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  1. naynayto2


    I 20 months out after lapband and haven't been walking since summer so I joined a gym to try and get alittle more off but now I have gained...I am doing about 30 minutes cardio and rotating legs and arms machine....about 5 days a week....been doing this 2 weeks...is it normal to gain when you first start exercising and when will I start to lose...please help getting frustrated...
  2. naynayto2

    6 month Bandiversary YAY

    Thanks Ann, I wish I was doing as well as you but I'll take a loss anytime. Had to have a slight unfill so I'm hoping I can get back on track. Thanks again:)
  3. naynayto2

    6 month Bandiversary YAY

    Today is my 6th month Bandiversary I've lost 43 lbs and 35 inches!
  4. naynayto2

    Newbie from AL

    Welcome! Oh how I wish lapband was available when I was in my 20's, I have had the band for about 6mos but I'm 48 years old and I only wish I could have done it sooner, go for it I don't think you will have any regrets!
  5. Welcome back! I look forward to hearing about your experience. I don't post very much but I love reading about everybodies experience.
  6. John337 105 SpideyMom 70 hdmdavid 75 less-of-me 58 Oliviasmommy-25 tulsarealtorGB 38 ruguay 35 Sarahbellzz- 34 Jennifer75=55 Sbush70- 48 bkmom-34 naynayto2 -40 Total 617
  7. naynayto2

    3 questions b4 surgery

    Like Melinda said all surgerons are different so make sure and follow your surgeons directions but I'll tell you my experience, I only took lortab once (in hospital) went home same day as surgery took liquid tylenol. Weeks 1-2 full liquids weeks 3-4 mushies weeks 4-5 soft foods then transition to regular diet. full liquid diet: sf Jello sf popsicles broth strained cream base Soup clear liquids tea lite smoothies 100% apple or grape juice Protein shakes slim fast low carb 1% or skim milk protein Water mushy stage: all of the above sf pudding refried Beans, cheese , salsa (blended) mashed potatoes light ice cream cream of wheat grits oatmeal soft scrambled eggs (mashed with fork) cottage cheese applesauce baby food (meat, veggie, fruit) yogurt soft food stage all the above boiled or scrambled eggs soft lf cheese (mozzarella or swiss) rice or soft cooked noodles soft cooked potato or baked potato beans soft, over cooked veggies canned fruit in natural juice banana toasted whole grain bread crackers baked white fish canned tuna or canned chicken Good luck and I hope the lists helps!!
  8. naynayto2

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Way to go everybody:thumbup: Last week 192.8 This week 191
  9. naynayto2

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Good friday morning Banditos! I lost 2.6 this week!!! It feels so good to see the scales move in the right direction!!!
  10. naynayto2

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Down 4 lbs!!!! I had my second fill on the 5th and I can sure tell the difference. I hit Onederland !!!!!! (196.2)
  11. naynayto2

    Shoulder pain!!! Help!!!

    I still have left shoulder pain and I am 31/2 months out however I have notice it happens more if I get to full or eat to fast, which is probably a good thing. Whatever the reason it hurts like heck! I sure hope mine isn't permanent damage.
  12. Hey Cindy~ I had lapband done May 4th 2009 by Dr. Suggs and I have had 2 fills, the 1st he always does under fluroscope but he didn't have any trouble finding my port on my 2nd fill which was Aug 5th, I told him that I hoped he knew where the port was located and he said if he does the surgery he knows where its at. I was a little nervous but its not a big deal at all, not painful just some pressure and he makes you do like your doing a crunch ( I told him I don't do crunches)LOL Good Luck
  13. naynayto2

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    Had my 2nd fill Wednesday lost 2lbs since then. Surgery weight 230 Todays weight 200.2 (so close to onederland:)
  14. Wow you have done really well I have lost only 27 lbs after 3 months but I didn't lose any pre op. Keep up the good work:)
  15. naynayto2

    Mayo Banditos / Friday Weigh In !!!!

    202.4 today!!!!! down 27 lbs almost to onederland!!!!!

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