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  1. AND IT WAS 1/2 of A F*ing TABLE WATER CRACKER! And it happened at work, which was more embarrassing because I was in the middle of talking to one of the new agents in my office who thought he would have to call 911 because he thought I was choking to death. in the 10 1/2 months I've been banded this has never happened to me quite like this, to the point when I was trying to get it out I practically had my fist down my throat. 2 hours later, I can still feel it...... I know we all like to talk the positives of the band, and believe me I have nothing more to do then rave about it, but seriously? a cracker? which I have had no problem eating until today (I sub crackers for the toast I can't eat).... Has anyone else had a really shocking PB and been angry afterwards?
  2. sarahbellzz14-4

    May 7th- 4 days and counting!

    First let me introduce myself, My Name Is SarahBellzz, I'm from brooklyn n.y, I'm being banded by dr. Piotr Gorecki @ ny methodist hospital. weight is 203.5 height 4'11, co-morbidities are: Sleep apnea, High cholesterol, and Severe hip arthritis (that doesn't qualify for the replacement it needs b/c of my age and weight) I'm Nervous. to be completely honest terrified. I'm just looking for other people who are on the same path as me, and that understand exactly what it is I am going through (b/c I've always been the fat kid in the corner) I just wanted to say hello, and so far reading everyones posts has helped me mellow out just a bit. I'm trying to use this to find other people in the NYC area that have been banded by my surgeon as well. Talk to me!!!!:smile:
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    Way off track

    So it has been forever since I have been on here, and its very much my own fault, but I've also been very embarassed to post. I have barely lost anything and still fighting with the dreded 4 lbs. And I see people are having tummy tucks already, It's so discouraging (being honest here) I started excercising more, I even bought some free weights and the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, and that actually shifted 2 lbs. I've had a couple of NSV's a major one being returning 2 pairs of pants because they were huge on me, and buying tops in a size medium (which are big on me). I go throught this inches vs lbs thing alot and it seems to happen more often then not. I'm just trying to figure out what it is I'm doing wrong. I was off to a great start and it has come to a screeching hault. In other good news, I NY hospital for Joint disease finally accepts my insurance, so I'm going to see a Hip specialist on friday (8/20) and maybe they can give me more insight on ways to be comfortably active, or maybe even just fix my hip once and for all. I hope everyone is doing fantastic and keep up the awesome work!!!
  4. sarahbellzz14-4

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    So Glad everyone is coming back around! seems we have all been through the rafters this past year! I had my hip replaced in October 2010, Have not had a fill since ummmm... last may? (I know really bad) Was diagnosed with adult ADHD, And since being on the meds have lost 17lbs which should be awesome, but it's not as after my THR I lost 30 and gained most of it back. I was thinking of all of you the other day, this place is like a ghost town!!!! Glad to see you all back
  5. sarahbellzz14-4


    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last posted. A lot has happend. I finally had the hip replaced on October 29th. I'm 7 weeks out and 15lbs lighter (which is a woo-hoo! all in itself) The downside of the whole thing, is that because of my prosthesis, I will always be 2lbs heavier then I actually am. I have not seen my LB surgeon since august (which is kind of a horrible thing) but I have been pre-occupied with the whole hip thing (basically I had a month to prepare from the date I was given to actual surgery day) and my physical therepy sessions. I think that I'm actually at my comfort zone. The 15lbs lost honestly is from the complete lack of appetite I had the first 3 weeks post-op where I lived on nothing but cheerios and rice pudding, I was on medication that made me really sick and those 2 seemed to be the only things that stayed down and eased the nausea. I figured I would check in on everyone, and if I don't hear from anyone... have a very happy holiday season.
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    Jamilla E... After My hip replacement... I lived on rice pudding and cheerios... I'm a year & 1/2 out with my band.... Couldn't eat mushies until 6 weeks after being banded.
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  8. sarahbellzz14-4

    After... and the rest of my life

    Starting 7 days post-op
  9. sarahbellzz14-4

    Life after goal weight.

    LOM, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, I will keep her in my prayers. You look beautiful BTW. I know thats the last thing on your mind, but stay positive.
  10. Thank you for posting this and congrats on the 100!!! I am hoping that by the 2 year bandiversary to have hit my goal. As most of the Banditos know My hip is what prevents me from doing a lot of the excercise, Well as of the 29th of this month I will have no more excuses!!!! they are finally doing the hip replacement. I couldn't be happier. because I've gotten down to a weight where the surgeons are comfortable to do the surgery, and I'm looking forward to the physical therepy because I know it's going to be a magical time with not only my recovery, but my weight loss goals as well. John, As I write this I'm eating Soup. BEcause That too is my big issue, eating too fast, getting stuck, spending 10 mins in the bathroom trying to get it back up. I had a PB issue so bad last night that my throat is sore today from it, and not even water would stay down. Alot of us it seems have just faded off. Including myself. But I always come back when I need a reality check from the group that has been with me from the begining of this Journey and Completely understand the highs and lows of having this band. Thanks!!!! I hope everyone is well. :smile2:
  11. sarahbellzz14-4

    Way off track

    Dee, I am soo happy to hear that!!!! Congrats! I was actually wondering about you the other day! Please keep me posted, and the BEST BROTH (which I lived on for my 2 weeks of clear is the chicken broth from Mill Basin Deli on Ave T) RGuay, It's so frustrating, it's like we're so used to it now that we just live our lives like normal again. I too have to get back on track. I'm actually going to be trying the 5 day pouch test, Which is basically re-conditioning and shrinking the pouch. I haven't found my sweet spot yet, which is very frustrating for me. We're all in this together, and Dee, You have my Private e-mail, let me know how it goes!
  12. sarahbellzz14-4

    Getting off track...

    Does the 5 day pouch test work? I have been heavily considering doing liquids again, just to get back on track and am actually reading about 5DPT now.. Please let me know, I am so off track it's not even laughable. Thanks
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    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    So its been 2 months since I posted and a lot has happend. My band was too tight (again) and I lost nothing. My Doctor laced into me about how slowly I'm losing, and that is about to change. On the advice of a fellow bandster I picked up the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and am starting it tomorrow. Wish me luck. I have found it a lot easier to walk lately but with the humidity it slows me down again. I have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks and am determined to not be the 3rd of "matt's fat sisters". Hope everyone else is doing well.. I'll be popping up again next friday. have a good week Oh, I lost 2 lbs this week....
  14. sarahbellzz14-4

    Lets Celebrate !!!!!

    AWESOME.... In the same realm as you. Had to put a belt on (3rd notch albeit). It's time to get rid of the old Navy 12's.
  15. sarahbellzz14-4

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    In the same boat as you I'm 5 lbs away from the 150's and it's been a snails pace getting there! But a loss is still a loss and Ann, it's funny 1 yr later and I've put myself back on liquids. I had one of. The tricky fills restriction 1 day non the next
  16. sarahbellzz14-4

    Anyone from Brooklyn??

    Hi Dawn! I am also a patient of Dr. Gorecki's, How are you feeling??? Let me know and welcome!!!!
  17. sarahbellzz14-4

    Lets Celebrate !!!!!

    Way to go ladies!!!. I kinda had one last week. But I'm actually still kind of irritated at the person lol..... I had a n old friend come over to visit, and as soon as I opened the door her JAW DROPPED, and was like "Holy SH*T SA! YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOU DID IN HIGH SCHOOL, and you have like the cutest figure ever!" Very much a compliment, much appreciated, but holding a grudge lol.... My second NSV this week was I had had a suit jacket dry cleaned in the fall, just because I was cleaning out my closet, it hadn't fit me in a good 2 years. It was warm but chilly here in NYC last wednesday so I decided what the heck, let me see if I can get into it yet.... Slipped on like a glove! only problem though I still can't button it, But hey, It looks adorable open with a nice scarf around my neck!!!!!! WTG everyone!
  18. sarahbellzz14-4

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    L-O-M, Your in My prayers, I hope everything turns out o.k. So I went to the Doc on Friday, He says I lost 2lbs, My scale says 1 and a half. He didn't seem to thrilled about the 2 lbs, but he said everyone at their own pace, just try for like 5 within the next 6 weeks (when I go for my 1 year) So with our Bandiversary coming up, does anyone else have to go for Blood work? He wants me to have a full work up, I guess to compare levels from pre-surgery. On the other hand, My blood Pressure is normal, and I mean like PERFECT. my cholesterol has balanced out, But I feel like my arthritis is getting worse. although I do finally have an appt at NYU center for Joint Disease coming up soon for my like 8th opinion, up until about a month ago they did not accept my insurance. So I am really happy about that. So all together, I am 45lbs down. And Thought I set myself a really low Goal weight (I should actually change that) it means I'm about half way there. Have a good Week everyone, and LOM, again, I'm thinking about you & sending positive vibes your way
  19. sarahbellzz14-4

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Thank you John and R... feeling a lot better, weighed myself this morning because my system is finally "back to normal" so the true number is 4lbs. Feeling good about that. And now that I'm back to taking the train to work, I should be losing again (DH is off in the winter months so I drive) Here's to being back on track and R, Congrats on the 50lb mark!!!!!!!! I'm slow at hitting it as well... So we're in this together, I have about 6 or 7 till I hit that mark! WTG!
  20. sarahbellzz14-4

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Down 2lbs this week, possibly more..... Not in a good way either, I was in the hospital for 2 days, and rigged on IV fluids, and it was my surgeon who admitted me and stuck me on liquids for a week. Completely not band related, but because he is a Laparoscopic surgeon in general (not just WLS) he wanted me free of food in case he had to do emergency surgery. I had an ovarian cyst burst, thought it was my gall bladder, then they thought my kidneys, ruled out appendix immediately.. so thats whats up
  21. sarahbellzz14-4

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Not a lb this week. but having restriction again is amazing. I am also going through that inches Vs. lbs thing again, so Whatever, Just a hectic week... It will all change again as I will start taking the train again to work this week, DH goes back to work, so thats where I get a bulk of my exercise in is walking to the bus, walking to the train, walking to work. Have a good week everyone
  22. sarahbellzz14-4

    anyone know dr. gorecki???? in ny???

    Dee, I actually found out from my insurance company before Dr. gorecki's office did that my surgery was approved. They tend to do a lot of them this time of year. Just hang in there. I'm sure everything will go smoothly.
  23. sarahbellzz14-4

    I just ran a 1/2 marathon on Jan 17 2010!!!

    Thats awesome congrats!!!! I miss running so much, I used to be so fast lol... b/c of my hip I can't, although I had a "good day" the other day and ran across the street with my son who was so happy for me. Small potatoes, a whole 20 ft, but it's a start.... Good luck on your next one, we'll be cheering you on!
  24. Anyone else's boobs GROW as their bodies are shrinking????? I've been a C cup basically since I got them, only having them grow when I was pregnant.... I went bra shopping today and I had them measure me, and I went up a cup size. How is that possible?? Could it be the excess skin from losing that could cause that, b/c they feel smaller then they did pre-op but 2 professionals told me otherwise... Anyone else have this issue??:smile2:
  25. sarahbellzz14-4

    Ladies... this ones for you all!

    Renee, I had the same prob too... But I think the VS lady gave me an inch when she measured me, b/c Apparently, In VS, I'm a 38 D, But I went and bought a calvin Klein one and they didn't have 38, So I got the 36D and it fits the same as the VS.... I hope that I'm not going to have the same prob as I do with Jeans (I've talked about it on here, how I'm a 10 in one cut, but a 14 still in another, and all the jeans are from Old Navy) but one thing is firm though, I am indeed a D... not a C :frown: BUT, it's totally Goodbye Quadra-boob

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