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  1. Charlie21467

    October 2023 surgery buddies

    Thank you for this information. This is very helpful. I was on omeprazole for the first weeks after surgery but not now. I do take the generic Zofran to help with nausea, but not every day. Lately the host stomach and vomiting has been in spells. One day in fine then the next I'm getting sick so easily. I've been living on Tums which has caused some intestinal issues I believe. I only have a bowel movement about once every 4-5 days and when I do it's mostly mucus and no stool. It's been a real passion in the butt. Pun intended. Lol Anyone else dealing with similar intestinal issues?
  2. Charlie21467

    October 2023 surgery buddies

    Thanks for this post. It's really strange how some things set my stomach off and others don't. I used to say I had an iron gut because I never got sick, but that's not the case any longer. Lol
  3. Charlie21467

    October 2023 surgery buddies

    Hi everyone, I had my sleeve surgery on 10/03/23. I am glad I had the surgery but I'm tired of eating soft foods. Lol. I've had more soup in the last month than I have had my whole life. Do any of you get heartburn and feel like you swallowed a rock?

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