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  1. Happy 50th Birthday FatRuby!

  2. Happy 49th Birthday FatRuby!

  3. Hi, I'm in the process of doing all my tests for GB and have met with Dr Stanley Rogers in San Fransisco. Anyone else that has used him?
  4. Hi Jill, The $1000 sounds like a good deal to me. What doctor are you using?
  5. FatRuby


    I'm in the process of getting all my tests done and I have been diagnosed with both gall stones and kidney stones. I don't know yet if my gall bladder will be taken out before or during the lap band operation. Meeting with the doctor on Monday. Some say that the gall bladder should be taken out before as it is not sterile. I guess it depends on the doctor.....
  6. FatRuby

    stress test?

    Marmar, Try not to worry. I'm in the process of getting all my tests done and I had my stress test last week. I kept thinking what are they going to do to me? I have a really bad knee and find walking very hard and painful. I was also afraid of falling. I was worried imagine myself having to run on the treadmill. I have now had the test and I needn't have worried at all! The actual time on the treadmill was only 8 minutes. I got on with all my monitiors and cables and started walking. The incline was raised and it started very slowly and the speed increased gradually. I could hold on to the bars. They will not make you run. The aim is to get your heartbeat up to a certain level and that can be achieved with walking. I never got there because my knee started hurting too much so we stopped. Try not to worry, chances are that you will be treated very nicely. Good luck!
  7. Hi TQUAD64, I'm starting the process with meeting my surgeon next week. I see that you are from California too, where did you get banded?
  8. Hi Tracey, I'm also in the Bay Area. I'm in Marin and I know how you feel. I'm having my first appointment with my surgeon Dr Stanley Rogers on 7th Jan. I'm nervous too. And when I'm not nervous, I'm excited. Good luck to you!
  9. Hello, I'm just strting out the process of getting banded. I have my first appointment with Dr Stanley Roger in San Francisco on 7th Jan. Has anyone had their band there or met the doctor?
  10. hi Ruby,,,,Jacksonville Arkansas here

  11. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie. I'm about to have my first consultation to explore if getting banded is right for me. My BMI is nearly 40. I am very worried about the whole thing and need to hear from people who have actually gone through it. Please share!