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LAP-BAND Patients
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  1. I was banded on same day, and in same city! I have not been hungry. I have been on liquid since 8/1. So far this has been a wonderful experience!
  2. How is your husband? I was banded on 8/3 also. I feel wonderful. No nausea, some gas pain (walk,walk,walk), little sore. So far so good
  3. Nomorespandex

    Never Again...

    Congrats! So how do you feel? Heating pad, hot tea will relieve gas pains, if you have them. I was banded on Monday 8/3. I feel wonderful! Let me know if I could help you in anyway!
  4. Nomorespandex


    You should be drinking liquids only? I was banded on 8/3. I have alot of gas also. Put heating pad on your back and on your abdomen. Drink hot tea and GasX. Vitamine's already??? Hope you feel better soon!
  5. Nomorespandex

    Bad surgery day stories

    My experience was great! Blood draw, IV painless.After surgery some pain, given meds right away. Had private room. The staff was excellent. I was treated like a queen! No gas pain, no nausea! My surgeon is wonderful. I would do it again!
  6. Pray for me that all goes well. So many emotions! Very nervous! :):sad::sleep::crying:
  7. Nomorespandex

    Sweeter words were never spoken.

    Congrats! Keep up the good work!
  8. Nomorespandex

    Surgery Successful!

    How come you went home same day? My doctor said I will be in hospital for 2 days. I have to get an upper GI the next day after surgery to make sure the band looks good and check for swelling.
  9. Nomorespandex

    Antici (Consta-consta-consta)-PATION!

    Glad you feel better! Milk of magnesia, prune juice, miralax are great! Make sure you take it daily, so you don't have this problem again!
  10. Nomorespandex

    Stomach Pains, 3 weeks post Op

    Ask your doctor to give you a HIDA scan. It could be your gall bladder. I had those same symptoms. You could have gall bladder disease not stones. Sonagrams and blood work only tell you if you have stones. The HIDA scan will test how well your gall bladder is working and if it's under 25% they recommend you get it removed. Check it out! Keep me posted!
  11. Nomorespandex

    Irrationally upset by crazy coments.....

    Hello all, for those of you who have been banded. Have you told your family and friends?
  12. Nomorespandex

    day 4, sunday 25th

    So happy for you! May God continue to bless you, stay focused!
  13. Nomorespandex

    Pre Surgery

    I am in the pre-surgery stage also(sunnycatshopper). We will get banded around the same time. I have done alot of research. Not sure if this is good. I'm starting to have reservations. I'm sure next week I will feel like May can't get here soon enough!

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