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  1. kmwwmk

    Feeling Like A Failure

    I just wanted to thank everyone who has responded above and privately Each and everyone of you supported me and showed you truly care. I felt better, more hopeful etc. immediately after reading the posts. Thank you all again, so much. I will keep you in the loop becasue I will be making changes and I WILL succeed!! XOXO Karla
  2. kmwwmk

    Feeling Like A Failure

    Sorry Laurend. im a bit crabby right now. should probably be sleeping. But no. the problem with the major chest pain was not stuck etc. i was too tight and it more complicated than just stuck NOW, I sometimes get stuck and its a much different sensation. thanks again :-)
  3. kmwwmk

    Feeling Like A Failure

    thanks. yeah, I know it was stuck. that's what I said int he post. but thanks :-)
  4. kmwwmk

    Feeling Like A Failure

    Oh, I forgot something kind of important. After my surgeon's madatory 6 weeks post-op I did get a fairly conservative fill (dont remember how much) and the result was I couldnt eat ANY solids with out excruciating pain in my chest (NO NOT heartburn,...much much worse. and it was right after I swollowed. so a few das later I went in for a partial unfil.l and then, liek I said before, I went right back to my old ways...and with little to no problem......eat any amount, eat any kind of food. Occasionally the first meal something will get stuck and I have sliming etc. but never an y PB's . SInce this unfill, I havent seen my surgeon. its been months now!!
  5. Hi everyone, new and old. It has been such a long time since I've posted or even visited. I joined last summer and this site helped me come to the decision i made to have lap band surgery on August 1st, 2006. Well here I almost 7 months later and I feel like a total and complete FAILURE. I am using the word "feel" because I don't want to be too negative and say I AM a failure) I weigh exactly what I did before my pre-op day liquid fast. Initially I lsost 10 pounds but only because of the dietary restrictions pre-and post surgery. After recovering, i badsically had no restriction and simply resumed eating, basically, the s ame way i was befor the band. I had no difficulty. It was as though I never had surgery. I was very dissapointed and a little depressed but then, through this site and speaking with my surgeon, i learned that it is normal for people to have little to no restriction until first fill. OK, I relaxed - this is normal. It doesn't mean the procedure didn't work for me. BUT, at the same time, i wasn't changing my habits. I wasn't measuring food or avoiding the no-no's and gradually I really was back to my old diet. Every now and then I would weigh myself and i'd actually feel happy that I hadn't gone over my pre-op weight. I kept fluctuating btwn the 10 pound initial loss and my pre-op weight. I had to AT LEAST do that dor my own sanity, nevermind health. I'm sorry, this is becoming a lot longer than I had intended. I guess after so many months and not sharing with anypne who might understand, I have a lot to say...I'll try and wrap it up. At various points, throughout all this I have done the following: gone back to consult with the nutritionist, researched a nutritionist who specializes in weight loss surgery patient that I could see regularly to really guide and support me (but never even called one) and most recently I started the zonechefs@home program. I'm sure many of you have heard of the ZOne Diet (many celebs use it). Anyway I have done Nutrisystem in the past-psat and know that the foods have a lot of junk in them which is why u don't need to refridgerate or freeze them. meanwhile the Zone is freshly prepared foods brought prepared by 4-star chefs and delivered to your door daily. So I thought this would be much healthier. And Iwould weight the food which did turn out to be half of each meal etc. but - that was about two months ago (30 days worth of dfood but I had them deliver 4 days a week instead of 7 since I'de be eating only half. Conclusion: I barely got started before I stopped. I knew it couldnt' hurt to come hear for support. BUT PLEASE, I DO NOT WAN'T NEGATIVE, SMART ASS "what the f---?!?" TYPES OF COMMENTS. I find them truly unhelpful; they only make me feel worse. I knew before I did this that I would have to change my lifestyle etc, etc and the procedure is not a magic bullet, blah,blah, blah....I'm a pretty smart person but intelligence has little to do with it. Thank you and I hope all or at least most of you are doing better than me, truly.
  6. kmwwmk


    Has anyone tried ZoneChefs? This is "The Zone" diet freshly prepared and delivered daily to you door. I just ordered it and wondered if anyone here has any experience with it. Thanks! <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  7. kmwwmk


    Has anyone tried ZoneChefs? This is "The Zone" diet freshly prepared and delivered daily to you door. I just ordered it and wondered if anyone here has any experience with it. Thanks!
  8. kmwwmk

    PRE-FILL Blues??

    Leatha, what does it mean write a post that just says: "bump. bump, bump"? I know it has o do with re-posting something that ws good an applicable again, but can you explain specifically what yours mean? thanks!
  9. kmwwmk

    Some good, quick, healthy breakfast ideas??

    Alexandra and anyone else, I have questions re: Protein bars: 1. What brand/type of protein bars do you eat? How many grms protein? fat? sugar? 2. Do you eat them as one of your three main meals or as a snack inbetween meals?
  10. kmwwmk

    List of Protein rich foods/values

    Nevermind-found Them
  11. kmwwmk

    List of Protein rich foods/values

    I can't find this link.....
  12. kmwwmk

    Another Phony E-mail Refuted

    how is it lap band related?
  13. kmwwmk

    Another Phony E-mail Refuted

    I do not understand this thread? What is it about? What phony e-mail was refuted? Thanks for any clarification.
  14. kmwwmk


    Is it the Brittany Spears nude pics you're talking about? i don't think they're real. Someon eprobably just attached images of her head to porn pics
  15. kmwwmk


    It happened to me too! I got so frustrated that I just downloaded, installed and PAID for a spyware scan and removal/fixer program

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