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  1. Hi all newbie here. I had the sleeve surgery back in 2015. I did super well until 2020 when I was placed on a depression/anxiety monthly injection that caused some serious side effects. Unknown to the doctors, therapists and myself one of the non-listed side effects were to lose weight. At this point I was already at goal of 160# but the injection made me loose down to 121# within 2 months. I had become super weak, with almost no mobility. It was so bad that I could no longer take care of my personal needs without assistance. I could no longer walk but shuffle no more than about 6 feet before giving out and having to rest. My family doctor told me I absolutely had to gain weight of a G tube might be in order. My phyc doctor change my meds and unfortunately, I went from 121# to now 225# within about 6 months. Here I sit literally only 42# away from my WLS starting weight Now every time I try to do a reset or just simply get strict with eating and watching all my intake, I do good for about 3 days then I goof up again. For all those years I was able to keep my diabetes at bay, but it showed it weary head last year and has been acting up ever since. My mom died in 2004 from complications of diabetes so I have to get back on track. My dad passed away in August this past year (I am a daddy's girl 100%) and he begged me to have the revision and get my life back on track so this is what I shall do. Any tips or info you wished you would have known prior to the revision from sleeve to bypass? I greatly appreciate any info and prayers. (NOTE: I am in the midst of getting my medical records to locate the name of the injection I was on as I do not recall the name of it)

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