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    May Gathering In Peoria,il

    85 Views so far and no one interested in sharing experiences face to face?
  2. Not sure how this will go over but from what I can read... There is talks and no action about a gathering. I would like to meet people in the area that have the band for support. I have been banded since July of '09 and pretty much have been on my own for support (besides my loving wife). There are several places to meet here. We have 1month to figure it out and make it happen. Whose up for free support? Talk it over with spouses or friends... Post a place to meet in May 2012.
  3. Steaux

    How Do I Get Unstuck

    I have had food stuck in the past and aside from dealing with the pains haven't actually gotten sick. (Not gloating at all) What does help after whatever method you chose is, Children's "liquid" Ibuprofen. It has an almost numbing effect as you drink the proper adult dose. Additionally stick to liquids for a few days after felling unstuck...
  4. I was banded on July 31st 2009, I had great restriction and followed the Dr orders to the MAX. My band Dr is in Chicago and at the time wasn't much of an issue to drive. Now I have a Job in Peoria and its 3hrs one way and a day off work. needless to say here's my issue... About 18mos ago I was down from my 385 to my 220 goal weight. I was starting to feel hungry more than the normal 4hrs after eating. I had a fill of 2cc and that's when the problem(s) began. It has taken me in the past 3wks for the fills to settle in and become more normal but months later I didn't feel as if I could still eat solid Proteins, so I stuck to mushy foods as to not stretch my pouch or PB (which I have never done) Mushy food have now turned into Junk Foods... I finally broke down and did some research and found a local Dr willing to help me out. I had 1/2 my fill removed and am now about 2-3cc in a large band. I had a scope done and everything inside looked OK according to the Dr. I have minor amount of esophagitus (sp) and am taking meds for that... I have plenty of restriction when I eat but RARELY get the stomach growling that I use to judge (along with a clock) when I need to eat. I have now gained about 50lbs and am freaking out that its all going to come back. After sticking with my long winded post, Does anyone else have similar problems to what I have? I'm massively frustrated...
  5. Steaux

    Weight Loss Fill Coaster

    Thanks for the input... I will give the pouch test a go-around and see how it woks. Jean, I appreciate your input. I'm down 110lbs and I know I was doing things correct cause I was down about 165 just last year. I guess I will start setting alarms for meal time with proper portions... it's just frustrating cause I can deal with the hunger pains, that lets me know everything is OK. Maybe not grazing for a few months will put everything back to "normal" if there is such a thing with being banded...lol
  6. Steaux

    Weight Loss Fill Coaster

    Sorry for any confusion, I had gained the 50lbs before my recent un-fill... I know that all of my gain is due to the improper food I am eating. I guess what the frustrating thing is, I rarely feel like eating. I know that I must eat, so I graze in order to not eat a "standard" meal and stretch my pouch. I have tried several times going almost an entire day without eating, just to see if I would feel hungry and I get nothing... It sounds great to not feel hungry, but its very difficult to eat. The satisfied feeling after you eat is the feeling I have constantly. How do I gage my food intake if I can't go from hungy to satisfied? I know portion control will help to ensure I'm not eating to much but, I fell like can eat a proper portion and in a 2hrs or 8hrs still feel the same. I can't get that satisfied feeling because its there before I start eating. I don't want to eat enough to feel bloated ant cause other issues... I hope what I am trying to describe makes sense... The simple answer I know is schedule meal time and eat the proper amount with out grazing. Done! but what has changed inside that I no longer have sensation and does anyone else have this issue?
  7. Steaux

    Galesburg, IL area

    I tried a couple years ago to meet up with people, never got anywhere... I am still up for a gathering. I live in Peoria also.
  8. I know what you mean. I got the band at the end of July 09 and was steadily loosing weight. I have since hit a platu. I joined a gym but during the holiday season wasn't going all that often. My friend and his wife(she had surgery too) just joined. My wife and his go during the day and he and I go at nights. I still have about 40-60lbs before I get to my desired weight. Seems like a long way away. Looking back I have come along way already, I have lost about 120lbs. I do feel a lot better too. I really need to tone my excess skin though. Thats about the only depressing thing so far. (I didn't notice that I hadn't updated my ticker in a LONG time)
  9. Yep, I'm still here... All by myself...lol. Actually my friends wife recently had it done too. Are you close to the Peoria area?
  10. I was banded in July and had been doing well up till about 2 months ago when I started to feel more hungry more often. I had my checkup yesterday. I was at the point that after eating, within about 45min to 1hr I was hungry again. I told the Dr and they gave em a fill of 4cc's. He had me drink a large mouthful of water. When I did I noticed the restriction but I must have had gas from drinking to fast cause it felt like I had to burp but couldnt. I told him and he pulled all the fill out and it felt no different. It seem like it puzzled him that removing the fill didnt change me which didnt make me feel good... When I sat up I did burp and felt a little better. I walked the mall after and started feeling better yesterday. Today I feel OK and have not had problems with water, Adkins shakes or Jello except the burping part like when first banded. My question is... Is this normal was or was I overfilled? I dont have heartburn and have not PB'd ever. Thanks for reading my blog/thread.
  11. Steaux

    First fill yesterday

    Sorry I should have posted more clearly. I did get the fill of the full 4cc's. He filled me, had me drink and then unfilled me cause how I felt. He then filled me back to 4cc's said well I'll have you stay in the area for an hour or so because I live so far away. I walked and started to feel a little better but still just not sure if what I feel is normal. His reaction just made me nervous. I'm not normally a nervous person but I dont like the method of drinking water and have ME judge only. I would much rather have the Upper GI and me tell him how I feel also.
  12. I live in Peoria... Is anyone getting together for lunches/dinners? I would love to talk to people in the area that have been banded. My Dr is in Chicago and I have no support other than browsing the forum. I have no problem driving to champaign once a month or so just to have face to face talks.
  13. Steaux

    First fill yesterday

    That is where my confusion is... I did describe my feeling to him and he did fully unfill and nothing changed for me. His puzzled look wasnt reassuring. Maybe I should have told him lets try 2cc not 4cc and see how that goes. But that should be his job... I guess time will tell when I can go back to full solids. It just stinks cause im 3hrs from the Dr, so I have to take the day off work to see him.
  14. Well it's in and done!!! I was banded at 1:00pm today. Woke up in recovery and have been doing well since. No drink till tomorrow after my Upper GI. At least I have swabs that make it tolerable. Not much gas pain so far but I do have some abdomen pain. Thanks again to all the questions posted to prepare me for this.... Hope everyone else banded today is doing well today. Looks like I get to post in the post-op section now.... PS. I hope all have the same hospital view I do.
  15. Steaux

    Central Illinois Peoria-Bloomington Area

    Looks like this thread dying off (not many posts recently) I live in Peoria. I was just banded on July 31st and would like some local contacts with people that have the band. I have read a ton on the forum but not all can be expained like in person. Anyone still meeting or talking?
  16. In talking with him he has a great personality. He jokes but you can tell when he is serious when it comes the procedure and rules. I was kinda dissapointed that after surgery he didnt personally tell my family how I did but he was pretty busy 6 appts that day I think. I also didnt see him when I was staying either. Just the surgical team stopped by. I was taken good care of though. My only complaint was not seeing him for personal questions after the surgery. As a Dr. I belive I made a good choice and would recomend him.
  17. Steaux

    No appetite ):

    Your not alone. I pretty much have the same pains you have. I was banded on the 31st and walking seems to help. When Im resting i have been putting a pillow on my stomach and using my arms to put a small amount of pressure. It seems to help. I dont have an appetite either. I drank 1/2 an atkins today an was full. Just keep pushing water that will help your #2 issues also. Hang in there, its going to get better...at least thats what we have been reading on here...lol.
  18. I found out earlier today that I am to report to the out-patient area at 10am. Which maens leaving the house by 6:30 for my drive to Chicago. Good Luck to all July 31st'ers. I'll be thinking of you. Wish me luck. I start my new life tomorrow...:laugh:
  19. Steaux

    Surgery Tomorrow!!

    Me too! I have been 100% true to my 2 week diet. I am waiting for them to call me back and let me know my time. I have a 3hr drive to the hospital so im anxiously waiting to find out what time I have to wake up. Good luck to you and keep posting on your progress.
  20. Im excited and nervous. I do a ton of reading on here and havent posted much. I have crossed my "T's" and dotted my "I's". I have been on the slimfast diet for a week now and feel great. I had a spell of dizzyness one morning but thanks to all the posted I found that I was dehydrated and drank a bunch more Water and am fine. Good Luck to all that are goin thru classes and medical clearence and to this months bansters.
  21. Hello, I am a huge lurker in forums reading and reading a lot. Thanks to all who post and all that answer. I have been attending Mecry Hospital Groups and Just got my date of July 31st... Nervous and excited.
  22. I'm scheduled for July 31st. So far the staff has been awesome. Everyone is friendly and helpful to answer all questions. I'm stoked I have lost and gaind for several years and now I'm hoping to keep it off forever.
  23. Steaux

    July 2009 Dates

    Just got my date, July 31st.

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