 1 lb loss a day, we will see tomorrow if I achieved my first
  16. Hello all, So I have been outta the loop lately, with school being in the day I am never online. The appt. with Dr Baggs didn't happen, I had to post pone for school again. I called and Bev happened to have an available appt. on June 17th, so that's my day. I have been eating pretty bad. I have a new group of friends and no one knows I have the band. I eat Sushi, coffee, whatever they go too I can never say no. It's been hard. They always tease me for getting decaf coffees, and ask me why and I just reply "ah my Dr told me too" Today I had my first PB expierence. That was NOT CUTE. I was eating a waffle at Hometown Buffet with my bf and it got stuck, I had horrible pains. I told him dude I can't get it unstuck, I need to go to the bathroom BRB. I get in there, and all of a sudden it happens. It was so gross, I texted Nicollie right after and said "ummm I think I just PBed??" LOL. Later this afternoon out of NOWHERE I got sick! I have a pounding headache, ear ache, my throat is sore and im sick to my stomach. I can't win. Scale was 233 today. Thats ok, I expected it. I found out I will be in a wedding exactly one year from this week, so I really want to be at my goal of 165 there, looking like a cute bridesmaid hehe! Soooo back on track tomorrow, I hope I don't stay sick to long. Hope you are all doing well. Tina, did you do ok? more fills?
  17. Morning all, Wish I go to support tonight but my class is 6:30-9:30. As soon as I go to days June 1 I will be able to come! whoo hoo! Can't wait to see you Lee. Tina - School has actually made me stress eat. I didn't think Dental was going to be this HARD. I didn't think easy either, but WOW. Who knew I had to know THIS MUCH just to hold some tools for a Dentist LOL. There's exam after exam, lectures all day, tons of homework, and volcab words you have to memorize and take a test on. It has deff. been a factor of "I need a bag of chips". We have a taco truck that comes around 7:30 pm, and of course its nothing but snacks, fries, burritos, tacos, etc. I have yet to buy anything but just knowing it comes and people bring the food back to the class sucks. BUT on a good note? Down another 3 lbs at 227.0!! yay! Almost lost another 4 lbs! but with the pouch test today is soft proteins. I don't even want to eat because if the scale goes back up tomorrow I will be sad! I love seeing it move!!
  18. Okay question: as a banded patient what is the IDEAL calories we are to consume a day??
  19. Oh nevermind Pam I went back and read about it! Was it a one time payment, or monthly?
  20. Ive been toggling the same lbs. The lowest I got was 224 2 days after my fill in March, and since then I have been stuck around 229-234. I already told Robin I was having a hard time with foods. Its like if something is in front of me, I eat. I am at my old apartment right now (my ex kept our condo) and he had some cookies. Did I walk past them? No I grabbed one on my way to the couch. I have no will power, which is part of my issue.
  21. Hi all my friends- wishing all the moms a happy mothers day :confused:
  22. Wish I could come Weds but I am in school that night again....hopefully when it turns into day time class I can come because I need the group meetings bad. CONGRADS PAT!!! I am so happy your loosing again, thats awesome! I see Baggs in 22 days and have 14 lbs to loose for my own personal goal and hopefully a fill. if not its no biggie, its my own fault!!
  23. congrads chrissy!!!!!!!!

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