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  1. I am almost 5 weeks post-op, and am frustrated. I joined another site to help me track my foods, and yesterday I consumed less than 300 calories for a whole day and was nowhere near my protein goals. Last week I was able to make some egg whites and I had a 1,000 calorie day and felt like that was too much. My dietician told me to aim for 700 per day, with a minimum of 80g of protein. I feel like there's no consistency. Yall, I am really struggling. Do I need to go back to my liquid diet where I was getting all my protein? I've been at a stall for almost 2 weeks and don't see my dietician again until mid-April.
  2. Everyone talks about the post-op weight loss stall - when does it pick up again? I'm trying not to compare myself to other people's successes, but honestly am frustrated. I am 3 weeks post-op and still on the pureed foods program. I'm only getting about 4-600 calories a day and reach for about 80g of protein and make it there most days thanks to my shakes. The scale hasn't moved in a week - I guess I should be asking my surgical team, but when can I expect that to change? I know I don't walk like I should, I suppose I should do more than 30 minutes a day. My doctor also told me to take a laxative every 3-4 days due to the dietary restrictions causing constipation. Any encouragement would be appreciated.
  3. Victoria_Faith

    Protein Coffee is a GAME CHANGER

    I started following a VSG/WLS influencer on Instagram and decided to try her recipe for protein coffee. My life is forever changed. 16 oz - Cold Brew Decaf 1 x 11.5 oz bottle of Premier Protein Caramel Protein Shake 2 Splashes of Jordan's Skinny Syrup - Salted Caramel This helps me to not miss my lattes and frappes! If you're like me and live under a rock and haven't made a protein coffee (and you like coffee) - you need this in your life!
  4. Victoria_Faith

    What do you put in your coffee?

    I have been using Jordan's Skinny Syrups to add a splash of flavor (found on amazon), splenda, and a sugar free liquid creamer. I like blended coffees, so I add everything in a blender cup with some ice, and let it go to town. I really like the vanilla caramel, and the vanilla pecan syrup flavors. I found these back in my Optavia days and actually kept using them even when I wasn't actively trying to lose weight or eat healthier. Topped with some sugar free whipped cream, and it's actually better than a frappe from that place that's lovin' it.
  5. Victoria_Faith

    2/21/23 Sleeves - how is your recovery going?

    Yeah - I hit a stall and am still on liquids. In a couple days I get to move to pureed foods. Hopefully will get over this hump and see continued progress as I move on to real food and keep my activity up. I've experienced everything you're talking about the chest pressure and stomach pain, too - I think that's just the new normal to watch out for.
  6. Victoria_Faith


    Try not to worry - it could be something simple that was just flagged as abnormal and could be an anomaly. I hope it's quick process to get you through to an actual surgery date!
  7. I know that a lot of programs do things differently. My program calls for 2 weeks post-op liquids only, followed by 2-3 weeks of pureed, before moving on to soft foods. I am near the end of my second week, and have been using beef and chicken bone broths along with cream soups to keep some flavor sliding past my pallet. My question is - Why does it feel like I can have an endless flow of liquids going into me? How does this tie into actual food, where I've been told that I will be able to eat a maximum of 2 tbsp of something like scrambled eggs? Maybe I'm not understanding how liquids don't rest in my pouch anymore? I'm getting in like 70+ oz a day between protein shakes, gatorade zero, water, and broths/cream soups. I feel like this is too much - am I doing something wrong?
  8. Victoria_Faith

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    I found that gatorade zero with protein, and the premier protein clear drinks are a nice change from the protein shakes. They aren't bitter, and when I serve them over ice and let the ice melt a bit it waters it down a little and it tastes like juice.
  9. Victoria_Faith

    2/21/23 Sleeves - how is your recovery going?

    I would definitely touch bases with your nutritionist about the protein part. Staying hydrated is the most important thing. My annoying phone alarm trick helped me. I just kept a medicine cup near me, and filled it every 15 minutes and just kept sipping. It's really challenging if you're feeling tired and resting/sleeping a lot.
  10. Victoria_Faith

    2/21/23 Sleeves - how is your recovery going?

    I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 15 minutes for a few days. It got me into a routine of constantly sipping. My dietician said if I'm not getting the protein shakes in to make sure I'm at least getting water to stay hydrated. It will help with feeling nausea. After a few days I just kept doing it. It gets a little annoying at first to have the constant reminder to sip, but it helped me. Stay hydrated my friend!
  11. I had a sleeve and recovery is going amazingly well. Still on liquids until next week, but feeling overall good. Down a total of 33 pounds since I started the program. Super excited to hear and see everyone's progress so far!
  12. Victoria_Faith

    My face my poor face...

    This could be a hormonal response to the procedure. My primary care doctor did give me a derm referral because prior to my surgical date I was having rosacea flare-ups as the result of dietary changes. Our skin is so sensitive. If your primary care doctor can give you something to get you some relief - I'd go that route and wait to see the specialist. I agree that your surgeon's office may not be equipped to handle such a specialized 'symptom'. My doctor prescribed Metronidazole gel which I use topically once a day. It's just a thin clear gel that dries quickly, but my face has appreciated the break from the flare-ups. I hope you get relief soon!
  13. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I am 6 days post-op sleeve and haven't had this much energy in YEARS. Is this all nerves or residual excitement for this life change? I'm (of course) still on full liquids for at least another week. I want to start walking more but am worried about feeling hungry if I do too much before I'm eating again. Don't get me wrong, I'm up and walking around, and trying to keep busy for at least 10 minutes every hour, but tomorrow I'm back to work at a sedentary job. I have my first post-op appointment in 2 days, and another 6 days after that until I see my dietician again. Hopefully I'll get to move on to pureed food stage next week.
  14. Victoria_Faith

    Sipping all day long

    Hey there. If you're only a few days post-op like me, your body is probably still retaining fluid from when you were on an IV in the hospital - it will take several days for that to disappear. I was sleeved on 2/21/23 and have been struggling with the liquids too - but the system I'm using seems to be working well. I just have a timer going off on my phone every 15 minutes while I'm awake reminding me to drink. It is a very slow path, but it will get easier over time. I was lucky to get in 50 g of protein and 50 oz in one day for the first few days, but now that I am getting up and moving around more it seems to be easier. I promise it will get easier - just stick with it. It would be awful to be dehydrated and nauseous at the same time.
  15. Victoria_Faith

    Not sure about the sleeve

    Regardless of which procedure you decide on, this is a lifestyle change. If you don't already have one I suggest talking to a mental health professional before scheduling your big day. I was leaning towards a bypass, but my doctors shared with me that the bypass comes with a lot more risk, and that for the types of medications I take, a sleeve would be best. I am now 3 days post-op and while I used to have a severe sweet tooth, I can honestly say that it's been difficult to choke down some of these protein shakes because they're simply TOO sweet. This is a big change, and I hope that you can find a comfortable place emotionally/mentally to pick a date. Good luck!

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