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  1. Sorry surgery was March 20th - for some reason I can’t actually see what I type before sending - it’s black letters on a black background
  2. I am also still on liquid diet at less than 600 calories
  3. Sorry that should read 10 lbs pre op diet for total of 20 lbs
  4. Here is my story. I spent years stuck at 210 (I am 5’2) and thousands of dollars on personal trainers, nutritionists etc. watched and recorded everything I ate to no avail and of coarse the only scale movement would be I ate a cookie and gained two pounds. Meanwhile I began collecting every co morbidity - sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes , sever scaring on my liver. After two seperate per ate unsuccessful medically supervised diets I was advised gastric bypass was my best bet. I lot 10 lbs in the lead up (5 days a week of boot camp and strength training and keto diet). I lost another 20 lbs on the per-op liquid diet. Had surgery on March 29th. Lost 5 lbs in the first two days and have had no movement since. Walking 3 times a day at 30 minutes each. Drinking 70 oz of water and at least 90 g of protein plus all of the supplements. I know there is a three week stall but I am on a 3 day stall (at the time when weight loss is suppose to be the easiest). This was my last hope and I am starting to feel hopeless.
  5. Yahoo

    New Here - 1 week post-op

    My first post op appointment was with a nurse - and all seems to be in order
  6. Yahoo

    New Here - 1 week post-op

    We had surgery on the same day!! My weight loss has been less than I hoped for the first week but getting my liquids, protein and walks in. I am not having any issues holding down liquids (and while I am not pushing it - I feel like I would not have issues handling more liquids)
  7. I don’t cringe at the thought of putting on my camera during a zoom call and having to look at my quadruple chins for an hour
  8. I have been using this hack - after I eat I go for a 30 minute walk then come back and start sipping again - takes care of the 30 minutes and gives me three walks too
  9. I was told sugar free Metamucil
  10. I am scheduled for surgery on Monday and weighed in today at my pre-op at 32 BMI and they confirmed good to go
  11. Yahoo

    Is this it? Is my body done?

    Thanks so much for posting this
  12. I drink milk with powdered milk mixed in - - for the extra protein - also adds a creaminess to it
  13. Do those have caffeine?
  14. Yahoo


    I am having surgery on the 20th. Starting week two of liquid diet. Excited and nervous and feeling both ready and completely unprepared
  15. I am on the 21st I started liquid diet (Optifast) on Saturday - for two weeks with 2 cups non-starch vegetables. Have my last pre -op meeting with the surgeon, internal medicine specialist, anesthesiologist, surgical nurse and pharmacist on the 15th - will get my plan for the last two days pre-surgery after the final set of tests - so it sounds like the plans are really personalized - if your team hasn’t said anything maybe you’re fine. I would ask. High protein, low carb in the homestretch sounds safe

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