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  1. I have no idea what my surgeon sent them but they said they sent them what they wanted. I had my surgery Wednesday and I’m home now.
  2. I just wanted to update everyone and say my insurance approved me 7 days before my surgery which is tomorrow! Once i got the call i started my liquid diet LOL
  3. DTB583


    I was reading that it’s best not to do gummies at first so i wasn’t sure. Did you take anything before? Regular vitamin?
  4. My insurance just approved my surgery. I am scheduled for next Wednesday 2/8 as it was tentatively scheduled at my first consult in September. WHAT DO I DO NOW? Started my liquid diet this morning... any tips? lol Should i start a special vitamin now? what vitamins do you reccomend for after? I have to tell my job obviously so i'm waiting to hear back from the surgeon but my plan is to go on disability a week or two and then work from home 4 weeks (i commute from NJ to manhattan so dont want to deal wiht that in winter)
  5. In my handbook it does mention it being needed and i told the coordinator at my surgeon who said that my letter of medical necessity should suffice for that considering how overweight i am. I guess i will see what i can gather.
  6. I mean, i have doctor records from physicals 4-5 years ago that have my weight and everything. I haven’t had any medical problems yet, just slightly high cholesterol. I have been a member of weight watchers for years but off and on.
  7. Meritain, it’s part of Aetna. It’s through my job though i still pay a lot lol
  8. Hi all - Going with a surgeon in NJ and completed all my preop requirements and they submitted for approval on 1/10 anticipating a surgery date of 2/8. I called insurance to get a heads up and they said they just sent out a denial today for not enough information, specifiying 5 year history and also a 180 day weight loss program, which my surgeon never mentioned. I started the process in September so if i knew i had to be in a specific program, i would have started. I havent talked to the surgeons office yet but i am guessing 2/8 is out of the question. For reference, i am 39, 5'6, 360 lbs and i have been over 300 since 2010. What do they typically need and who does the supervised diet? My other concern is how long all this testing i just did is good for. I had a stress test, stomach ultrasound, echocardiogram, lots of blood work, upper GI study, psych eval, and all required nutritonist appts. am i going to have to do this all again?

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