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    I have been obese for my entire adult life. My husband and I have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 5 years.I am hopeful that the VSG will improve my fertility.
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    Reading, writing, fanfiction, learning French, travel, and cooking
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  1. Arendiva

    October buddy’s

    I had my surgery 10/20 I’m still in the hospital because I wasn’t able to progress to stage two. I have been having trouble keeping fluids down. Things have improved these past few hours though so I’m hoping to get back home tomorrow.
  2. Arendiva

    October 2023 surgery buddies

    I find it so interesting how different doctors have different pre-op procedures, pre-op diets, weight loss requirements etc. It's cool to hear about other people's programs and compare notes. My program didn't have any specific weight percentage that I had to lose. But there was the ongoing expectation that I always be losing weight. My surgeon is very firm that from the day of your first appointment with him and your first weigh-in you are never allowed to gain weight at any subsequent appointments. That said though I don't have any specific pre-op diet. I had to get psych clearance and nutritionist clearance and zoom attended 2 informational seminars but the expectation is just to make healthy choices in the lead up to the surgery and to fast after the midnight of surgery day. My surgery will be 10/20. I don't even have another pre-op appointment between now and then. I've only had 2 appointments with my surgeon the one where I started the program, then 2 months later the one wear I got approved because I had finished everything on the checklist given at the first appointment. It's possible that this may be due to my insurance not covering the surgery I suppose. Maybe some of the other hurdles are required by insurance?
  3. Arendiva

    October buddy’s

    Yay! I'm so glad that there is a group for October sleevers. I'm sister did the gastric sleeve surgery 3 years ago and she speaks very highly of having a month group to chat and process with. My surgery date is October 20th.

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