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  1. My sleeve surgery is scheduled for April 12, 2023. I am 5’6, 400 pounds., 60 years old. My mother and grandmother were both obese. At 16 I was 116 pounds, with undiagnosed PCOS. I had uterine cancer at 39, and had a hysterectomy. No hormone replacement as they felt it was a hormone based cancer. At 55 had a swollen thyroid removed. Each time, my weight increased. Three years ago, I had a spinal injury, which led to back fusion surgery, which caused nerve damage, and a right dropfoot. I have to use a rolling walker or cane to walk, and my back surgeon says I can’t lift more than ten pounds. I know I need this sleeve surgery, and I want to live and get healthy. But I am still nervous about doing this to my body. My surgeon says sleeve now, perhaps a revision to bypass after I have lost weight if necessary. I have five hernias which I had surgery to repair, which is why I believe he wants the sleeve first. I wonder if the potential of two surgeries is too much at my age, or just a bypass and be done with it. And I am worried about my inability to walk and exercise due to my disability. In my head I think, maybe if I just cut back on food, drink two or three protein drinks a day I will lose weight without surgery. After all, that seems to be what they want us to DO AFTER surgery! Any advice or sharing your journey would be so appreciated! Thank you!

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