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    Cramps, multiple cycles, and odor

    Hi no not as of yet. I did have the d&c on 4/29 and was due to follow up with the DR last Friday… but of course her office called to cancel my appointment 1 hr before my arrival because she suddenly fell ill. So I had to reschedule and there was no dates available until the middle of june smh. In the meantime I did have them send my orders for an ultrasound in which I go next week. Since the d&c the cramps have not been as intense but I have had 2 cycles since 4/29. So we shall see. Thank you so much for checking in.
  2. Hey yall! Anyone else in my shoes??? So it’s been about 15 months since my vsg! Maybe 6-8 months ago I started having irregular cycles, very painful cramps and odor. I have never ever had these issues prior to my vsg. I clean my private very well so when I started noticing an odor it instantly had me scratching my head. I haven’t changed partners, std free, same soaps and laundry detergent as well. My cycle would be between 2-3 times a month which is stressful and alot to deal with. The cramps have been painful to the point I'm bent over in pain or balled up in bed- neverrrr ever had this all my years of menstruation. So of course I mentioned it to my surgeon who said oh give it some time your body just went through a major surgery blah blah- cool. Well time turned into more time and decided to see gyn. Who ran std test which came back negative for everything, she did the endometriosis test which came back normal as well. So now I have to get a D&C done tomorrow for more “diagnostic” testing. They have yet to do an ultrasound hmmmm. I have a friend who had the same surgery vsg as me and she is also experiencing the sameeee exact symptoms as me. She has found out that she have cyst on her ovaries and need to have them removed. Have you or anyone else you know that have had weight lost surgery have any of these complications? What was the findings? Any success stories and or updates? Freaking out and stressing over this bc of course they are making it seem like it’s no big deal when it is to me!
  3. Bariiime

    Cramps, multiple cycles, and odor

    I couldn’t agree more! I appreciate your feedback so much.
  4. Bariiime

    Cramps, multiple cycles, and odor

    This is one of the things Ive found from research that could be causing these symptoms as well. But guess what lol my GYN never mentioned it .. this is insane. Smh! I have a list of questions and possibilities for my next visit.
  5. Thanks i hope you feel better too.
  6. Bariiime

    Am I The Only One Percent?

    This is crazy!!! This is me except gallbladder removal- my scar tissue was attached to my live... and I haven't had rapid weight lost but everything else os me exactly what I've been going through since January. 😕
  7. Bariiime

    Missed Periods

    hi smh me and it just came back and have not bene normal at all I have to get an ultrasound done now
  8. Hi, I too had my 3rd dialation today. Sitting here keep falling asleep and feeling weird from Anesthesia. It's crazy because I also had a twisted stomach back in January after my VSG. No one knew what the issue was and was looking at me like i'm crazy. I had to fight for more testing because I couldn't keep anything down not even a sip of water. I hope you feel better soon. Please keep me posted on your outcome we can help each other.
  9. it's definitely related to the surgery... i have learned that the surgeons don't like to admit it. I have gotten the run around with my issue... tried several things and even was turned away from surgeon office and was told to see a dermatologist. Finally did that and was told again it's from the surgery I had that caused the rash. It have something to do with the gut bacteria being invaded. I now have all these medications and washes I need to use on my face and chest in which i'm scared it will mess up my skin more. You can find some info here and ai hope it helps. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7377524/
  10. So so sorry to hear 😢 I'm praying for you ♥️. Hoping it get better soon. 🫂 🫶
  11. Do you mind sharing the Dr name with me? That knew how to fix the issue you had in the Er. My messages are open. I'm having so many issues as well and only 9 weeks post op. Been having issues since week 1 po and it's mentally draining. You're the first person to mention about thing's twisting. I have this as well my stomach twisted after being sleeved. Along with vomiting acid reflux and two surgeries so far and counting smh. I don't want to keep getting cut. I want this issue fixed. I have been on a liquid diet for 2 months never advanced to any stage as of yet ☹️
  12. different spots 😳 this is so stressful to hear and when we ask questions they make us seem crazy for asking. I hope things get better for you soon. I think I need to see one as well since i'm not getting far with my surgeon for all the issues i'm having smh.
  13. Bariiime

    back in the hospital

    I want to thank you ALL. I truly appreciate the love and support from you all. I never knew that I could meet strangers that have so much pouring love and support for me... we are now family. I just got discharged today so I'm very thankful for this. Through this all I'm going to remain positive and hopeful. It has been very rough and difficult for me BUT I know things could be worst so this keeps me motivated. I follow up with my Dr in 2 weeks so hopefully she have good news for me. I'm dreading to hear that I will have to have another go around for this same procedure. This hospital stay have been far more difficult. Aside from it being a long stay. I was in so much pain.. like 3xs more from my original sleeve surgery. I will keep faith and a smile. ❤️
  14. hey yall!! Hope all is well. Well as far as me I been back in the hospital since Wednesday. Still vomiting etc. I had a procedure done yesterday. laparoscopic diagnostic, endoscopy and adhesion. removed. The adhesions took 2 hrs to remove. My surgeon said i'm a rare case. Just two weeks ago she removed scar tissue that was causing my stomach to twist. Now this procedure she considered to be extensive and was very complex. She said my stomach keep twisting and is very tender. She said I had accumulated more scar tissue and a bunch of other terms she used. She had to use special tools to lift my liver bc my sleeve was tethered to my live. In which my liver had dense adhesions attached to it as well. She believes that she got most off but states there was a section that was more difficult. For this she will have to go back in to attempt to remove more and dilate my sleeve again because there is a portion that showed a stricture. Oddly she said none of the showed up on the upper gi or endoscopy that I had done two weeks ago. Trying to remain positive and hope for better days. I dope hope that I get discharged soon as I'm very exhausted and mentally drained.
  15. Hi beauties! I'm in so much pain. My face have been doing whatever it want to do. My chest broke out first a few days after my sleeve. It's been about a week now that my face have followed. It itch and burn so bad. I don't know what could help. My Dr is currently out the office this week and her team is acting really slow. The dietitian told me that I may need to contact my primary care. I informed her this happen after surgery so maybe its a reaction to it. She acting as if this isn't some what common after the procedures as if I'm making this up. I have read several research articles of this happening to patients from different studies surrounding it. I have sent pictures and everything. Even informed my surgeon before she left for her mini vacation. I guess my surgeon thought it would heal by now but no. I feel like i need some medication to help stop the burn and itch and to heal my face properly. I'm afraid i will have marks left on my face whenever it do finally calm down. Have you experienced? How long did it take for your skin to resolve? Did your Dr prescribe medication?
  16. Definitely see your surgeon and request testing. Sending love
  17. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    Hi SleeveDiva2022 I'm hanging in there thank you for asking. I have an appointment tomorrow with my surgeon and I for urgent care depending on what my surgeon say. The itching, and redness have stopped since taking the medication. But now I have these spots still on my face and chest so hopefully they can give me something for this. xo
  18. Bariiime

    Feb sleeves unite!

    I'm sending lots of love and prayers for you. I too sometimes think that I feel regret. I was sleeved on 1/26/23 and had many complications. I think back to why I got the procedure to help me see things differently. I focus on the goal and what it could be and not what it currently is. I'm happy that you are able to eat and drink. Even though it may take you some time. I'm still on the liquid diet phase one as I can't keep anything down. I have had 2 more upper gis and 1 endoscopy since my procedure to see what is causing my many issues. So far it seems that my sleeve is too narrow so they dilated it a few. As well as my surgeon said my stomach twisted after my sleeve procedure. Which is very rare but it happens. So I'm still in the midst of figuring out how or why or if things will subside. I do hope to be able to puréed something in the near future. I say this to say that no matter how hard we think we may have it there is someone out there who have it two or three times as bad. With all of this I also have gerd and broke out really bad on my face and chest. The fee sips of water that i'm able to tolerate Im thankful for. I try to remain positive because I don't know what the future hold. I just know that I want to be safe and healthy and of course happy. Hang in there as many have told me. I believe this too shall pass. I hope and pray for you that things ease up for you. It can definitely be hard and challenging with all the obstacles and with every one being different. You got this and I'm here for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out. xo
  19. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    Just left urgent care and they gave me these and said if it's not better in 5 days to come back. Thank you all for you advise, suggestions and insight.
  20. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    yeah It's somewhere between hives and rash 🫤
  21. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    definitely was helpful I appreciate you sharing this thank you
  22. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    I agree Ive been saying this along. But some people like to make you feel crazy when I know i'm not crazy lol. Yes the surgeon may not be equipped but she coulda gave me some relief until I was able to see a dermatologist. This is actually pretty common to happen after the procedure. I have spent so many days and nights researching this whole ordeal. The patients in the studies eventually cleared up from the break out from prescription pills and topical cream. I'm going to urgent care in a few hours so I'm hoping they can help. Thank you xo
  23. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    This is interesting to know. Thanks for not making me feel crazy. How crazy is it that the same thing that caused it helped. This is very helpful thank you.
  24. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    Yes I will go today. Yeah i'm thinking it could be from my hormones from having surgery and the weight coming off or I had an allergic reaction to something used for the surgery. (meds tape glue etc) I feel like the reglan did the number on my face. I stopped taking it but my face remained attacked 🫤. Thank you for always offering sweet comforting advice.
  25. Bariiime

    My face my poor face...

    Thank you so much. xo

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