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  1. socalfosh

    Gastric Sleeve or Bypass

    I chose the sleeve but I wanted the bypass because the weight loss is so fast. I had about 120 pounds to lose. My doc's opinion was the I didn't meet his qualifications for bypass but if I chose it, he would do it. I talked to my friend who had the bypass and asked her opinion and she recommended the sleeve. I did worry about the lack of absorption of nutrients and that was my main reason for choosing the sleeve., That's her main reason why she recommended sleeve too. I am very happy with my choice. Best of luck to you!
  2. I added 1 tsp of metimucil to 6 ounces of water 3 times a day. It helped. Good luck....no fun!
  3. socalfosh

    Calling the doctor!

    Maybe gallbladder?
  4. socalfosh

    Help Please! So Many Questions?

    I had different insurance by the time I was sleeved . I kept hearing its gettong harder to have more than one bariatric surgery approved. I also heard of a lot of people that had to fight appeals to have thier band removed ...some lasting over a year. Also, I had insurance at one point that excluded and bariatric procedure so if I needed a fill or unfill, I paid out of pocket. $250!! Something I feared in that time was having serious complications related to the band, I worried any type of corrective surgery wouldn't have been covered since it was excluded from my insirance at that time. I want to note, im on soft food phase now and I noticed something. The feeling of fullness is much more natural feeling with sleeve. Band always caused pain....serious pain when I was just a little full. I also would throw up a lot...I think because the top part of the stomach is small and the stoma is very very small (the opening ur food passes from top to bottom stomach). Food passes much more naturally and fills the stomach much naturally with the sleeve. Im thrilled with thr sleeve, even though I was terrified when I first heard of it.
  5. socalfosh

    Help Please! So Many Questions?

    I had the band amd lost 90 pounds. Started having complications. Thr body either wants to reject thr band or absorb it because it's a foreign object. About 60% of lapbans patients need it removed within 5 years. I wish I had known that when I was banded. Like you, I didnt want somthing drastic or permanent but I have revised to the sleeve and im very happy that I did. It sounds drastic to do the sleeve, but I started to look at it like having a tummy tuck, I just got rid of the extra, the un-needed. Good luck to u.
  6. socalfosh

    Head hunger

    Yes, for me the cravings are similar. Both lasted about 15 minutes and would pass after distracting myself. When I fought the cravings for nicotine I did a similar but more gorey distraction. I literallt closed my eyes and envisioned chemo cuz that's where smoking leads. For food I envision the emotional pain I felt as obese. I never want to fell that again. If im actuallt hungry I have a healthy snack or protein drink. If its just in the head I drink water or chew gum or depending omln if I can at the time, I take a quick walk. Also helps to think of the time amd money and tests I went thru to have surgery to get this point. What a waste that all would have been if I gave into cravings.
  7. socalfosh

    Head hunger

    Congrats on a year of success! I quit about 2.5 years ago. Both food and nicotine were addictions in my life one or the other was used to from morning till night each day as a way to celebrate, relax, wind down, deal with stress. It takes time but replacing those with exercising or a brisk walk are now my go to's. Its not easy, nothing about the surgery is easy. But its worth it (just like quitting smoking)! Good luck!
  8. socalfosh

    Cottage cheese... yuck!

    I like it woth avocado and tapito. I also blend it with eggs when I make scrambled eggs. No one in my family knew my secret to my great tasting scrambled eggs. Another scrambled egg secret, blend a dollop of greek yogurt with ur egg mixture. They taste great. I did that once when I had ran out of cottage cheese.
  9. socalfosh

    Post op puree

    Good idea! I also have some unflavored protein powder from unjury I should add to it. I forgot I had that. (I dont care for it in my water....I should add it to soups)
  10. socalfosh

    Post op puree

    I just broiled 8oz of cauliflower seasoned with olive oil, s&p, and a sprinkle of parm. Then blended it with a dash of milk and veg stock. It's quite delicious.
  11. Youre only a few days out. Recovery from any surgery is rough. I recovered pretty well but im 4 weeks out now and feel 1,000 times brtter than that first week. Theres a lot of emotions too. Give youreself time....I say even up to a year. This is a major surgery to recover from. Most of us have 20 + years of bad eating habits which is why I say a year to recovert because I dont only mean physically. I mean emotionally too. You will feel great before u know it!
  12. I've had it three times. Once five years before the band surgery. Once in August (2013) before the band came out and then October (2013) after band out/before sleeve. I hear all my surgeons patients are required a year post op too. I find "snorting" the numbing gel to be the worst. My gf didn't have to it. Different surgeon.
  13. My gallbladder pain was usually center (under breast bone) and to the left, also inbetween my shoulder blades in my back. This does sound like gb. Rapid weight loss causes gallstones. Good Luck.