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  1. SunnyRachel
    I weigh myself on Sundays. Yesterday I got on the scale like always, but this time my husband got on the scale right after me. He is 6'2" with long, muscular legs. He seems to only have some weight in his belly...but I always look at him as the skinny one.
    I watched the scale think about it...then POOF! His weight was identical to mine!!! I thought it was so funny!
    I was 280 when we met, and if he ever offered his jacket when I was cold, I could never zip it. Today, approaching our Ninth Wedding Anniversary this week on the 17th, I can go into the closet and wear one of his shirts, and it will fit loosely! I can't believe we weigh exactly the same. Now if I can just have legs like his! ha ha ha ha
    Thank you, lap band! :thumbup:
  2. SunnyRachel
    Was not as scary as I thought, but I still acted like a baby. My surgeon tried to comfort me, and I tried to be funny. I said, "I forgot to bring my teddy bear." He just chuckled.
    It really was just a little pinch like everyone said...but you know, you have to try it yourself before you are convinced, right? ha ha ha
    So I asked what my band capacity was, which I was not sure of before. I have a 10cc band, and at the surgery, he placed 3cc at that time. So he asked if I wanted one or two, but decided to go right in the middle and give me 1.5 cc.
    I came home and mixed up a packet of low sugar Quaker oatmeal with milk. That was an hour ago, and I still feel really, really full... in fact, it's almost a little uncomfortable.
    Yay! We have more restriction!!!
    The scale had only moved three pounds since my post-op on 11/14. I wasn't disappointed, but he said it was time to get things moving now. I'm really excited!!!
    Happy New Year!! :embaressed_smile:

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