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  1. I am wondering if anyone had their weak bladder problem get much better after the band and loosing weight??
  2. Thanks for the post. I am writing down my food intake today and for the rest of week. I will take a good look at the time I fall apart!! I did go to the gym today x 45 mins. I hope you get to find an idea time to squeeze in some walking. Having to work long hours got to be tough on you. Let's try a tougher approach to those dang sweets!! " Get back ugly food, I dont need you!" Have a good day, would like to hear how you handle the week. Patti
  3. Honestly, I have not been committed to my Band. I have fallen into lazy mode, wanting the band to do everything for me. I get a fill, then only to have it unfilled. I lose abit, then gain it back. I have not adopted a really good excerise program. I watch calories, then go bonkers, cheat. Old habits are so hard to break. I am wearing a smaller pant size, that makes me very happy. I need a buddy to check in with, be more accountable. Tomorrow I go for a fill, hoping to get back into it. I know that I did at one time hit "sweet spot". I tend to eat too fast, and get myself stuck, then have to go get unfilled. Tomorrow is another day, fresh start. Thanks for reading this post, your advise, tips for success are appreciated.
  4. pvtash61

    What am I doing wrong??

    I was banded in Jan. 2009, lost 28-30 by 9 months, but have stalled. I fill, unfill, just cant get it right. It is fustrating. I now have returned to some exercise 3x aweek,hoping this will jumpstart me. I too hate that feeling one just being over filled, it hurts!! I finally call the doctor to get in for the unfill. the last good fill was sometime in last part of 2009! I went back to have fill this past week, in is not enough....the mental hunger, those bad habits of circling the pantry are back. I try to remember the band is only a tool, it cant choose the right foods for me. It's hard. Dont give up, maybe writing down your foods, compare with a good week of some weight loss. Remember to chew slowly, use a smaller plate. If I remember all this stuff at the table, I would be doing better!!!LOL keep me posted, love to hear you are feeling better with your fills. I will share anything I can with you. May you can give me some help too?? Sometimes having a buddy to ck in with might help?? God bless Patti with a smile :w00t:
  5. going tomorrow for a fill, had to unfill in Mar. doctor removed 4cc in band, he thought he emptied it out, but I think there is some restriction still. I cant seem to get it just right "sweet spot", thought I was there once, then added .5cc and it was so tight. I also have a problom with eating slowly, gets me into real trouble of getting stuck!! this has been going on for months, fill then unfill. I have been unfill for the last 3 weeks, no weight loss, some gain, then it comes off. I AM AT A STAND STILL. I hope tomorrow's fill is a good one, will go slowly, not too aggressive with the fill. Thanks to all who have posted, reading gives comfort and hope.
  6. pvtash61

    About to go out to eat.

    Great Job, you look so nice. congrats on the fine job you have done with losing the weight. God Bless you, Patti
  7. pvtash61

    Friday Weigh Ins

    Wow...weee!! lookin good Band groupie. I have stalled, seen 196 somewhere last of the yr, but since back up to 200. I have got to get motivated again. I think I have about 5.3 in band, mental hunger gets me all the time! Much praise on your loss of weight, great job!!
  8. thanks for your reply. I was filled on Sept 4th, friday...made it to Wed. afternoon without much discomfort. I had a light lunch that day, but it just was not feeling good going down. Then up till Sat. it was pure discomfort!! I called the doctor, he met me at office and did a unfill. I had a total of 4.8 in lband, so he emptied out first.....I drank water there, I was sooooo thirsty!! He filled with 4.3 leaving out the extra .5 cc. He felt that I had not dont anything wrong, just too tight from the get-go. The mental hunger was good at 4.8cc, but just not worth the chance of getting stuck and all the pain!! I did make it down again to 199.6 in the weight. I keep going down under 200, then back up to 204!! I hope this is a good adjustment. I have to remember all the rules.....slow down when eating, and eat only if you are hungry. I do get my protein in with the Isopure. Thanks for your concern, I love this site, everyone is so helpful! Good luck to you, keep up the good work!!
  9. I have been uncomfortable for the last 4 hours today, I had some soup, it didnt go down. I think I overeat, alittle here alittle there, then try to have something a little heavier.....oh the discomfort. I went out just awhile ago and bought the papaya enzyme, and took down 6-9 tabs. I hope to get some relief soon. Thanks for the post on this. I got to follow the rules, eat less, eat slow, chew, but most of all if you are not hungry, dont eat just because it's been 2-3 hours!!! I hope it works!! Patti
  10. pvtash61

    Well, Hello There, Restriction!

    Yes, follow the rules after a fill!! Last week I got a fill, it felt really good, now 1 week later I am having so much discomfort eating most anything. I think I start the morning pretty good, then I forget, have alittle more, because I think....I should eat now, but really I am not too hungry, so I think I eat then the pain, and it lasts for hours. I had a protien drink this morning after my coffee, that went down good. Then at noon, thinking well it's lunchtime, I tried soup...oh, no! It's still hurts, and I got down hardly anything. I need to follow the rules, eat less, leave time between, eat if you are hungry only! I hope tomorrow is better. Glad to hear the people getting their fills are being smarter than I. Good work.
  11. So how did it go for you?? Feeling better? I had my lap band done in Jan. 09, best decision made. I am a slow loser but it is coming off. Good luck to you, drink slowly, and walk...it really does help with the discomfort you may have. Keep us posted on your success!! God bless. Patti here in Fresno
  12. pvtash61

    hoping not to have to hide behind kids

    seems like all my pics having me hiding behind the kids, I do this on purpose
  13. pvtash61

    Minor Slip

    I was lucky, no slippage. When he unfill completely it was so comfortable, 2 days that way, then back to fill but only small amt. He put back 3cc. 4 weeks later I went for fill, but got the other doctor and he is much more aggressive, he put in another 1.6cc......it was too much. I just most recently, last Sun. had to call office, he met me there and removed all of the fill, I drank to check if things could go down, and then he filled to 4cc total. I feel good now. The pain was much too much. Things, even soft and liquids were not going down, and the pain......was awful. I hope you do well at your appt. Maybe a upper GI to rule out the slippage would be a good thing for you, it surely gave me the relief I needed! I was so scared it a slippage. good luck, keep me posted.
  14. pvtash61


    I made it!! 198 lb on the scale 7/11, banded on Jan. 21st 2009. this is getting good!! More excited now, things are possible! Good luck to all......let's keep up the hard work, new life style..
  15. pvtash61

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Hi there, was hoping you could guide me through the weight ticker process.....I had one....forgot my password....made a new one....but can seem to add it to my signature??? what am I doing wrong?? where do I put the copy and paste??? If you can help me out, I would love to update my weight loss. Thanks, had a new refill, getting closer to 199 lb. Hope all is going good with your weight loss.
  16. pvtash61

    Sudden restriction 3 weeks after a fill?

    Last fill was done in April, May I had unfill, thought I was just right, June had to go in thinking unfill again. Too much discomfort having soft foods, some pbing too. Dr. decides to unfill completely, might be a slippage. He stated he didnt think it was too much fill, too much time in between april-june. I hope he is wrong. Did the upper GI, go back tomorrow for results. Keep track on your discomfort, it's not suppose to hurt!!!:bored:
  17. pvtash61

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    Hi there, sorry so late to answer back. I had a wonderful class reunion, still working on memory book, almost done. I have had a set back. Not sure if I have slipped my band, will find out tomorrow at Dr. visit. I have not had a fill since April, was doing good, no real big discomfort. But I wasnt eating much of solids either! Just most recently I have been having horrible pain after meals, even soft stuff, liquids. I call the doc and went in, he removed all saline in band (4.5cc). Ordered a upper GI, did that on Wed. now go back and see what it shows. I am afraid the symptoms match a slippage. I have been reading any info on this, trying to understand what will be the next step. I have managed to get to 201 on the scale. I am happy about that, would love to see 199!! How are you doing? Where are you at the scale?? All my best, please keep me in your prayers. Patti
  18. pvtash61

    Minor Slip

    Waiting for the verdict...have appt on Friday. Did the upper GI today. I have not had a fill since April, May was an unfill, felt pretty good till last week, not hungry but it started hurting having even soft foods. It just didnt feel right, too much discomfort much too often so I called to go in. I was thinking it was going to be an unfill again, but Dr. thought might be slippage, due to the fact too long between the last fill/unfill and now onset of pain with eating even soft foods/liquids. He removed all the saline, 4.5cc in band. I have been looking up any posts of slippage trying to get informed. Guess if it is a slippage, they need to go back in to correct??? Anyone have more info to share??? Thanks just a bit nervous.
  19. pvtash61

    Suddenly Restricted

    hi there, I had my most recent fill in May the 12th, and now almost a month later I am having greater restriction too!! not sure why, but I have trouble even with soup. The weight loss is slow, but moving in the right direction. I go to doc on the 12th again, I know I dont need a fill, maybe a tiny out???not sure. Hope you adjust to the restriction, or if you decide to go have an unfill to make you more comfortable. Good luck, keep me posted. Patti
  20. pvtash61

    Approaching the 200 mark...

    Wow, great weight loss. I am slowly moving towards 200 lbs, getting so close today's weight 202.....it's a comin':thumbup:
  21. pvtash61

    Friday Weigh Ins

    sorry a bit late, but did see the scale move...in the right direction. Down to 205!! oh yeah:thumbup:
  22. pvtash61

    Almost 4 months post op

    Wow, now that's news! I had my last child at 46 (#7)! so happy we had her, she is so beautiful and so healthy. Jacob is turning 6 at the end of month, had him at 42 yrs old. YOU will do fine, take good care and God Bless ya...congrats to you and your husband.:thumbup:
  23. pvtash61

    Almost 4 months post op

    Jan 21st cking in....down 22 lbs. It's getting slower, but staying off. Hope to get to 199 by the 23rd of the month, goal.....30th reunion on that day, it would be nice! Go for a fill on the 12tth, that always seems to kick off a 3 lbs loss. Is that common for anyone else? But, what is interesting is that those 3 lbs loss will be total loss for the month or next fill???? Any tips for maintain a weight loss of 2-3 lbs a week?? I keep my pedometer on walking advge of 4,000 steps a day. Trying 1000-1100 cals a day. Not watching the carb intake. Help, Help!! What's working for YOU?
  24. pvtash61

    It was a success

    yippie! It was a good procedure! No problems to report, moving around with much ease. No too much pain, I am able to get down my liquids, protein drink. I am very happpy!!:tt1: My doctor is a great guy, very good at what he does....gastric/lap-band. I want to post my surgery, and how it went, very good. I thanks those who dropped me a note wishing me the best on my date for surgery. I will keep you posted as I progress. But for now i can say I am so happy and glad this part is over and ready to take the next steps. :thumbup:

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