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  1. OMG!! I thought I was becoming deficient in something. I've been cold EVERYDAY at work. I keep my heater on at home now, and I'm constantly in a sweater. I usually would parade around in a tshirt during the winter, but now....I have on a sweater and the biggest coat I can find. My supervisor noticed my struggling to warm up and informed me that when he was losing weight (not by surgery, but just by running and exercising) he was freezing during his 20 pound loss. So it's not related to the surgery itself. But the excess weight coming off has a lot to do with it. So I have to look at it this way, me being cold is a sign that I haven't gained any insulation to warm me up.
  2. thicknthin

    B'ham Banding

    Hello, all. My phone's internet wasn't cooperating with the website, but I just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I'm doing fine. I wake up each day feeling better. Just a few mild discomforts, but I don't have any real pain. It hasn't dawned on me yet that the band is actually inside of me. Hard to explain. Talk to u soon.
  3. thicknthin

    B'ham Banding

    Besides the supervised diet, I also had an EKG and a psych evaluation. The psychological evaluation was scheduled by Lori for me after I went to my consultation. I felt cheated...lol....I was expecting the chaise lounge and the "tell me what's on your mind" talk. LOL. But it was a series of tests, redundant questions and a few other little things. I talked to the doctor for a few minutes, and that was that. Nothing serious. The EKG was scheduled the same day as the Nutritional and Physical Therapy Assessment. EKG lasted abouit 30 seconds (I was shocked), Nutritionist went throught the pre-op and post-op diets, and the physical therapist just wanted to see what physical health you were in now, to track your progress later (ie walking and climbing stairs, touching toes, bending, reaching, turning). I found out I have another class to attend the wednesday before my surgery. I have no idea what it is about though. I think it is my pre-op appt, but I thought it was just an appointment, not neccessarily a class. I'll keep you posted. GODSHELP can you give us some input about the class that was a week before the surgery?
  4. thicknthin

    Lap Band Surgery Scheduled!!

    Tuesday, October 21st!!:cry_smile:
  5. thicknthin

    Dr. Dewitt patients/Carraway

    I am currently waiting on my approval, and I will be getting banded by Dr. Dewitt. Yes, please tell...how is your experience so far?
  6. thicknthin

    Hello All!!

    Well, this is my first official blog on the LapBandTalk site. At the moment I am currently waiting for my approval from BCBS of AL. I've called EVERY DAY since the papers were submitted by my surgeon's office. I am currently in Birmingham, Alabama, and my surgeon will be Dr. Dewitt. Seems like a nice guy. I'm confident in his work, so...we shall see. But my first submission was on Monday September 22. I was told that a letter stating I was declined was sent out on the same day. I found out it was an error in transmitting the information so the office had to send in a hard copy. I was the third person that has happened to this year. Lucky me! So I called everyday. Day one-Has been received...Day Two-has been received....Day Three-has been forwarded for review....Day Four-has been forwarded for review. Now I sit and wait for Day Five. I'm trying not to call back until Friday. LOL. I'm just really anxious to get this behind me, while I'm not nervous. I'm slightly sad because my mother wanted us to go on a cruise for Thanksgiving, but because the surgery date is getting closer and closer to November, there is no point in me being on a boat during those first 8 weeks. So that has been postponed. But, in a way, I'm glad, that just means, I'll be smaller for the next cruise. :thumbup:

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