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  1. Happy 59th Birthday Lighterload!

  2. Hey there LL, I hope you are doing well. How have things been since your revision? I am not sure if I have let you know that I had the entire band replaced the end of July. I am doing much better now. I am down 60 pounds and I am at 7 months since the first surgery.

    I hope to hear from you!


  3. Please do email me when you need to!!! I am a very good listener and right now I do have broad shoulders. Hopefully, not in a few months!! lol But even when we get all slim and trim, I will still be a good listener!! Talk to ya later !! Sharon

  4. Thank you for you kind words, I appreciate that. You are right, people just do not care any more, life is all about them.

    I have copied down your email address and I will be emailing you, maybe just to have a shoulder to lean on with someone who does give a darn.

    I am recovering but really sore with this surgery. I was telling Tig about the inscision being so much larger this time after the repair. I refuse to take pain meds but I will get through this.

    Take care and my email address is raisingfoals@hotmail.com

    I will be in touch, Janet

  5. Hey there, LL ! I am so happy to hear from you ! I just wish you had some better news for me! I am so sorry for all that you have been going thru, wish I could give you a hug right now! My My, you and thetig, both, have had a really bad experience ! She had to have her band replaced also and is on the mend again. Yes, that was a really lousy way to treat you after 24 yrs ! The way I think of ppl like that is that one day they will get theirs ! I am so sorry for the insensitive way that they treated you !! People just don't care any more. YOU ARE A STRONG PERSON and you will get thru this !!! If you need to vent or just someone to talk to, my email is s.tate83@yahoo, contact me anytime. I try to ck my email every other day. Please take care of yourself and when you have time , send me a message. HUGS to you! Sharon

  6. happy belated birthday Tig!!!!!!

  7. Hi Girl,

    Sorry for not being in touch. DRAMA big time in my life- had to have my band replaced, leaking port, just got home from the hosp. yesterday. Lost my job Monday, they forced my out on FMLA and disability since I have a progressive lower limb Neurologic deficit and am required to use a power chair- the company refused and gave me the boot. I cried for 3 days after 24+ years and to be treated so poorly, hit me hard. So I am on disability probably forever. I will spend time on the lake in my boat to keep from getting bored. My significant retires in 36 months so all will be good then.

    How are you doing and how's the weight loss?

    Miss chatting with you, Lighterload

  8. Hey Tig, Lighterload here,

    Sorry for not being in contact. Life went upside down- had to have my band replaced due to a leaking port, just got out of the hosp. yesterday, have lost about 60 lbs so far.

    Lost my job this past Monday- forced into FMLA and disability- have a progressive lower limb Neurologic deficit causing me to be in a power chair and the job won't allow it. They literally gave me the boot and were so condesending about it............... I cried for 3 days.

    How are you and how are you doing? Weight loss?

    Miss chatting with you, Lighterload

  9. Hey DB,

    Its Lighterload. I am so sorry I have not been in contact with you, my life has turned upside down and I was having a difficult time digesting it all. I had to have my LapBand replaced as I had a defective leaking port- could only happen to me, so I had the surgery yesterday. Lost 60 lbs so far.

    Next case, I lost my job on Monday of this week- I was forced into FMLA and on disability- this hit me like a ton of bricks and they were so condesending in the way they let me go, They basically said, fill out the FMLA form and leave the clinic. I cried for 3 days, could not believe after 24+ years to be treated so poorly. The reason for the disability is my doctors are trying to rule out MS. I have some sort of progressive lower limb Neurologic deficit. So this is my drama.

    How are you doing? And you have lost how much weight so far?

    I promise to try to keep in touch better now that my life has landed.

    Take care, Lighterload

  10. Hey girl,

    Glad to hear you surgery was moved up. By now you are home recovering. Hope all is going well.

    I have not been to this site for weeks, had a death in the family and they are now believing that the pain in my hip, that I have had for almost 2 years is caused by a compressed nerve so off to a Neurologist in 2 weeks. Sure hope thay can fix this, I refuse to live on Narcotics.

    Down 56 lbs. now and moving toward my thrid fill.

    Keep in touch, Lighterload

  11. Hey lady! Okay my surgery date was moved yesterday and now I'm having it on Tuesday. Little freaked out. Would love some words of wisdom!!!

    Jai Jai

  12. Hey DB,

    Fabulous to hear from you again. Great to hear you are doing so well. I go for my second fill on Wednesday and I am hoping he fils me up tight. I have been exercising with my stationary bike and now been in my pool as its been over 100 degrees here for the past two weeks now. I should be down about 50 lbs now but will know for sure when I see the Surgeon on Wednesday. I will let you know. Have not started the new job yet still in the 12 step interview process. They make you interview with every director when your are applying for a director position, so I should be coming close to the end of the list soon. Time will tell, if its meant to be it will happen, if not I still have a job.

    Keep in touch and keep up the good work- Lighterload

  13. Hey girl!! How are you? Good I hope, I know your probably busy. I had my 1st fill last wk, 2cc's and they said I wouldn't feel any resriction this time so I hope when I go back in July, I will get more cc's. I have no problems eating and every thing is going down o.k. Still walking, up to 2 miles a day, up and down hills so it is a GOOD WORKOUT!! So far I've lost 34 pds. and thats o.k. with me . How is the new job going? Good, I hope! Just think, this year you have gotten a new truck, a new job and a new YOU !! That is AWESOME !! Talk to ya later !!

  14. Hey There LL! I have not been in touch for some time so I thought I would check in with you to see how you are doing. In reading your messages with DD it looks like you are doing well. I feel Great and I also feel that I am doing well. I am down 27 pounds in 7 weeks, better then I have ever done before. I am going to have to get on the exercise program if I am going to be down 50 by my birthday in July! I have had my second fill now and still not as much restriction as I would like. I still can eat more then 8 oz at a time so I have to make myself stop. Not a problem though because I am not hungry! That is good! Staying with mostly protein. I can eat bread and cottage cheese with no problem. I limit myself to bread only a couple times a week.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Cheryl

  15. Hi Doodlebug,

    30 lbs. is a great loss. I have leveled out at about 48 lbs. I go for my second fill on June 3rd. I want my sirgoen to tighten it up more than the last time. I need to get this show on the road and get this weight off. I feel great but losing faster would be lovely. Kudos to the rain you have been getting, we have temps over 100 already and its only May. Rain is rare in AZ and of course what you don't have you miss. I love rain.

    I am looking at changing jobs soon, had a substantial offer that I cannot turn down so I should be giving notice to my present employer soon, that will go over like a lead balloon.

    Keep walking and stay in touch, Lighterload