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  1. I'm now two years out and have lost 100 lbs. While I don't think the stomach stretches much this long after surgery, I do think we are able to eat more than the first year. But I believe part of that is that we know our limits much better now. In the beginning we are afraid to push it, so we stop at the first sign of fullness. At two years out, I know when I can handle a few more bites. As far as maintenance, that is one of the joys of this surgery. While we can certainly gain weight if we eat all the wrong foods, if we eat sensibly, the weight is not coming back. You just can't eat that big plate of Pasta or 5 slices of pizza anymore. But you can eat M&M's and ice cream to your heart's content, and that's how to put weight back on. So it's an awesome tool that I wish I got 20 years ago. DO NOT hesitate to get this surgery, but be prepared for your new life of eating. Make sure you are ready to still diet, eat Protein first, and it's not a magic fix. It still takes effort, but it makes it sooooo much easier. Most days I forget that I had it because life is just so normal now. Good luck!
  2. I'ts been so long I can hardly remember, but it was a grueling wait, waiting for the surgeon's office to call. I had my surgery at Harbor City, but I was offered West LA right away because there was no wait. Since I wanted a certain surgeon, I was willing to wait for him. I think it was almost 3 months between options and surgery. It will seem like an eternity but please be grateful that you have this opportunity to continue dieting before surgery because you will be so "ready" when it's finally time. Some people are self pay and rush right through to surgery and struggle. Kaiser patients are fortunate that Options makes you wait and be prepared for it. Good luck to you!
  3. Amen sista! I'm in the exact same place. Just got into size 10's and while I haven't met my goal, I feel soooo good where I am right now. I just want to maintain for awhile. I'm sick of the constant dieting for the last 2 years. I even think I look good in my new bathing suit! Even if I don't lose another pound, I can always say I've lost 100 lbs and it will never be back. We're so focused on our final goal we overlook what we've done right. Enjoy the new you and have fun!
  4. I agree that it's more important to stay hydrated at first, but I just want to put it out there to try the Premiere Protein shakes from Costco. They're the best tasting pre-made shakes I found, and contain 30 grams of protein. It's a nice alternative to the powders. At over 1 year out, I still enjoy them for breakfast every day or at night if I need a chocolate fix.
  5. mb20mom

    Low carb diet questions

    I think I know what you mean about why the low carb thing. If we could have done low-carb all this time we wouldn't need surgery, right? And when I first started reading posts seeing how strict everyone's eating was, I remember thinking, "I didn't get surgery so I'd have to follow the Atkins diet"! While it is true that you need to eat Protein first, I didn't make a conscious effort to eliminate carbs. I followed a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, protein, and maybe a bite or two at the most of something with starch like potato or rice. The thing is, you just don't have the room, so you can't eat that stuff anymore. You won't want to. Those first 4 bites of chicken are going to pack your sleeve with so little room left over, that may be all you have. What you have to watch out for is the snacking of the empty calories and bad carbs, like chips, popcorn, Cookies, cakes etc. Seems like there's plenty of room for that stuff when you eat it! That is the danger zone. You have to change your lifestyle of eating to be healthy, but you can still eat healthy carbs and lose.
  6. mb20mom

    Climbed MT RUBIDOUX in Riverside CA

    Way to go! I've never done it myself, but I work in Riverside and I hear people talk about it all the time. Don't they do fireworks on July 4th there too? You should be very proud of your accomplishment and your new lifestyle!
  7. mb20mom

    WOW! I'm wearing a size 6

    That's an awesome success! I can't even imagine what a 6 must feel like. I just got into 10's. Gosh, how big were those size 12's you were still wearing when you bought the 6! Congratulations to the new you!
  8. mb20mom


    Yep, salad is very easy to eat. I can get a lot down.
  9. mb20mom

    Waking Up Choking

    Sounds like sleep apnea to me also. I developed this at 270lbs when I had gained a lot of weight, especially around my neck and chest. I would wake up gasping also. I would often dream I was dying in some way and struggle to wake myself up. As soon as I lost about 30lbs it got better and better and eventually I gave up the CPAP machine altogether. Now I sleep great. Get yourself in for a sleep study just to make sure.
  10. I believe there might be some truth to this honeymoon period idea. I had great results at losing weight up to about 80 lbs lost (at around 11 mos post op). Then the holidays hit and I became disconnected with all efforts at dieting and felt that I was "taking a break" for awhile to enjoy all the holiday feasting. The holidays ended but I kept eating whatever I wanted and after 3 mos realized I had gained 5lbs. Fortunately I'm now back to very strict protein style eating and have cut out all the crap, and the weight is coming off again. So yes, we stll have to make an effort to practice healthy eating and use our tool as it was intended, especially after a year.
  11. I went through a snacking phase with popcorn. Unfortunately I can eat a ton of it at once. Also nuts, chips, whatever I wanted seemed safe at first since I wasn't gaining, but I sure wasn't losing either. I had to go pure protein to get rid ot the carb cravings and now the lbs are coming off again. Now my snack is greek yogurt! You have to have SOME snack options so you can eat every few hours, not just 3 meals a day. If you're hungry, eat!
  12. mb20mom

    Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese???

    Greek yogurt tastes like vomit...unless you sweeten it. Stevia and sugar free vanilla syrup works great. I tried so many times to like it and hated it until I learned this!
  13. mb20mom

    Drum Roll PLEASE

    Oh WOW! What an awesome accomplishment that is. I'm a few pounds away from reaching this goal myself, so I can understand your excitement. Go shopping and try on those size 10's or 8's or whatever!!! Go forth and CELEBRATE.
  14. I think the hair loss cannot be prevented, even with all the protein, biotin, and vitamins we may take. The good news is, it will stop in a few months and immediately start to grow back. Mine fell out for about 4 months. It is scary, I know. But it's pretty inevitable so don't think you've done anything wrong. And remember that it will stop. Small price to pay for our health in the long run. Soon you will be over the trauma of it all and dealing with short stragly sections of hair that won't lay down when it grows back! And your new problem will be that your size 12's are getting too big. It only gets better and better!
  15. mb20mom

    Anyone tried Mio?

    I love this stuff. It's exactly what I've been looking for since I only like very little flavor in my water. The strawberry watermelon is great too. Another great drink I found is FUZE slenderize. OMG it's soooo fruity and maybe 10 calories. Great flavors too.
  16. Sophia, Would you mind posting our last group photo in this thread? We can keep using this post for future meetings and have a record of our group! Just an idea. Thanks and I'll see you there. Peggy
  17. It's hard to tell yet whether what you're feeling now will be the same in 2, 6 or 8 months from now. I still experience hunger but it sounds like you don't, so maybe that makes it different. I do tend to sometimes get real moody about what to eat. Nothing sounds good and you just want to fill the void and then you'll try something you thought sounded okay but you take a bite and want to spit it out! I hope that the more you heal, the more that food sounds better. It is a joy that most of us had before, and weird when that joy is gone.
  18. Awesome! You are truly just melting away so fast! I may not recognize you at our next meeting! Keep it up, woman.
  19. Yes I drink this every morning as my breakfast and sip on it for about 2 hours (I add a lot of ice) I also add a scoop of protein powder. I'm finding it harder to find in some stores, so I will check WalMart now that I've read these posts. It's nice and filling, but I think it might be what's making me a little gassy in the morning! Anyone else experience this? I guess the protein could be the cuprit also.
  20. mb20mom

    Kaiser and Plastic Surgery Options

    I was at one of my follow up visits yesterday (8 mos post op) and I asked about this very procedure. I was told they absolutely will recommend a panniculectomy procedure if it's been at least one year post op and the belly must hang at least 1/2 way past the pubic area. I'm excited to hear this, but nervous that it's not a very attractive end result, like a tummy tuck. Did you happen to see many "after" patients that had this done? I guess I shouldn't be picky, I would just be so glad to have it removed!
  21. mb20mom

    Just need to vent

    Sounds like you've hit the "now what" stage. I've often pondered what it will feel like to be done with the weight loss and whether it will be depressing like a big let down. It's been so important to us for so long, and it's a goal we thought we'd never reach, and we forget that the people around us don't really care that much about our weight. And we must remember that people we meet now don't know we were ever fat. For so many years we told ourselves how much better life will be if we lose the weight. And now you've lost the weight, and maybe it's not the big hooplah we thought it would be...it's just life going forward as a normal person. No longer are we different, and there will be no parade for us. Hang in there and enjoy life in your new body! Try to remember all the things you thought you couldn't do when you were heavy and do them now. Go shopping and try on clothes you never thought you'd wear. I don't know, I'm not there yet, but I am trying to be prepared for when it hits me...hope you feel better. You sure look better! Remember that.
  22. Already I see the diffence. Your comparison pictures are so good. I'm looking forward to watching your progress. Keep it up!
  23. I think you'll still be able to eat it, just small amounts, and that's all that you'll want. It's not really a deprived feeling you get like I thought it would be. You can eat what you want, and after about 4 bites, you're too full to want any more of it, but you had some, so it's okay. I know the dread you're talking about, because I used to feel that way about pasta and burgers, like I would have to say goodbye to my favorites, but I can have them if I want, and now I don't really want them, because it seems to be a waste of useful space in my tummy. I definitely think losing the weight is way better than not getting to gorge on our favorites anymore.
  24. I highly recommend Dr. Zane! He's the best!

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