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  1. MyDreamsWillComeTrue

    Feeling UGH

    I have been banded since Feb 2010, and the time is flying and so is the weight loss. I have lost 26.7kgs since mid Feb and am feeling pretty good, but not as good as i thought i would. I have more energy, sleeping better, life feels good, but i can be down on myself sometimes, i look in the mirror and think oh wow the back fat is gone, this has shrunk this that and the other, and then i begin to pick on myself ugh look at those arms, look at this look at that, UGH. There is alot going at the moment, i am getting married in 8 weeks, which i have found stressful, not within myself, but more money wise and having everything done in time. I believe i have caused myself to fall into a bit of a hole at the moment, i was feeling light headed and wobbly on my feet, so after a few days of this i went to the doctor and she thinks i have migraines, so some drugs and a few days off hopefully i will feel alot better. I am concerned i haven't been eating enough of the right foods, i think my band is at the filling i need. But i know i haven't been eating enough fruit and vegies, i feel like i have been cheating myself of good food, so its time i pulled the finger out and got cracking on the good food. Sometimes it's easier to eat crap, as it goes down alot easier then good solid food. I am going to have a look at the CSIRO book, and follow the food pyamid. I'll be back with my progress. Cheers
  2. MyDreamsWillComeTrue

    Can my goals be achieved?

    I live in Australia, I am booked for surgery on feb 26th next year. I have been reading books, following blogs and this web site as i learn and prepare for my lap band. I am getting married in Nov next year and was a little concerned of how much weight i could lose by then, so i decided to do a goal list as follows: FRI 26th FEB: Operation Day (hoping to be 105kgs on day of surgery after losing about 5kgs on pre-op diet) 4 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 26TH MARCH: Goal = 100kgs= 5KG Loss 1.3KG Loss a week needed to achieve this. 5 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 30TH APRIL: Goal= 95kgs= 5kg loss, 1kg a week needed to achieve this. 6 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 11th JUNE: Goal= 90kgs= 5kg loss, .9kgs a week needed to achieve this. (just before my b'day :thumbup:) 7 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 30TH JULY: Goal= 85kgs= 5kg loss, .7kgs a week needed to achieve this. 4 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 27TH AUGUST: Goal= 82kgs= 3kg loss, .8kg a week needed to achieve this. 4 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 24TH SEPTEMBER: Goal= 79kgs= 3kg loss, .8kg a week needed to achieve this. 5 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 29TH OCTOBER: Goal= 75kgs= 4kg loss, .8kg a week needed to achieve this. 3 WEEKS LATER ON FRI 19TH NOVEMBER (THE DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING :tt1:): Goal= 72kgs= 3kg loss, 1kg a week needed to achieve this. MY FINAL GOAL IS 65 KGS.... I AM JUST WONDERING WHAT YOU THINK? DO YOU THINK I CAN MEET THESE? HAVE I AIMED TOO HIGH/ NOT HIGH ENOUGH? ESPECIALLY AS MOST OF YOU HAVE BEEN THERE :tt2: THANKS
  3. So therefore is that 12.5kgs in about 20n days? Because that seems like a lot of weight to lose in such a short time!???? That would be equal to at least two dress sizes? That's amazing.:seeya:
  4. MyDreamsWillComeTrue

    Awaiting op 5th Aug 09

    You will be covered for sick pay as long as you have a certificate to stat the dates, and of coarse sick hours to use, they can't ask any questions and legally you don't have to give any explanation.
  5. MyDreamsWillComeTrue

    A bit angry

    I have calmed down alot now, had a talk on the phone to a friend and had a nice warm shower. I woke this morning after a terrible nights sleep, had to start early, was in a good mood feeling motivated. Then not long after i begin work things start falling apart, first the 2ic has a go at me over a job which i assumed was done but wasn't so i got the rap for it, partly my fault i suppose. That annoyed me as it does getting in trouble, then a staff complaint, then i had to listen to the 2ic talk about herself on and on as she does and she is sooooo opinionated, if you have done it she has done it better, if you got something she has one better, oh golly she makes me made, i can't stand ppl like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then maybe only something a overweight person could understand, a girl at work recently got engaged and she is getting married in Feb next year a week before my banding, that's not going to go down well with my boss as the two of us will be off at the same time, oh well stiff shit!!! Anywayz i too am in engaged and have been for a year now, we were supposed to get married in Oct this year, but when i began looking into lap banding it couldn't be done until Feb 2010, therefore we have put the wedding off until Nov 2010, anyway to get to my point i must say i am a little jealous if i wasn't so fat then we could be about to get married, but NO because i am so fat we have to wait!!!!!! She is thin and athletic and will probaly be able to wear any dress she likes, i just feel like a failure. :sad:

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