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  1. Just a couple of lbs but I have been stuck so long feels like this might be it. Any advice
  2. Actually going to a school reunion today - without making up an excuse for why I can’t make it
  3. I am now about 8 months post surgery (and stalled for a couple of months). Here are my stats. Age 54; height 5’3. Starting weight 210; weight lost prior to surgery (on liver shrinking diet) - 20 lbs. weight loss first three months 25 lbs. weight 8 months out - 160.
  4. F , 54, 5’3 ; 14 lbs 188.8 174 159.2 Just at 3 months now
  5. I am in Canada and here the default is by-pass unless they go in and can’t in which case you get a sleeve.
  6. I was feeling a little crummy about my progress (instead of weightloss punctuated by stalls it is more a stall punctuated by a few ounces lost every couple of weeks - and I am only 2.5 months out) and my hair has started falling out - then today I had an ultrasound and the technician asked me to stay while she went back to check that she had the right comparison chart - my liver shrank from 21 to 16 and from severe fatty liver to moderate - so thrilled!! - and a great reminder of why I did this!
  7. My wait was one month from fiat meeting with surgeon - followed by meeting with anesthesiologist (with an additional 4 months of tests, nutritional counselling, social worker, family education session prior to first visit with the surgeon).
  8. Yahoo

    What am I doing wrong?

    Same thing has happened to me
  9. Yahoo

    Finally made it to onederland

    You look great!
  10. So weird hearing someone say that’s great - I feel like I hit a stall every couple of days. I have followed the program (though walking now that I have started work is hard). In addition to water and protein goals my team gave me a fiber goal (though I have heard anyone talk about a fiber goal in this forum). Was told don’t worry about calories or carbs - but listen to your body
  11. Had bypass on March 20th. Down 18lbs since surgery. On soft foods. Stall a lot. Good energy. Restless sleep. Blood sugar, blood pressure numbers are way down. Struggle a bit with keeping my fiber numbers on track but still having a daily bowel movement
  12. I started at 198 and am 5’3. Lost 10 lbs pre surgery and am at 169 now. Surgery was March 20th
  13. Yahoo


    Wow - you are going to do great with that willpower!!
  14. I was given vitamins in the hospital and told to take them from the day I went home - but not to eat or drink half hour before and have hour after for the first two weeks

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