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  1. Hi all! I just passed my 5 years bandiversay on 6/19! I had lost 103lbs in 3 years but due to the stresses of life I fell off the wagon and went from 150 – 180. I’m at 176 now and am super focused. I’d like to get back to 150 before trying to conceive. I’m looking for those who’ve had a lap band pregnancy. I’d like to know your experience in general and how much weight you put on during your pregnancy. Also, how was it trying to get it off after giving birth? Thanks!
  2. Lady Lap Band

    Surgery Scar - What do you tell people?

    I have an always will wear tankinis so I don't get this question.
  3. Thank you for sharing this!! I think lots of us start to think we're doing this on our own while the band is helping much more than we realize.
  4. Lady Lap Band

    5 Years Banded Here

    Hi all! My name is Breanne and I just passed my 5 year bandiversary! I lost 103lbs slowly over 3 years and weighed in at 149lbs which was the smallest I had been in my life! It also put me in the normal weight range for the first time ever!! Wooohoo! The last 2 years have been a little stressful for me and I gained 30lbs back in what felt like the blink of an eye. I’m telling you this because I didn’t realize just how happy I was at 149lbs until I wasn’t there anymore. When I was 149 I was telling myself it wasn’t enough and that I still needed to hit my goal of 138lbs. I’m happy to report that I’m back on the wagon now and am working vigorously to hit my new re-evaluated goal of 148lbs. My advice to all is to really enjoy the journey and don’t forget that this band is like your cheerleader. It can cheer you on all day but if you’re not playing the game you can’t win. =)
  5. Hey guess what, no one is perfect. Not even the people who didn’t cheat. The doctors aren’t stupid as they know most people won’t be able to stick to the pre op 100%. The goal is to shrink your liver so do the best you can and take one day at a time. This is an ongoing battle and journey. You can do this, just believe in yourself and reach out when you need some encouragement.
  6. Lady Lap Band

    Stuggling with weight gain.

    I think you might be describing my life lol. I fell off the wagon the last 2 years and about 3 weeks ago I got back on and have lost 5lbs. You just have to decide that you are worth it and your happiness is important. You have to make time for you! I was giving my time to other things and wasn't working out and watching what I was eating. I was so unhappy. Even with just this 5lb weight loss I'm so much happier. You can do this!
  7. Lady Lap Band

    Can you feel your band?

    I'm tight in the morning too due to fluid. I can physically feel my port from the outside but not within.
  8. Lady Lap Band

    I can't stop thinking about food O_o

    Sounds like you’re describing my life! Honestly this is what I think…… If we’ve gotten to the point of needing WLS, we have issues LOL. Well an addiction. I completely believe food is like a drug and is addictive. Like alcoholics for example, just because they quit drinking doesn’t mean they don’t crave a drink still! They have their goods days and their bad days, just like us. Sometimes we all relapse and for some people it’s more extreme than for others. I’ve been relapsing for the last 2 yrs and put 30lbs back on. Yuck! I think the only way it passes for us bandsters is when we’ve had enough of backsliding. I have finally had enough and have gotten 5 of the 30lbs I gained off. I’m trying to remember that consistency is key. There is no end to this new lifestyle like there is with a diet. You got this, just remind yourself that you’re worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
  9. Lady Lap Band

    Lowell MA area

    Thanks! I hope you have a great 4th as well! Praying for good weather! Saturday looks beautiful!
  10. Lady Lap Band

    Lowell MA area

    Hey all! I'm in the Lowell area if anyone else is also let me know!
  11. Lady Lap Band

    5yrs Banded, need support buddy/buddies!

    Hey all! Glad to hear I'm not alone but sorry that you're struggling also! Hopefully we can do this together!!!
  12. Hello! I’ve been banded for 5 yrs. In 3 yrs I lost 103lbs and was 11lbs to goal. Long story short due to the stresses of life instead of hitting my goal I gained 30lbs back over the last 2 yrs. Well I’ve finally woken up, yippy! I’ve adjusted my goal to 148lbs instead of 138lbs. I’ve already lost 5lbs and now I have 27 to go until I hit my goal. I’m hoping to hit it by the last day of summer Sept. 22nd. I’d really love to chat with others who need support as I’m really struggling. I’ve been super motivated the last 3-4 weeks as I have not missed one day of working out. However with only a 5lb loss I’m starting to feel discouraged. Anyone else out there?
  13. Lady Lap Band

    Lowell MA area

    I agree! I love love love the team there! I feel like I'm going home every time I go there to an appt. =)
  14. Lady Lap Band

    Lowell MA area

    Hey! I had mine at Lahey in BUrlington. I actually live super close to LGH but since I've been a Lahey patient my whole life I went there. You've lost a ton of weight, congrats!
  15. Lady Lap Band

    Why cant i see my accomplishment?

    I'd say it took me about 50lbs to start to see it and feel it. I bet you're almost at the point! Stay focused you got this and your hard work will totally pay off!!!
  16. Lady Lap Band

    making progress

    Stay focused on creating a new lifestyle. If you do that you'll be good to go! =)
  17. Lady Lap Band

    3 month progress pics

    Wow amazing! Congrats thus far!
  18. Lady Lap Band


    Well you'll definitely be sore! It'll be ok though get up and walk as much as possible it will speed up your recover and push out the gas inside your body that is uncomfortable! You can do this! Congrats!
  19. Whatever you decide to do I've found that consistency is the only thing that actually helps. All I ever did to lose over 100lbs is walk! I walked 45 minutes 6-7 days per week. GL!
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    Lady Lap Band

  21. Lady Lap Band


    From the album: Lady Lap Band

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    3 month progress pics

    46lbs is an amazing loss in just 3 months! Please give us tips! =)
  23. Lady Lap Band

    Store Securiry Alarms

    LOL no I've never noticed that. I have the same thought as others, it might be something else. The band doesn't have any metal so it shouldn't be setting it off.
  24. I totally get this frustration, men lose so much easier then women. My husband is a big guy and last year he wasn't feeling well (ended up being a bad gallbladder he later had removed) and he cut back his calorie intake and lost almost 100lbs in 6 months. I was like "that took me 3yrs!!!" haha