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  1. catfish87

    Anyone use a GARMIN gps running watch?

    I've had my Garmin 310xt for about 3 years now. I love it! I use it for cycling/running/hiking/etc. It's good for multisport, but if I was ONLY going to use something for running, I'd get a different model.
  2. catfish87

    Cycling Questions

    LOL....I remember FREEZING when riding a couple years back. I now have proper gear to be able to handle low to mid 30's pretty well for a couple of hours on the bike. As far as getting a trainer, look on craigslist/ebay/etc for a used one. I see them all the time on social media in my area for sale.
  3. catfish87

    Let's hear it for the band!

    Congrats and much continued success. To the band!
  4. catfish87

    Cycling Questions

    @@dlappjr Have you considered getting trainer for the winter months? I got one a couple years ago and still use it when it's too cold or raining. (Too cold for me is below about 30 degrees) You might find you like it and won't have to wait on spring! Happy riding!
  5. catfish87

    I'm 84 this spring & love my lapband.

    @@celestialsciences Your grandmother was such a nice lady. I never got to meet her in person, but spoke with her several times on here. May she rest in peace.
  6. catfish87

    Second Anniversary Banded

    Congrats and continued success Bandista!
  7. catfish87

    So irritated from my last fill

    Just curious....what research shows "that after 4.0cc the biggest fills they should be doing is 0.2cc"? I've had much larger fills than .2cc's, even after getting past 4.0cc's, without any issues. But my surgeon does use fluoroscopy for all band adjustments now. It didn't used to be that way, years ago. Then it was just the blind fill...guessing method. To the OP, its wasn't uncommon for me to experience some added restriction a couple of weeks post fill. I kind of liked it....it made me re-think my food choices for a few days.
  8. catfish87

    September Banders!

    I am a September Bandster as well..... Sept of 2009 that is. Not one band caused problem, and I'm 100 pounds lighter than I was 6 years ago.....and MUCH healthier! Congrats to you all. It's the start to a new life! Best wishes! David
  9. catfish87


    My lapband surgery didn't have any staples from it, only small incision that was basically super glued closed. I did have surgery years ago that required a lot of staples to close. They itched like crazy! They also were kinda raised up some. That was many years ago.
  10. catfish87


    I actually had quite a bit of bruising around the area of where my port was placed, but it went away rather quickly. What are you worried about? Is there something specific? Maybe call your surgeons office and discuss your concerns with them.
  11. catfish87


    What did you have stapled?
  12. catfish87

    Has anyone tried protein shots?

    I use the "New whey Protein shots" occasionally, and have for years. I don't think they're that bad....although I don't sip them like I would a nice bourbon. The one's I use are 42 grams per tube....so I only take about half at once. Then half a bit later.
  13. catfish87

    hiring a house cleaner

    I pay $115 every two weeks for the couple that clean my house....and I think thats reasonable. I used to pay $150 once per month. There are two cleaners that come for about 2-3 hours. They do floors, sinks, counters, dust everything, bathrooms, etc. They do not do dishes (there aren't ever any), laundry, outside of windows on a normal basis. Once a year they come and "deep clean"....that's $300. I've used a house cleaner for the last 3 years or so. I work 60+ hours per week and CHOOSE to utilize my time at home for other things besides cleaning.
  14. @@Sharpie Great story and glad to hear you had a nice time in Alaska!
  15. catfish87

    Cycling Questions

    @@Indieflickers If I'm going riding (hard) for more than an hour, I'll sometimes have a GU gel or chews about 45 minutes into the ride, and then about every 45 minutes thereafter. Or I just use full strength gatorade type drinks. I use Gu Gels more when running than I do when cycling. I can "eat" real food (bananas, nuts, Jerky, clif bars, etc) while cycling.

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