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  1. Just a couple of lbs but I have been stuck so long feels like this might be it. Any advice
  2. Actually going to a school reunion today - without making up an excuse for why I can’t make it
  3. I am now about 8 months post surgery (and stalled for a couple of months). Here are my stats. Age 54; height 5’3. Starting weight 210; weight lost prior to surgery (on liver shrinking diet) - 20 lbs. weight loss first three months 25 lbs. weight 8 months out - 160.
  4. F , 54, 5’3 ; 14 lbs 188.8 174 159.2 Just at 3 months now
  5. I am in Canada and here the default is by-pass unless they go in and can’t in which case you get a sleeve.
  6. I was feeling a little crummy about my progress (instead of weightloss punctuated by stalls it is more a stall punctuated by a few ounces lost every couple of weeks - and I am only 2.5 months out) and my hair has started falling out - then today I had an ultrasound and the technician asked me to stay while she went back to check that she had the right comparison chart - my liver shrank from 21 to 16 and from severe fatty liver to moderate - so thrilled!! - and a great reminder of why I did this!
  7. My wait was one month from fiat meeting with surgeon - followed by meeting with anesthesiologist (with an additional 4 months of tests, nutritional counselling, social worker, family education session prior to first visit with the surgeon).
  8. I had surgery on a Tuesday (gastric bypass). Was released from hospital on Thursday working part time for a week and full time a week later. I flew to Florida (from Toronto) at week three. Everything was fine - I ate soups while travelling and protein shakes (which also contributed to liquid goals). Remembering to eat and drink when I am busy is my challenge.
  9. Yahoo

    What am I doing wrong?

    Same thing has happened to me
  10. Yahoo

    Finally made it to onederland

    You look great!
  11. So weird hearing someone say that’s great - I feel like I hit a stall every couple of days. I have followed the program (though walking now that I have started work is hard). In addition to water and protein goals my team gave me a fiber goal (though I have heard anyone talk about a fiber goal in this forum). Was told don’t worry about calories or carbs - but listen to your body
  12. Had bypass on March 20th. Down 18lbs since surgery. On soft foods. Stall a lot. Good energy. Restless sleep. Blood sugar, blood pressure numbers are way down. Struggle a bit with keeping my fiber numbers on track but still having a daily bowel movement
  13. I started at 198 and am 5’3. Lost 10 lbs pre surgery and am at 169 now. Surgery was March 20th
  14. Yahoo


    Wow - you are going to do great with that willpower!!
  15. I was given vitamins in the hospital and told to take them from the day I went home - but not to eat or drink half hour before and have hour after for the first two weeks
  16. Thank you - for this and all of your responses on this forum - I have learned so much from you. It will be much easier to mitigate my cravings than to surpress them and then burst
  17. This post really resonated with me (my surgery was relatively recent and I am just tipping over from obese to overweight - so not talking about men but just people in general). I never thought of myself as fat (until I looked in the mirror or saw a photograph) so it was not an ingrained part of my identity. I did however feel like always being the heaviest person in the room made me stand out and be more noticeable - and that made me uncomfortable. Now I really don’t like it when people compliment me on how I look - or treat me nicer - it’s like I wasn’t a human being before but now I am. They noticed me before but didn’t see me or want to know me - and that makes me sad for the person who I was and still am - and a little resentful (like if I wasn’t good enough for you before please don’t bother). I use to dread headshots - and now how we look is part of our profiles everywhere. We all make such quick judgements about each other based on looks. There are so many people struggling with their weight who will never have access to this surgery and will live their personal and professional lives being looked down on by others.
  18. I also had the opposite effect - with my resting heart rate moving from the 70s to the 50s
  19. Yahoo

    Hello again

    You are amazing! Congratulations
  20. Here is my story. I spent years stuck at 210 (I am 5’2) and thousands of dollars on personal trainers, nutritionists etc. watched and recorded everything I ate to no avail and of coarse the only scale movement would be I ate a cookie and gained two pounds. Meanwhile I began collecting every co morbidity - sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes , sever scaring on my liver. After two seperate per ate unsuccessful medically supervised diets I was advised gastric bypass was my best bet. I lot 10 lbs in the lead up (5 days a week of boot camp and strength training and keto diet). I lost another 20 lbs on the per-op liquid diet. Had surgery on March 29th. Lost 5 lbs in the first two days and have had no movement since. Walking 3 times a day at 30 minutes each. Drinking 70 oz of water and at least 90 g of protein plus all of the supplements. I know there is a three week stall but I am on a 3 day stall (at the time when weight loss is suppose to be the easiest). This was my last hope and I am starting to feel hopeless.
  21. Sorry surgery was March 20th - for some reason I can’t actually see what I type before sending - it’s black letters on a black background
  22. I am also still on liquid diet at less than 600 calories

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