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  1. My surgeon to be, called and said my B12 was low and I needed to get monthly shots. I am okay with self injecting, but wanted to know if others felt better afterwards. How long before you noticed a difference?
  2. Is it normal to burping after every SIP or small bite? This is pod#1 for me.
  3. Got this from an email list I am on. Thought is was great before the holidays to read. Peace! What to Do When You Overdo It You hear a lot about preventing overeating during the holidays - but what do you do when you’ve overeaten anyway? Everybody overeats at times; that’s normal. The difference is that for some, an episode of overeating sets off a chain reaction: “I already blew it; I might as well keep eating and restart my diet tomorrow (or on January 1st). That's your eat-repent-repeat cycle. People who don’t struggle with food overeat occasionally too. The difference is that although they may feel regretful, they don’t feel guilty and they don’t punish themselves. They just feel uncomfortable so they may skip their next snack, postpone their next meal, feel like eating less, and/or want to take a walk. They aren’t punishing themselves; they’re just listening to their body wisdom so they naturally compensate for occasional overeating. Mindful eating can help you return to this natural state too. How Mindfulness Helps Mindfulness is simply awareness of the present moment. Mindful eating allows you to focus on the immediate effects of eating more than you needed, rather than beating yourself up over the potential long term consequences. That allows you to make adjustments and learn from the experience. Here’s how: Notice how you feel. Sit quietly for a few moments and become completely aware of your body. Focus on the sensations so you’ll remember them the next time you’re tempted to overeat. Does your stomach feel full, stretched, or bloated? Is there any discomfort or pain? Do your clothes feel tight? Is there any nausea or heart burn? Do you feel short of breath? How is your energy level? Do you feel sleepy, sluggish, tired, or lethargic? You may be less likely to repeat the mistake if you remind yourself how it feels to overeat (kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it!). Don’t feel beat yourself up. Overeating is simply eating more than your body needs at that time. Overeating doesn’t mean you were “bad.” It just means that you made a mistake—so don’t miss the lesson! Turn your mistake into a learning experience. There are a lot of reasons people eat past the point of satisfaction: habits, learned behaviors, past dieting, and mindless eating. Ask yourself, “Why did it happen?” and “What could I do differently next time?” Here's just one example of how to do this from chapter 7 of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle: “It was a special occasion.” You’re more likely to overeat if you only give yourself permission to eat enjoyable foods on special occasions. You don't need an excuse to have a wonderful meal—so why use a special occasion as an excuse to overeat? Wait to see when you feel physically hungry again. Rather than continuing to eat by the clock or because you feel like you’ve already blown it, listen to your body. You may not be hungry for your usual snack or even your next meal. When you get hungry again, notice what you feel like eating. You might notice that you’re hungry for something small or something light—maybe a bowl of Soup or Cereal, a piece of fruit, or a salad. Gradually learn to trust and respect what your body tells you; as you become more mindful, you’ll naturally seek balance, variety, and moderation. Last, don’t use exercise to punish yourself for overeating. Instead, be physically active consistently and use the fuel you consume to live a full and satisfying life. Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly! Michelle May, M.D.
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    Smelling Real Good

    Guys, I had a nice NSV the past week or so. I have been wearing my favorite cologne for a while now but all of the sudden women are stopping and saying omg you smell so good, five separate times this week alone. Don't remember that 60 lbs ago. May be my body chemistry is changing with the weight loss. I am seven weeks out. I'll take it.
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    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down 5 lbs since my last check in here! Sleeved 10/08! Make 2013 your year! 80 down and 60 to go! Chad
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    Hummus Rocks!
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    Lighten up a little...

    Frankly, it personally triggers some deep sadness and pain I would rather not like to feel among online friends in this forum.
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    I love lean ground beef, steak, seafood, chicken, some turkey. Hard for me make a good turkey burger taste as good as a juicy beef one. I know people who can make good turkey burgers, but since I eat so much less its got to be good. No cardboard! Gotta have my beef. I'll skip the bun tho most of the time.
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    Just a thought in general: Assertiveness and aggression are two different animals. . One can be assertive but still keep an open line of communication going with respect. Aggression is one sided and hostile. I am very passionate about my sleeve and recovery. Want to do well, choose well and finish well. Wish that for everyone here.
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    Beef Jerky

    I see that a some ppl eat beef jerky for a snack. How much can u eat? Are their ones better or lower in sodium than others? When did start eating it after surgery?
  11. Anyone try juice plus Vitamins? A Doc I know at work sells them, but wanted an unbiased opinion from experience. Any other whole food Vitamin work well for you?
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    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Appreciate you!!
  13. Just wanted to send along an update. The first pic I am at my pre surgery weight of 320 lbs this fall. Had my sleeve done 10/08/2012. The last two pics are from this week, 10 weeks post op. I am currently at 252 lbs. I hope to be at goal around 180 lbs. - 68 lbs... half way there! Appreciate all the real support here. So glad to be on this journey with you. My knees and back don't hurt anymore as they used to. I enjoy working out and being active. Already more comfortable sitting on those questionable chairs . It's Christmas Eve and I already feel like this surgery was the best present ever. Can wait to loose more an get to goal. Can't completely imagine what if will be like then. Hope it's awesome! Peace and a Happy New Year!
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    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down -3 lbs this weekend. 67 lbs to goal Chad
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    Super Saturday Weigh In

    I am officially at - 70 with 70 to go! 180 lbs here I come!
  17. Hey all, checking in Surgery 10-08 Pre Op 320 lbs Current 251 - 69 Half way to 180! Love you guys! Chad
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    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Add me.... chad2rad thanks
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    Fab 40's shout out

    I turn 46 Monday! Happy New Year!