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  1. I know I may be pushing this issue but I happen to be very sensitive to prescription drugs. I am already taking anti-anxiety and anti-depression (non SSRI) medication. I confronted my surgeon yesterday on the necessity of taking daily PPI med because he originally told me I could take OTC Pepsid AC every day or as needed. I encountered a short bout of acid reflux early out from surgery (about week 2) and he gave me scripts for prevacid, prilosec, nexium, and protonix-(all in generic form). I tried the prilosec for about 2 weeks and could not stand the rock dry mouth and tongue, and some other weird things I felt were associated with it. After belabouring the issue with him yesterday and explaining that most of the people on the VST forum are instructed to take a PPI for at least a month up to 6 months due to the stomach's overproduction of acid, since the brain doesn't realize that most of the stomach is been removed...he then told me to pick a PPI and take it daily for 5 months! I don't want to...I've read so much about the side effects etc. I'm not having any acid reflux problems. But just to be safe I'd certainly take a natural remedy for the over production of stomach acid. If there be anyone at all who knows of natural substitutes for these pharmaceuticals, do tell. Thanks.
  2. So I was diagnosed by an ENT as having LPR Laryngopharyngeal Reflux, otherwise known as "silent" acid reflux... so the stomach acid is not in the amount that causes GERD but just enough to creep up into my throat which triggers this whole sinus/mucus/fluid accumulation that causes my throat to have a lump feeling and irritation. I find it affects my voice and ability to talk. Swallowing is sometimes a bit of an effort. It's a perpetual pool of fluid and my stomach is growling like crazy. I just chewed 2 Gaviscon and I'm already taking a daily PPI. The ENT said to come back in 6 weeks. It's only maybe week 2 and this addition of OTC chewables isn't helping. When I called this doctor and asked him just how much acid, (or lack thereof) did he presume my stomach was producing, he said "I don't know the answer to that." He hadn't anything further to offer. I feel like I've hit a wall and I've been told to avoid spicy, citrus, chocolate...foods. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I go to a gastroenterologist who will hear me out and have another upper endo with an emphasis on my throat? I know that something is not right here and I only want a remedy that will work. Does anyone here know about this type of acid reflux? Does anyone know if and/or when our sleeved stomachs behave normally in relation to acid production or if this will be a life long struggle?
  3. Hi Lonna, My goodness, it seems like a decade ago since I had my sleeve in 2009. I was glued to this website as it was my support and solace. You've been through alot and although I haven't an answer for you I want to commend you for having a courageous attitude. I do hope as time goes by you will find a healing remedy. I'm wondering if drinking high alkaline water would help. Just a thought. My nose often gets runny after or during a meal, but not always. I sometimes chew on a couple of Tums at the end of the day before I retire. Hang in there with that great attitude and try drinking water that's at 9.5 pH. It may be very helpful.
  4. Hi all I found a High protein drink called Perfectly Protein Mocha Cappuccino by Bolthouse Farms...it's a 32 fluid oz bottle with 40 grams of protein. It has real coffee in it. Any one know if it's okay to drink something with real coffee at 16 days out? i'm sipping it right now and it is amazing. It goes down easy and is not too sweet and perfect taste.
  5. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    In about 8 hours it will be one year since I had my sleeve. I have reached my goal in fact I'm about a half pound below at 134.5lbs. I still can't eat some foods very well, like chicken (white meat especially). I've got multiple issues to work on that reach beyond the body. Today the size 10 shorts I picked up in June are too big, (I am able to pull them up and down without unzipping...so I went and purchased 2 pair in size 6-8 for what's left of the warm season here in NY and for then, next summer. I have yet much body work to do. My muscles need to be strengthened. I haven't any butt! It went flat and so did my breasts. My arms need a bit of sculpting as do my legs..so I am resigned to weight train best I am able. I can't believe how quickly the year went by. The weight came off. I want to thank every one here who has helped me along the way...If it were not for this message board and the many of you who reached over to me, I might have had a nervous breakdown. You all know who you are and I thank you each one, so very very much. I wish everyone who goes this route to lose weight the best in good health in every way, along the journey:001_wub:.
  6. I had my 2nd upper endoscopy since my VSG surgery 9-15-2009, yesterday and over-all "FINDINGS" for Oropharynx, Esophagus, EG-Junction, Cardia, Fundus, body, all "Normal". The report continues : Antrum "Mild gastritis Biopsy taken "Duodenum Bulb- Normal 2nd portion- Normal 3rd portion-Biopsy taken. I suppose I will hear from the doctor or one of his personal sometime next week for further findings... Although I was groggy when the doctor spoke with me after I awoke,while still on the table, he told me everything looked good, or fine...He also told me I did NOT need to take any PPI, and could just end taking the Protonix, (generic form)...no need to wean off. My next move will be to meet with yet ANOTHER ENT, since the last one I saw diagnosed me, (according to this reputable gastroenterologist), incorrectly. Meaning my throat, nasal, problem, (feeling as if I've a glob or web of sorts just hanging, and/or with pools of mucus or saliva).. is not symptomatic of any sort of acid reflux, LPR,(silent), as was my diagnosis, or GERD. This doctor feels the problem is literally in my head, and needs to be closely scrutinized by an ENT. He has referred me to one and will send THAT doctor a full report of his findings and speculation. In the meanwhile I'm still very uncomfortable with this throat irritation, (yes my throat does get irritated, from constant 24/7 secretions...and naturally, I've anxiety over this yet undiagnosed, unresolved condition.
  7. I don't know how to navigate this revamped website! Where is my inbox...messages??

  8. I've been MIA and I miss you all sooooooooo much! Sick as a sick dog "sinusitus" but I plan on making a comeback! I love you all!

  9. Hello Maria! I could not be more grateful to have read this post! You are such an inspiration and blessing to those of us who have encountered psychological difficulty post surgery. Thank you for sharing your strength with us all. What a wonderful place this is to be.

  10. Hey there it's been a while since I've been logged in here but if you are still interested send me an email and we'll talk!
  11. I am looking to start a local support group for sleevers in the the Long Island, NY area. Please if anyone in the vicinity is interested let me know.
  12. Hi I have not been here for a while and see that the entire website has been changed! I just received an email alert with regard to a post I must have made many months ago. Amazing I don't even recall posting that however, I would love to develope a local support group for anyone who lives on Long Island, NY. I live in Western Suffolk. Westchester county is a bit of a ride away but there are some excellent doctors in NYC. I had my surgery done by a doctor Baiju C. Gohil, MD, FACS. The link to his practice is: http://www.northshorelij.com/NSLIJ/Dr.+Baiju+Gohil. Perhaps he can refer you to a surgeon who performs the VSG closer to your vicinity. Best wishes and if you decide to meet with Dr. Gohil, private message me please.
  13. I am on my second psychiatrist who is trying me on Zoloft only on a very low dose 12 mg for 3 to 5 days and then upping it to 25mgs. The first trial was prescribed from a General Practitioner and he gave me a script for 50mgs. This is the generic version of course. Does anyone have any experience with post surgery depression/anxiety and anti-depressant medication...Zoloft in particular?? When I awake in the morning I become filled with anxiety...I have no job to go to and I just get full of fear and anxiety. I am wondering if taking the Zoloft will lift me out of this darkness. If anyone here has had post surgery depression and had success with any antidepressant medication I would love to know which one worked and about what you went through during the process and duration before it kicked in. Hopefully there is somebody out there. Thanks.
  14. Congratulations! Your weight loss is big! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the journey. I wish you continued success in good health as you go. God bless you Russ.

  15. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    Anna, Thank you for your compassion and understanding! You were one of the first people to validate some of the intense emotions I was grappling with. By you being able to identify with me, and offer me caring thoughts and insight, I felt less alone in my grief. I hope you will stay in this, (so to speak), loop and share your WL journey as you progress. God Bless.
  16. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    Tiff, when I was in crisis, straight out of surgery you came to the rescue. Your story of struggle and survival was like a life-line to me when I was literally in the depth of despair. You didn't skimp on offering me your wisdom, strength and hope. Your concern is genuine and consistent as you have answered the call of numerous others who had concerns and/or distress, pre and post op. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you.
  17. Hi Carla, thanks so much! I have always felt that my posts may have been a bit discouraging to many since I had so many emotional problems adjusting to the changes in my eating habits. It's reinforcing to feel that I have been considered an inspiration by some. I have been inspired by many people here on VST. I wish you good health as you proceed in your own WL journey. Thanks again. Lis xx
  18. http://verticalsleevetalk.com/blogs/lan2k/881-one-year-vsg-anniversary.html :crying:
  19. Thanks so much Mary, How are YOU doing? Hey I just noticed my ticker DID change! It's so nice to hear from you. I have felt so connected to so many of you here on VST. This is a wonderful place. Let me know how you are doing. I care. xx Lis xx
  20. I'm at goal, (I could lose a few more lbs. but I'm a light weight now. I'm able to sit and stand and squat without knee pain. I'm able to walk about with a light step and at a faster pace. I can move easier, lift things heavier etc. I am still me however. I don't feel liberated when it comes to many emotional issues which I'd thought getting out from under all that physical weight would produce. Now that the physical burden of excess weight is gone, I'm peaking inside of myself to identify what's in me and how to reconstruct what has been stifled. So a little at a time, issue by issue...without the excess food and layers of fat to buffer me, I observe myself. I see I still exhibit avoidance behaviors...but I am learning new ways to live and utilize time. Human beings are complex, and so is life.
  21. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    Nikki, Thanks so much. I will post some updated pics when soon. I'm yet unable to retreive my "before" pics (since I hid away from the camera most of the time). Three weeks out and your excited! That is great. Stay connected to this message board. The people here are great and supportive, very supportive. I'm here too so don't hesitate to contact me if you feel the need. Thanks so much for the compliment. God bless. -Lis-
  22. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    Oregondaisy-You have been an inspiration for me throughout this journey, (and it is an ongoing journey). You've been honest and supportive and have 'stuck around' God bless you always. In good health and wellness. -Lis- xx
  23. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    Thanks so much! I wish you the BEST...please keep us all up to date as you come around after your surgery. God bless you love.
  24. Hi there. How are you doing? Thank you very much! PS--I just made a new ticker reflecting my status but it seems it hasn't changed.
  25. Hi Anna, How are you doing?? I know I've been offline more than on. I went to an OA retreat this weekend and it was very helpful. I am OK, physically, I'm mostly struggling with that sinus/throat problem-still no solid diagnosis nor resolution. Other than that I'm hanging in best I can. Thanks for saying hi. I hope your well. xx