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  1. Happy 48th Birthday lisann!

  2. Hi Lonna, My goodness, it seems like a decade ago since I had my sleeve in 2009. I was glued to this website as it was my support and solace. You've been through alot and although I haven't an answer for you I want to commend you for having a courageous attitude. I do hope as time goes by you will find a healing remedy. I'm wondering if drinking high alkaline water would help. Just a thought. My nose often gets runny after or during a meal, but not always. I sometimes chew on a couple of Tums at the end of the day before I retire. Hang in there with that great attitude and try drinking water that's at 9.5 pH. It may be very helpful.
  3. 2 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary LAN2k!

  4. I don't know how to navigate this revamped website! Where is my inbox...messages??

  5. I've been MIA and I miss you all sooooooooo much! Sick as a sick dog "sinusitus" but I plan on making a comeback! I love you all!

  6. Hello Maria! I could not be more grateful to have read this post! You are such an inspiration and blessing to those of us who have encountered psychological difficulty post surgery. Thank you for sharing your strength with us all. What a wonderful place this is to be.

  7. Hey there it's been a while since I've been logged in here but if you are still interested send me an email and we'll talk!
  8. Hi I have not been here for a while and see that the entire website has been changed! I just received an email alert with regard to a post I must have made many months ago. Amazing I don't even recall posting that however, I would love to develope a local support group for anyone who lives on Long Island, NY. I live in Western Suffolk. Westchester county is a bit of a ride away but there are some excellent doctors in NYC. I had my surgery done by a doctor Baiju C. Gohil, MD, FACS. The link to his practice is: http://www.northshorelij.com/NSLIJ/Dr.+Baiju+Gohil. Perhaps he can refer you to a surgeon who performs the VSG closer to your vicinity. Best wishes and if you decide to meet with Dr. Gohil, private message me please.
  9. Congratulations! Your weight loss is big! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the journey. I wish you continued success in good health as you go. God bless you Russ.

  10. Well six months out and doing good. The weight just keeps slowly coming off.

    Down 72 lbs now. I am doing a lot of biking so I have also out on some muscle.

    Just started lifting weights again a week ago so I expect to put some more weight with that.

    Into 38 in. jeans now... and I don't know the last time that happened!


    Bags and bags of my clothes to the thrift store... I refuse to spend much on clothes.

    I going with one pair of jeans at a time through the journey...


    I don't count carbs or cals at all and I am enjoying eating less food... cookies (life style kind) every day with my Tim Horton's coffee.


    I would like to be down 100lbs by Christmas... It will be close!

    Blessings Russ

  11. Hi Lis, I am doing ok. I pretty much live off of my morning shake 50g protein, cheese and yogurt. Food is still an issue. My taste buds are still not right but I am trying to make the best of it. Been feeling a little depressed so I may ask to start some medication and see if it helps. Thanks for checking in. It means a lot!


  12. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    Anna, Thank you for your compassion and understanding! You were one of the first people to validate some of the intense emotions I was grappling with. By you being able to identify with me, and offer me caring thoughts and insight, I felt less alone in my grief. I hope you will stay in this, (so to speak), loop and share your WL journey as you progress. God Bless.
  13. LAN2k

    One Year VSG Anniversary

    Tiff, when I was in crisis, straight out of surgery you came to the rescue. Your story of struggle and survival was like a life-line to me when I was literally in the depth of despair. You didn't skimp on offering me your wisdom, strength and hope. Your concern is genuine and consistent as you have answered the call of numerous others who had concerns and/or distress, pre and post op. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you.
  14. Hi Carla, thanks so much! I have always felt that my posts may have been a bit discouraging to many since I had so many emotional problems adjusting to the changes in my eating habits. It's reinforcing to feel that I have been considered an inspiration by some. I have been inspired by many people here on VST. I wish you good health as you proceed in your own WL journey. Thanks again. Lis xx
  15. Thanks so much Mary, How are YOU doing? Hey I just noticed my ticker DID change! It's so nice to hear from you. I have felt so connected to so many of you here on VST. This is a wonderful place. Let me know how you are doing. I care. xx Lis xx

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