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    Names Erin, I'm 33. 5'1" tall and weighing at 287, LapBand surgery was on July 31st 2009 =] and removal was April 21st 2013 due to infection
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    Love to go horseback riding, photography, drawing, listening to music, much more
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  1. Can someone give some helpful tips or info about ths topic?
  2. Hey everyone, How are you doing one year post op?! What are your current stats. Do you have before and now photos? How much did you lose? How is your eating, fluid intake and protein intake going? I'm doing great. I lost 109 pounds. I'll attach my photo of when I decided to start this journey. My eating isn't the best. Neither is my fluid and protein intake. It's still a learning process and hopefully I'll eventually get there. I still want to lose another 30 to 50 pounds and then maintain.
  3. Yeah I do, I think because it's always ready and there. I feel lazy a lot of the times. I hate cooking, but the only time I do kind of like to cook is dinner. But I did make a really yummy protein smoothie. Fairlife milk 13g protein, 17g of protein in the yogurt which of course makes it a 30 gram smoothie. But I also tried a another yogurt before I buy a big container of it and it has 25 grams of protein in it. It just sucks that I couldn't drink it all. Anyways, I also think we have this stuff (the processed foods) because it's cheaper than the healthy foods. It sucks and gotta do what we gotta do to get by. But yes I get that the money we spend on the processed foods, we could put towards healthy foods. Healthy foods don't last long which also sucks. 🤔 always can meal prep and freeze it. There's 6 people here and one who never eats what I make. So ill have to make sure that there are 5 of everything for the 5 people. Sorry just rambling
  4. I'm definitely planning tracking. I have a cute notebook and also a planner that I plan on using the weekly planning part to plan out the weeks dinners. I usually do eat protein first and back and forth with the veggies and whatever else I have. I feel like im not chewing well enough or slow enough anymore. I want to get back to doing that too. I would love to get all of the carbs and sugar out of the house, but im not the only one who lives here and I'm told "just because it's there, doesn't mean I need to eat it". The foods that I usually go for are now off the counter tho. So it's "out of sight, out of mind" hopefully. I posted my new stats in a post or two before this, but I had to have my lapband removed in 2013 and I got rny in february 2023. At my lowest weight ever right now. I've lost 111.5 pounds
  5. You won't ruin everything in one night. Just stick it out eventho it's so hard to do so. But you have to, your stomach is still healing. You got this!
  6. I dont eat the same foods everyday. Everyday is different. I get sick of foods faster. I've been trying to get foods with higher protein in them, like 15 plus grams of protein like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Haven't been drinking much water lately which is really bad. But yeah. I do like to write down what I eat in a day, I don't like logging with an app tho. I have a note book ready that I am gonna start doing tonight or tomorrow. I dont remember if I updated my stats on here or not, but I'm going to be 11 months post rny on the 21st. And I'm down 111.5 pounds. I had lapband in 2009, gallbladder removed in 2010, lapband revision in 2013 and 2 days later, it was removed due to an abscess...they poked a hole in my stomach during the revision. Before ryn I had gained 81.4 pounds in the 9 to 10 years after lapband removal. 2015 I did weight watchers and I tracked everything. It helped a lot
  7. Usually eating when it's not a snack? Today for example, I wasn't feeling well so I slept for awhile. I didn't eat breakfast and I didn't eat lunch. I made Tyson chicken nuggets and I fried them to make them extra crispy (bad I know, should have baked them). I had a serving plus one extra nugget with chic fil a garden herb ranch. I had some rice with butter and creo. A few sweet potato fries and a couple pieces of sliced beets. When I write it down, it sounds like a ton. I didn't finish all the rice or the beets. 2 to 3 hours later (I try to aim for 3 or 4). I had ramen soup. No problems eating that and I was able to eat it all. Gosh, I can't believe I'm able to. I had a candy cane about an hour later. Around 10:30pm tonight, I had a serving of mini marshmallows, sugar free dark chocolate pudding cup with sugar free whipped cream. One and a half Keebler Stripped cookie with a few sips of milk and a little after, a few sips of iced tea. Why am I like this? Why am I able to eat this much at once? Is my stomach stretched out? Should I ask to check my stomach? My 1 year appointment is February 21st. I really want to get back to tracking, it's definitely something that helped me stay on track. My weight was 3 ish pounds less than it is today. A few days ago it said I gained 5 pounds. So yeah, it's up and down and I know it's because of the poor eating. Does anyone use timer reminders to make sure you drink your water or to make sure you eat slowly?
  8. I cant afford a therapist, but I have a mental health therapist if that makes sense at all. My insurance doesn't cover the therapist that helps with food behaviors, which is so strange. I feel like this is happening because I'm feeling a bit stressed out with Christmas approaching. Since it was starting to get out of hand last week. Plus my birthday is tomorrow as well, but I don't feel like im as stressed out about that as much as I am for christmas. I have things I need to do before Christmas like go to the orchard to get apples, go to the store to get a few things for christmas dinner, go to the bank, pay bills, I have a tattoo appointment, I need to meet up with someone to give them their gift, I have my birthday dinner on Friday then my friends and I are going to the movies. I then also feel like maybe I was lacking sleep because my son would sleep when he got home from school until midnight and refused to go back to bed and every few seconds would ask me a question or turn the light on. Thankfully he's on a schedule now. So, basically I'm just stress eating? I would love to not bring junk home or if it needs to be here, then I would at least love for that stuff to be out of sight because yes "out of sight out of mind". But I get "just because it's there, doesn't me you need to eat it". If it's there I'm super tempted to eat it because for one it's there and two, it's easy to eat. *sigh* yeah I come here because like a lot of people, I do struggle still. Why does food have to be the enemy when it's our friend? Maybe I should just put whatever is in my sight up in the cupboard. If I don't do it, I don't think it will. Then I'll be forced to grab and apple or a banana. I dont ever skip my vitamins. That's one thing I make sure to do. Why won't my brain do that with the protein and water? Priorities man, those are priorities! My family is my support system and my team. I also come here every now and then for support or I message people on youtube and tik tok for some support. It does help. But I feel like I need to give my family a little reminder that I need more support especially when it comes to the bad stuff to keep it out of sight. I want to find snacks that have high protein in it like beef jerky snack packs. I can't stand protein bars. I've also been really liking cracking nuts, almonds, pecans, Walnuts and Brazil nuts, like I've only really liked almonds, but found I like all of those nuts now and I stopped eating them for a week now. Want to snack on those again. I want to like coffee, but I can't stand it made at home now after surgery 🤣 I wanted to give proffee a try. I also have fairlife ready to drink protein shakes left, but they may be expired, if not, I was thinking about trying to make a smoothie with it.
  9. Hey all. So, probably for the past week now I've been feeling down on myself. I saw my weight go up a little and then came back down a little. I know that's normal It's making me think I gained 50 pounds when it's only like 2 to 3 pounds. I'm scared of gaining weight back, but im still making bad choices and it's making me hate myself for it. I'm not hitting my water and protein goals and I haven't since surgery.. it's hard for me for some reason.. I don't like water enhancers. They're either too sweet or just gross. My bad choices are (please don't be rude or negative, we are supposed to help each other, not make each other worse) I snack on chips, crackers, chex mix type of stuff, popcorn, some chocolate (not always, not every day and yeah most of the time it doesn't make me sick). I can drink soda with no problems and I HATE MYSELF FOR EVEN ALLOWING MYSELF TO DRINK IT. I can, most of the time, drink regular iced tea. Almost everyday I don't eat breakfast. And even if I do I find myself snacking later. Why? Is it because of the lack of protein and water? When I eat my meals, I can eat more than 4 ounces. Usually I don't eat everything on my platw/bowl, rare times I'm able to. I think some of the times I feel like im forcing myself to eat it. I drink with my dinner meal and my night time snack. Sometimes my lunch/breakfast. I know what I got to do before it gets out of hand more than it already is. I'm failing myself and before I know it, I'll be a bypass failure if I keep it up like this. I need to weigh my food out. I need to stop drinking soda. I need to stop drinking at my meals. I need to chew better. Stay away from the foods that got me this way in the first place. I need to focus of the protein and water goals. I feel like the foods I need, I don't reach for and I just grab whatever is easy. Any body meal prep? Why is it so hard to figure out what you want to prep? I feel like it would help. God I feel bad about myself.
  10. Real protein like chicken, steak, turkey, pork, eggs, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, yogurt etc. I can't stomach yogurt still and I'm starting to get sick of eggs. I dont get enough protein. I probably don't even get half of what I'm supposed to be getting. Today I only got around 42 grams of protein. It's hard to eat healthy too. It sucks when all the healthy food is so expensive, so we get the junk stuff because it is cheaper and lasts a little long. I want to focus on getting protein and greens and fruits starting this month.
  11. I had gastric bypass lol Man, fish is one thing I never liked. I didn't like tuna fish for awhile after surgery(always liked it before). A couple months ago, I started liking it again. Some things I don't like anymore are tacos/nachos (those were one of my favorites!), hot dogs, last night we made homemade subs that I usually like but I just didn't care for it this time, bread type of foods are starting to bother me now. I too can only eat about 2 slices of pizza depending on how thick the crust is. If I eat more that two, I'm asking for it lol. Sometime I can eat 2.5, that's rare. I don't like a majority of the sugar free drinks(the packets). I used to like the lipton sugar free lemon iced tea, not anymore. I can't stand making my own coffee anymore and the only coffee like drink that I really like is a small iced caramel latte from Mickey D's. Better than Starbucks strangely. I ask for 2 equal, 2 cream, whipped cream and caramel drizzle. No, it doesn't make me sick or dump. If it was a medium, I would get an upset stomach tho. Its hard making meals when you don't always have real protein. My fav protein is chicken. I've been using recipes lately and they've been good. But yeah, the salad sounds good, maybe I can make a chicken salad tomorrow for lunch. I have a frozen chicken that I got from Walmart that a bariatric patien suggested and the nutrition facts are pretty good on it and it actually tastes like chic fil a but better in my opinion lol. I saw a recipe for mcgriddle muffins. Except I'm going to use my protein pancake/waffle mix for extra protein. They sound so good. Has anyone gotten sick of yogurt or protein drinks that are already made? Lol I have and that was since a few weeks after surgery. I just bought a protein powder this month and I want to start making 2 protein smoothies a day. Why does some stuff that has sugar in it not bother me but others do? I should eliminate sugar stuff and switch to sugar free instead, but hey sometimes it's better and just need it. Is there something wrong if it doesn't make me sick? Or am I just lucky? Lol I don't like that I don't get sick if I eat something with sugar 😪 Sorry this was long
  12. I know how that is! But you will get there!!
  13. Write what YOU eat in a day. I'm nosy and would like to know. Also, maybe it'll give me some food ideas. I'm almost 8 months out. Getting bored of some foods. If you've had stalls, what do YOU do to break those stalls?
  14. Erin18


    I actually found a protein pancake mix by aunt Jemima (can't remember what it's called now) but it tastes the closet to regular pancakes. I bought a new container of protein powder by premiere protein which has 30g of protein in it. I was thinking about putting some of that in oatmeal or cream of wheat instead of unflavored. It vanilla. Who knows, might actually taste good. How muchbof it do I put in it tho? I've been forcing myself to eat peanut butter sometimes, and yogurt still turns my stomach. I feel like im wasting food. I'll buy something, have it once and then not touch it again. Ugh

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