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    Sleeved 1/26/23!!!!
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  1. Bariiime

    Missed Periods

    hi smh me and it just came back and have not bene normal at all I have to get an ultrasound done now
  2. it's definitely related to the surgery... i have learned that the surgeons don't like to admit it. I have gotten the run around with my issue... tried several things and even was turned away from surgeon office and was told to see a dermatologist. Finally did that and was told again it's from the surgery I had that caused the rash. It have something to do with the gut bacteria being invaded. I now have all these medications and washes I need to use on my face and chest in which i'm scared it will mess up my skin more. You can find some info here and ai hope it helps. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7377524/
  3. Do you mind sharing the Dr name with me? That knew how to fix the issue you had in the Er. My messages are open. I'm having so many issues as well and only 9 weeks post op. Been having issues since week 1 po and it's mentally draining. You're the first person to mention about thing's twisting. I have this as well my stomach twisted after being sleeved. Along with vomiting acid reflux and two surgeries so far and counting smh. I don't want to keep getting cut. I want this issue fixed. I have been on a liquid diet for 2 months never advanced to any stage as of yet ☹️
  4. Bariiime

    Feb sleeves unite!

    I'm sending lots of love and prayers for you. I too sometimes think that I feel regret. I was sleeved on 1/26/23 and had many complications. I think back to why I got the procedure to help me see things differently. I focus on the goal and what it could be and not what it currently is. I'm happy that you are able to eat and drink. Even though it may take you some time. I'm still on the liquid diet phase one as I can't keep anything down. I have had 2 more upper gis and 1 endoscopy since my procedure to see what is causing my many issues. So far it seems that my sleeve is too narrow so they dilated it a few. As well as my surgeon said my stomach twisted after my sleeve procedure. Which is very rare but it happens. So I'm still in the midst of figuring out how or why or if things will subside. I do hope to be able to puréed something in the near future. I say this to say that no matter how hard we think we may have it there is someone out there who have it two or three times as bad. With all of this I also have gerd and broke out really bad on my face and chest. The fee sips of water that i'm able to tolerate Im thankful for. I try to remain positive because I don't know what the future hold. I just know that I want to be safe and healthy and of course happy. Hang in there as many have told me. I believe this too shall pass. I hope and pray for you that things ease up for you. It can definitely be hard and challenging with all the obstacles and with every one being different. You got this and I'm here for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out. xo
  5. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    I agree Ive been saying this along. But some people like to make you feel crazy when I know i'm not crazy lol. Yes the surgeon may not be equipped but she coulda gave me some relief until I was able to see a dermatologist. This is actually pretty common to happen after the procedure. I have spent so many days and nights researching this whole ordeal. The patients in the studies eventually cleared up from the break out from prescription pills and topical cream. I'm going to urgent care in a few hours so I'm hoping they can help. Thank you xo
  6. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    True it don't but it do when the dietitian try to make you feel crazy. I actually called atleast 20 dermatologist today and been unsuccessful. Everyone is booked until April or may. I can't wait that long I would lose my mind. I've tried a few things at home so far to no avail. Hopefully I will get help in the next few days.
  7. Bariiime

    Feb sleeves unite!

    Hi sleeved on 1/26/23
  8. Bariiime

    Drinking water etc after surgery

    Me too and I have been so dehydrated and mouth been so dry with these baby sips 😩😩😩 I got sleeves on 1/26/23 and been struggling every since smh
  9. This is very true @pintsizedmallrat Thank you
  10. Hi I was sleeved on 1/26/23 and looking for anyone with the same date as me or even the same month. Just to help eat other along the way and provide support. Thanks

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