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  1. I've had my band since February 2009. I lost a total of 40 lbs. I was at a comfortable adjustment and started having complications last summer. I had a small unfill and felt better. Things were good until a few months ago when I started having increased episodes of food getting stuck. I was eating slowly, chewing well, etc. I went last month and had another unfill. I had 2 cc left in a 10 cc band. Still, I had increased problems with food and getting stuck. I was always having a lot of belching and increased acid reflux. I went 1 week ago and had a complete unfill...nothing in there. And STILL....the food problems are happening. I haven't changed my eating habits. I am not trying to eat things that I know the lapband doesn't like (breads, pasta, etc.). I am scheduled to have an upper GI (EGD) done August 21st. The doctor suspects that I have "mushroomed" or dilation. My doctor is on vacation right now and that's why I have to wait until Aug. 21st. I am so frustrated right now. I am considering going on all liquids for a while to see if that helps. My doctor did not suggest it, I was just thinking it couldn't hurt. I have read that some people have had luck with that and it lets the stomach/pouch go back in place. Any advice?
  2. ShelleyB

    esophageal dilation - FREAKING OUT!!!!

    Hang in there! I can relate. I just had an upper GI today and found that I have a dilated esophagus too. Mine is quite severe. The only choice is removal of the band. I am scared too about gaining back the weight, but my overall health is more important. I considered revision to the sleeve, but decided against it. My prayers are with you.
  3. Update: I had an EGD (scope) today that revealed multiple problems with the esophagus and stomach. The band is going to have to be removed. I have esophagitis, gastropathy, tortuous esophagus (which means that it is twisted and causing painful swallowing) and lastly and more importantly, a mushroom type deformity in the stomach proximal to the band. Which I believe is also called dilation or slippage. At any rate, I decided against revision to a sleeve. With all of these gastro/esophagus problems, I think it's best to just go without. Now the waiting. I'm waiting to see if my insurance covers the removal. Prayers appreciated.
  4. After nearly 3 weeks of aggravation, I finally got my EGD (scope) today. It revealed that I have esophagus dilation and "mushrooming" of the stomach. So the band has to come out. Now I'm awaiting insurance approval for removal.

  5. I went to the health food store and found several high protein shake mixes that are also lactose free (another issue I have). So far, so good. But the extreme gas and bloating from the shakes is wearing me out. Ugh!
  6. I sure hope it does resolve the prolapse. Another surgery won't be fun. I am trying hard to stay on liquids or at least mushy food when I can't stand it. I'm hoping that will give it a rest and a chance to go back in place, if indeed that is what is wrong. The waiting is the hardest part. Wish the you the best of luck!
  7. I was thinking the same thing about going sooner. It's now only a week away. I've been on mostly liquids for the past 5 days. When I have had a few bites of food, it almost feels like it's getting stuck in my throat and I have a hard time swallowing. It's not so much around the band area like it used to be where I would feel restriction. This week can't go get over quick enough. I'm ready to get this resolved, as I have a cruise scheduled for Sept. 15 and I would like to be able to at least eat real food!
  8. I haven't checked in a while. Things are not going so well. Over the past 2 years, I have put back on 15 lbs. I've been struggling with foods being stuck frequently. I recently had all of the fluid removed from the band and I am scheduled for an EGD (upper GI) to see what's going on. I'm very frustrated right now and don't know what's going to happen. I am hopeful that the unfill will relax the pouch which we think is dilated. Any suggestions?

  9. It's been 2 years since my lapband surgery. I lost 40 lbs. and have now been maintaining, but no further weight loss. Trying to get motivated to lose 30 more lbs.!

  10. Hey Girl...just checking in with you! It's been a while since I've been on lapaband talk! I'm doing okay, it's been 2 years now. I have stayed the same though, no more weight loss. Trying to decide to get another fill or not! I hope you are doing great! ; )

  11. Just wondering how many of you have experienced a weight loss plateau at approximately 1 year post op lapband? I am nearly 1 1/2 years post op and have lost 40 lbs, which is over half way to goal. I did really well for the first year and then, BAM! Nothing! For almost 5 months now...nothing. I recently started a power walking program using arm weights and the weight is starting to come off again. Thank goodness!! I have not been counting calories, just simply eating what the band would allow me to do and having moderate exercise prior to the power walking. I do plan to keep a journey/food diary and see what I can learn it. Just wanted to know if this is a common problem and if any of you have suggestions. Thanks!!!
  12. Amy - Wow, your success is really awesome!! You go girl! :waytogo: I have considered having another fill, as I am not 100% sure that I have found my sweet spot. I have a 10 cc band and I am at about 5 cc fill, so it seems I have room for more. However, I probably PB about twice a week and my doctor says that is usually an indicator that I am at a good spot, anymore and I will have too much PB'ing. I definitely don't want to be too tight, but not really sure I am at the "sweet spot". I find that I can eat most anything, if I eat it super slow. Breads are so much work though, that I usually just skip them. I say that my band has a personality disorder...every day it's a different personality! Some days I can eat fairly normal, then the next day I will barely be able to eat at all. I just have to wait and see what the day holds. I am still very happy with band and feel blessed to have lost 40 lbs so far. The next 30 lbs. will be much harder!
  13. I think you will like Dr. Veninga. He is an excellent surgeon. I am almost 1 1/2 years out from my lapband surgery. His office is very friendly. He is a bit quirky, but overall very good. I wish you the best of luck with your sleeve!
  14. Hi, I was just wondering if anybody has used Dr. Frank Veninga of Carrollton, Texas as their surgeon? I am scheduled to meet him this week for my surgery consultation. I just wanted any feedback if anyone has been to him. Thanks!
  15. ShelleyB

    Me and My Daughter taken march 2010

    I was going to say...she has to be your daughter! Beautiful x 2!
  16. Looking good girl!!!! How are things going for you?

    Things are going pretty here. 40 lbs. lost so far. Hit a plateau for many months, but got the ball rolling with a new exericse program of power walking and weights! Can't wait to hit the 50 lb mark!

  17. Hey!!!

    Sorry to hear you had to have a complete unfill, but at least now you can control the fills and get to a good place. Too tight is never good! I haven't had a fill myself since January. I feel like I'm in a good place, but still haven't lost much more weight. Still at 40 lbs. lost. So, I recently started a power walking program and have lost 3 lbs. in 2 weeks! So excited about that! Hopefully it will get things moving again! Keep celebrating your 40 lb. weight loss and just keep on trucking baby!!!

  18. Hey girl! Our Bandiversary is coming up very soon!!! 2/25/10! I can't believe it's been a year already! I just celebrated 40 lbs. this week. I thought I would never meet that mark! The last few months have been hard and the weight has been slowwww to come off! But I am still hopeful that it will keep moving down the scale. I have had 5 fills so far and have a total of 5 cc. I don't think I can take anymore, my band is tight enough for now. I sure hope that you are doing okay and that you have found a good spot (with the band). Love to hear from you!


  19. Sooo good to hear from you! You are doing so well! I'm proud of you! I knew you could do it! It has it's ups and downs of course, but in the end I believe it's all worth it! 34 lbs.! Whoo-hoo! Hopefully your fill went well. I have had 5 fills now and definitely think I am good for a while. I have lost a total of 40 lbs now and am really happy with that. Of course, I wanted to have lost 50 lbs. by my bandiversary, but looks like 40 will have to do. Next week is 1 year for me. I love it and am so glad I did. Don't worry, the exercise gets easier as the weight comes off. You will do fine, just keep walking!

    Keep up the good work!

    Shelley ; )

  20. Glad to know I was not the only one with all before photos and no afters!! But I can't say that it anymore! Love it!
  21. ShelleyB

    I am failing miserably

    How about coffee for the caffiene? I quit the colas cold turkey as well and honestly don't miss them. I am almost 1 year postop and now my doctor says I can have them, but honestly don't want them! You get used to life without them! As far as the other posters have said, I agree that you are probably getting too little calories. Maybe boost your calories a bit. I do think exericse helps as well. As far as you being a failure, well, I don't think that's true! You have already lost 30 lbs. and that is a victory!!! Just remember that there will be some plateaus. I had a plateau around the 6 month postop mark. Hang in there! You are doing a great job! :confused:
  22. ShelleyB

    In November with my son camping. Probably 170 lbs.

    Thank you! It does feel great and looking forward to the "other half"!

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