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  1. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    It's been a while

    Hey All, I am glad to see you are still around and losing. Great job with all the successes. I know when I got my head straight I started to get my losing straight as well. Finally I am at my sweet spot and eating is under good control. I am due for another follow up appointment next Thursday. Everyone hang in there and I hope to see all of you at the finish line. Fran
  2. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    This Ride/Journey I've Chosen

    Hi DebbieGail, Welcome! I was just heading to bed, I am up way to late, but I saw your post. I just wanted to say hello and welcome! To answer your question, no, you weren't chatting you were posting. But chat is also available, and the people there are very helpful and friendly. The chat button link is at the top of the home page. I was banded December 10th last year, so we are almost band twins. Close enough! There are a bunch of people who were banded in December 2008 who share messages in the December 2008 forum. We would love to have you join us. -Fran
  3. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Blending tool

    Ditto to the two cup food processor suggestion. I have one, purchased from Lowe's several years ago at the time I remember thinking it would be a handy thing to have and they were on sale for less than $10.00. I also have a Cuisinart Food Processor and a Vita-Mixer. The Vita-Mixer was a hand me down from my Mother who bought it about 20 years ago. She wasn't using it too much, and thought I would like it so she offered it to me. It makes awesome Protein shakes. Still works great after 20 years of use. Though I love my Cuisinart and use it frequently, I think we use the small food processor most frequently of all because it is quick and easy to use and clean. It makes great mushy food. My husband bought a magic bullet to make Protein shakes at work. He hasn't metioned it is too loud but I get the impression it doesn't get used as often as the shaker cup he bought at GNC. Good luck! -Fran
  4. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Calorie count

    Someone recently pointed me to myfitnesspal.com It is very similar to fitday.com but it seems to me, to be easier. Congrats on getting this far without tracking your calories. I am impressed! -Fran
  5. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Panhandle Bansters

    I would love to meet everyone, but that is Superbowl Weekend, and I might be out of town. Certainly, if the group makes plans to get together on January 31st and if I am in town I will be there. Since some people are coming from PCB and others from Pensacola and North of Pensacola I great compromise would be Crestview . I will be glad to drive to wherever to meet everyone. -Fran
  6. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Getting Started

    It has been my experience from reading that there are many variations of coverage based on what your employer has paid for. I have Anthem BCBS HSA through Kroger. My plan covers Bariatric Surgery. The best way to find out what your plan covers may be to call the number on the back of your card, they will point you in the right direction. Good Luck in your journey. -Fran
  7. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    I'm new and scared

    Megan, I can honestly say, I was scared as well. I had a C/Section in 2001 and I still remember the pain involved with that. I was banded December 10th and can't actually say I have had much pain at all. Looking back I would have to say, If I knew now what I knew then I would have had no fear at all. The best thing you can do to have a successful surgery and recovery, is listen to and follow all of the surgeons instructions and after surgery walk as soon and as much as possible. Best wishes for a good surgery experience and outcome.
  8. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Help with photos

    So easy particularly if you have photoshop. Create a new blank image. Open the images you want to combine to the new image. duplicate the layers from the original images (the ones you are combining) into the new blank image. You may need to transform each image in the newly create image so they fit. (Ctrl + T). Don't forget to hold down the shift key when resizing so you retain the image size ratios. BTW -- congrats on the weight loss and the changes you are seeing. Fran
  9. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    December 10, 2008 Band Date

    Hey Rosey, I am glad you surfaced! Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Nope I haven't had the chills. I am actually feeling really good today. DS and I just came back from a walk. We would have gone further but it started to sprinkle and rather than hear him complain about getting sprinkled on, we just took a short cut home. Sure felt good to get out and walk more than around the block. My growlies and gas were too much yesterday. I finally had it. I put on my thinking cap and decided the reason I had the growlies was because all of the antibiotics they had IV'd me wiped out all of the beneficial flora in my body. So I went down to the local grocery store in search of some acidophilus but there was none to be found. Instead I found something called "GoodBelly" which claimed to contain lots of Probiotics. Since it was in a drink form I thought I woudl give it a try. I also bought some kiefer. I drank about 2 "GoodBelly" drinks and a tiny bit of kifer. This morning I woke up without any growlies. The gas and colonblow has been reduced by about 90 percent. Hallelulia! I could have bought activia but that is too thick as I am still on a clear liquid diet. As it was the kiefer was thicker than it should have been and I watered it down. One last thing postitive thing.... When I left the hospital after surgrey I weighed 293. On the home scale it was 291. This morning my homescals said 280.5 Yipee!!! Goose, my doctor tells me that I can't have any caffeine because caffeine constricts blood vessels and inhibits healing. Hope everyone is feeling better and I will keep on the look out for big numbers after everyones body recovers from their surgery.
  10. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    12-12-2008 Band day

    I will say a prayer for both of you. I was banded yesterday (Wednesday December 10th). Several people in the December 2008 forum are being banded on the same day. Please come join us so you can find others who are at the same stage as you are during your recover.
  11. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    December 10, 2008 Band Date

    Hi Everyone! I changed my name so it was clearer. Fstop had to do with photography but everyone thought I was a guy for some reason. I am a photographer and definitely a female. Anyway! I had my surgery yesterday. Everything went well. I walked a bunch at the hospital and was feeling great today but tonight I am feeling a bit poorly. Gas pain on my sides. Of course my belly is feeling a bit bloated as well, but really not all that poorly. Glad to hear all of the good results of the people how have posted before me. For everyone who is to follow later I hope you have as good a care as I received at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.
  12. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Do you have a December Date?

    I will have to concur with Beth. The hula hoop is fun for a while. I bored pretty quickly after that. My seven year old son plays with it occationally but he mostly enjoys running in place because he passes people and in one place puppies which he calls "the puppy stampped". Mostly the wii fit sits on the shelf. I would like to know what others who have dance revolution think of it. That does look like fun from what I have seen.
  13. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    21-30-51 Excercise Challenge 4 12/08 Bandsters!

    :wink2::thumbup: YIPEE!!! Horray!! Horray!! I am so happy for you. All your sweating has paid off.
  14. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Let's Choose a Name - Poll

    I would have to agree with you, Carol. He would make a wonderfully adorable Slender Snowflake. Perhaps we could be "Slender Snowmen" and Pete (and myself and all the other southerners) can melt away in the warm winter sun. :rolleyes2: Fran
  15. EmeraldCoastPhotog

    Do you have a December Date?

    Chris (shrink), Welcome to the group!

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