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  1. Anyone have a late period post op? I've always been very regular. I had surgery 10/17 and started my period in the hospital. Now, for the first time I'm late. I'm certainly not pregnant, and doc said I can restart my birth control at 8 weeks. I've heard many stories of multiple/heavy periods but was anyone else late?
  2. singand_dance

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    I miss you ladies! I can't wait for the walk/lunch!
  3. My surgeon told me to start working on my playlist for surgery (but if they don't like it, they'll just play "Our own crap" as he called it). I need help to create an awesome/amusing playlist, my doc is kind of a joker. Here's what I have so far -Eye of the Tiger (you can't go wrong, can you?) -Feeling Good (Michael Buble, song just makes me feel good!) -Don't Stop Believing -.........................here's where I draw a blank. I know if anyone can help, its you guys!
  4. Sorry it took me so long! The expiration date on my current box is 9/26/2012. And, more good news- the Vanilla shakes are back at Costco!
  5. I'm feeling pretty good, I'm done with antibiotics and have a new inhaler which seems to have helped things. I feel pretty good for surgery in less than 3 weeks.
  6. I was wondering about that too! All my banded friends had 6 weeks! 3 weeks just doesn't seem long enough. Everyone I know that has had their gallbladder out has had 6 weeks off. I'm having the sleeve and the gallbladder out and I only get 3 weeks? I'm so afraid I won't have the energy to get through my work day. One thing a friend suggested is to talk to your PCP and ask for more time off work. I'm hoping I'll be up for it when my 3 weeks is up but if not,I'll be talking to my PCP to either ask for more time or to go half days for a bit.
  7. I've still got a hell of a cough, I usually only have a problem with my asthma about once a year- this year just happened a week before surgery! I'm really glad it was postponed, but I would much rather I never got sick in the first place so I could be complaining about the radiologist with babysista! I know its for the best, I really don't want complications. Today was the final support group meeting at Kaiser Point West. I was happy to see a large group there, and plenty of sleevers! The consensus is that people will continue to show up at Point West on the 4th Saturday of each month and we'll just carry on until Kaiser tells us we can't. We're rebels like that. Also, a big welcome to the ladies I met today; Lea, Michelle and Therese!
  8. singand_dance

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    Thanks ladies... I know if anyone understands my disappointment and frustration, you will. I can't help thinking "Today I should have been waking up in the hospital, and walking around with Kim" and things like that. I know it will go quickly, but I've waited so long already. It figures I would get sick (at the start of summer, no less!) and have to delay surgery. Of all the people I've met, no one has had to delay surgery because they got sick! Anyway... I'm just having a little pity party for one here, don't mind me. It just makes me even more determined.
  9. singand_dance

    What is up with therapist

    I had this same problem when I was considering the ba.nd. The doc/nurses at the first hospital I started at advised against a support group with lots of people who struggle. They said something about only talking/hanging around people who are successful. I also know that they would read the message boards and discuss all our posts (There was a patient generated, hospital specific thread and the staff read it daily). Perhaps your doc is afraid of you getting bad advise or being pulled down by people who aren't successful? Or that you'll learn how to "cheat".
  10. I had my pre-op appt with Dr Alami on Tuesday, everything went well, then..... I wake up the next morning with a major cold. Dang.... I spoke with one of the nurses, she said to wait and see how I feel on Monday. (Surgery is Wednesday). So not cool!
  11. singand_dance

    Just got my date!! Finally!

    I'm a Kaiser patient also (Northern CA, I don't know about other programs) I was told you don't need to worry about losing too much weight. If you're in to the orientation, you're in the program. I even had my first surgeon say if I lost 140 lbs pre-op, he'd still do surgery.
  12. When did the thread move? I kept looking for it in General Sleeve Surgery Discussion but I had to look up someone's profile and find the thread from there... Now I know where to find it again!
  13. How did it go? I was out of town for the past two weeks, I would love to have been there! Is this going to be a monthly thing?
  14. singand_dance


    Do you also have nausea/back pain? It could be gallbladder. Probably gas though.
  15. I finally got my surgery date! June 22 is the day for me, I'll see you at Kaiser, Babysista! I'm so excited to finally have my date, and I'll be getting rid of my stinking gallbladder at the same time. (Do you think they'll let my play with my organs after surgery? I'd just like to say goodbye, and I'd like to punch my gallbladder. Now that I have the date, this just got real! It's time to prepare. I have tiny tupperware containers to buy, recliners to rearrange, a house to de-clutter. I'm stoked!
  16. I just had a phone appt today with Kirk, and now I have an appt with Dr Alami next week. I could have had one tomorrow morning, but I just didn't have enough notice to get the time off work. Dang! I'm hoping to know my surgery date next week! Yippie!
  17. Happy to hear everyone is doing well and reaching overweight! I'm 1.1 lbs from scheduling surgery! I'm nervous and excited, I've been waiting so long and things are finally going to be moving forward. Yikes! Hope you're all doing well. I can't wait to post that I actually have a surgery date!
  18. singand_dance

    "Fad Surgery"

    My grandfather had a partial gastrectomy in the 1950's to resolve his ulcers. He had about 80% of his stomach removed, and lived 45+ years without complication.
  19. singand_dance

    Premier Protien Shake

    I thought it was thicker than it used to be! They also have a vanilla flavor, I don't know if it's new or just new to me. I can't decide if I like it or not.
  20. Lindsey, glad to hear you're feeling well! Lisa, How'd it go? I finally had my phone appt with Kirk today, it took so much time to have that darn appt with all the holidays. Next up is my appt with Dr Alami in a month. Exciting!
  21. singand_dance

    Single Incision VSG

    I just watched one on youtube. It's fascinating! Actually the first sleeve surgery video I've watched. I'd be a little nervous about bungee-cording my liver up like that, but hey... if my surgeon wants to do it, I would probably go for it.
  22. Many of my post-op friends recommend sleeping in a recliner for the first few days. I plan on borrowing one from my parents when its my time! I'm glad to hear you are doing well!
  23. Hoping you're doing well Amber! Sending good, healing thoughts your way!
  24. Congrats on the surgery dates Amber & Lemon! I'm so excited for you both. Maybe having different surgery dates is actually better, you can each help the other in recovery.

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